Collectors in the Specimen Database

Welcome to the Oregon State University Herbarium Database of Collectors.  This database was established in order to create a resource for botanists, geneaologists, historians, and others.  Currently, it contains collection data for approximately 3500 collectors who have contributed specimens to the OSU Herbarium.  Approximately 1100 of these collectors have further biographic information.  This database will continue to expand as more information is gathered.  If you would like to provide additional information for one of our collectors or if you have questions about this project, please contact Aaron Liston.

Funded by National Science Foundation grant BRC-0237459 to Aaron Liston and Scott Sundberg.  This work conducted by Oregon State University student Kate Norman as a Research Experience for Undergraduates supplemental grant.



Collector Number of Specimens Birth Year Death Year Biographic Information
Edwin B. Abbott 1   1996 fl. 1947
W.W. Abraham 1      
J.R. Abrams 1      
LeRoy Abrams 87 1874 1956 Taxonomist at Stanford U from 1910-1948
Roberta Donahue Abrams 1     B General Home Economics 1951 OSU
S. Acker 10      
T. Ackerman 1      
Laura Ackley 1      
H. Acullen 1      
John Adair 4     BS Fisheries Science 1950 OSU, was formerly Animal Science OSU, was head of the Mink Farm-used to bring in things for LaRea to identify. Now Emeritus, may still be in Corvallis
Adeline Evans Adams       Studied at OSU, no degree obtained.
Earl J. Adams 1      
F. Adams 2      
Frank Addison 1      
Eugene E. Addor 8      
Dick Adlard 1     From Salem OR; submitted plants for ID
W.C. Adlerz 3      
F.S. Agness        
Iris Aiken 1      
Maria Alanis 1      
J.M. Alcorn 1      
Susan Aldrich-Markham 1     ext. agent - Yamhill Co.
Don Aldson 1      
J.F. Alex 1      
C.L. Alexander 2      
Geo. Alexander 1      
Jason Andrew Alexander 23     MS Botany and Plant Pathology 2002 OSU; works in the OSU herbarium
J.W. Allan 2      
Geraldine A. Allen 1     prof in herb at Uvictoria, former PhD student OSU; working on Aster; interest in Erythronium, authored treatment of Aster for Jepson Manual.
I. Pearl Allen 2      
Mrs. S.F. Allen 1      
R.W. Allen 1     the first superintendant of OSU Agricultural Experiment Station research center-starting in 1909-"allen was the father of irrigated agriculture in Umatilla Co."
A. Aller 2      
A.E. Aller 7      
A.R. Aller 94      
S.P. Allison 8      
Peter Alpert 1     Mass. Faculty; U Mass?
W. Alspaugh 1      
Edward Roderick Alverson 68 1959   MS OSU 1989 w/ Chambers; herbarium research assoc. at OSU; BS from Evergreen 1984; collections primarily represent field work from WA between 1980-86; since 1991 worked for Nat. Conserv. Of OR; prior worked seasonal w/ WA Nat. Heritage Program and ODA.
Kelly Ann Amsberry 4     works for Bob Meinke
Alfred C. Anderson 1      
Bertha Anderson 4      
Edgar Anderson 70 1897 1969 authority on "what was not known" about Zea mays; career between 1941-1954 associated w/ the Missouri Botanical Garden; worked in the Ozarks.
E.C. Anderson 7      
E.G. Anderson       student of Edgar Anderson.
Emil Anderson 2      
Frank M. Anderson 3      
Gladys Anderson 1      
J. Anderson 1      
J.N. Anderson 1      
Karen Anderson       BS Pre-Education OSU 1993
Loran Crittendon Anderson 2 1936 1996 Anatomist, taxonomist.
L.S. Anderson 1      
Malcolm Anderson 7      
Mark Anderson 1      
Norman C. Anderson 24     prof in entomology at OSU
Nels Anderson 1      
Olaf Anderson 1      
Ron Anderson 1      
S. Anderson 1      
S.A. Anderson        
Wayne Stanley Anderson 1     BS Botany OSU 1959
Wilbert L. Anderson 2      
A.C. Andrews 3      
E. Andrews 1      
Joseph Andrews 1      
LeRoy Andrews 2      
Roy C. Andrews 505 1888 1955 Student at UofO during time of LF Henderson; was a friend of Henderson, went collecting w/ Henderson and helped by driving. May have been a chemistry teacher in Portland; came to Eugene in summers
A.G. Angell 1      
Ted Angradi 1      
A.W. Anthony 8      
Cressman Anthrop 1      
J. Antonson 1      
Joseph A. Antos 3 1950   most collections done while PhD student in botany at OSU; interest in plant ecology; most work on forests in the PNW; currently [2003] adjunct faculty member at the Univ. of Victoria.
Grace F. Apgar 1      
Arnold P. Appleby 1 1935   career was as a weed scientist in the Crop Science Dept., OSU from 1959-1992; BS 1957 Kansas St. U, Ag. Ed.; MS 1958 Kansas St. U, agronomy; PhD 1962 OSU, weed science.
Elmer Ivan Applegate 613 1867 1949 botanist and descendant of pioneers, organizer, first secretary to Klamath irrigation district, helped organize the Nat'l Federation of Irrigation Associations; erythronium (dogtooth violet); Many collections at Stanford, court. Curator Stanford 1929-47
Ray Applegate 1      
A.H. Applewhite 3      
Randolph Arbeiter 1     BS Wildlife Science 1971 OSU; Postbach work in Fisheries Science-also at OSU
Wayne P. Armstrong 3 1941   professor emeritas Palomar College, San Marcos CA; focus on taxonomy of Lemnaceae, CA floristics, post-burn plant succession, lichen symbiosis, fig pollination, tropical drift seeds, natural seed jewelry, and botanical natural history.
Paul Arnauld        
Mrs. Arnes 1      
Myrtle E. Arnold 1      
Mildred Arnot 8      
Laurel Arnseth   1963    
A.A. Asbahr 1      
H. Asbahr 1      
P.R. Ashimic 1      
Sukhum Assavesna        
R. Atkins 1      
Duane Atwood 11 1938   traditional plant taxonomy/floristics, Phacelia (Hydrophyllaceae), threatened and endangered plant species, flor of the SW and Inter mt. region; MS Weber State Univeristy botany-minor zoology/ecology, 1967; MS BYU Plant Taxonomy; PhD 1972 BYU Plant tax.
Harlow Edward Atwood 2     BS General Science 1954, BS Pharmacy 1957 OSU
N.D. Atwood        
W.M. Atwood 1     From Pennsylvania, sent material to OSU for ID
Tom Atzet 1 1944   Area Ecologist for Southwest Oregon; MS Forest Management, PhD Botany 1969 OSU.
Curtis Aubrey 3      
Ronald Auler 1      
Mrs. A. E. Auman 1      
R.M. Austin 1     fl. 1896
Joanne Autsin        
W.S. Averill 3      
H.G. Avery 8      
Jessie P. Ayres 1      
Ernest Brown Babcock   1877 1954 Professor of genetics, California; monographer of Crepis. (Babc. in Munz)
H.D. Babcock        
Mrs. M.A. Babler 1      
Doris Bach 6      
Rimo Charles Bacigalupi 4 1901 1996 Curator of the Jepson Herbarium from 1950 to 1968, Stanford BS 192, MS 1925, Harvard PhD 1931, served in the US Army during WWII; Saxifragaceae, expert in operatic scores, Romance languages, postage stamps and railroads, member of Sierra Club for 71yrs
Brenda Bafus 2      
James Alan Baggett 2 1931   ret. Hort. Fac. OSU; Internatioanlly respected vegetable breeder
Burns T. Bailey 3      
F.D. Bailey 11      
Leeds Bailey 11     graduated from OSU 1941, collects rare rocks which he displays in Ontario home; Wife Marie Oetjen Bailey, Bachelors Animal Science 1941 OSU
Myrte G. Bailey 1      
Mrs. Roger Bailey 2      
Roger Bailey 8      
Vernon Bailey 31     published "The Mammals and Life Zones of Oregon" in 1936.
George W. Bain 1      
Albert Baker 1      
G. Baker 5      
Gail Ann Baker       BS Biology 1974 UC Irvine, MS Biology 1977 San Diego State University; currently (2003) professor at Lane Community College, Eugene; formerly researching at UC Irvine, UCLA, OSU; interest in desert, chaparral to temperate rain forests, Olympia WA
George Baker 1      
Milo Samuel Baker 30 1868 1961 fl. 1954
William Hudson Baker 1161   1985 BS 1935, PhD 1942 OSU, 1965 head of Biology at UofID; former prof. At UofID, PhD grad of OSU w/ Helen Gilke, did flora of Iron Mtn. Curry Co., Fairview Peak in Lane Co., collected extensively in Willamette Valley and Curry Co.
William H. Baker 5     William H. Baker?-former ID curator.
Calib Baldwin 2      
Eldon Baldwin 13      
Margaret Baldwin        
Carleton R. Ball 20 1873 1958 fl. 1932; born in IA, died in D.C.; BS Iowa State College in 1896; MS 1899; PhD 1920; studied grasses; responsible for ~45 new spp., var. in Salix.
Ed Ball 5     possibly willows annotator-was Salix guy, North American "authority" on Salix
Cecil Ballenger        
E.K. Balls        
Anne Bangs 1     BS Botany 1998 OSU; former OSU student-pres of Undergrad bot club-lives in Portland now
G.D. Barbe       Dept of Food and Agriculture Sacremento CA
Mrs. George Barbeau 2      
Mrs. Barker 1      
Fred Alexander Barkley 10 1908   Warner-Chilcott Laboratories, New Jersey, Anacardiaceae.
Theodore Mitchell Barkley 78     Asteraceae, particularly genus Senecio; Modesto Jr. Collge; BS 1955 Kansas State; MS OSU 1957; PhD Colubia University 1960.
T.W. Barkley        
W.M. Barkley 1     possibly related to Ted Barkley?
Mrs. Barlser 2      
Mrs. Barlus [illeg]        
Rupert Charles Barneby   1911 2000 Student of the Great Basin flora, Astragalus.
A. Donley Barnes 3      
Donley Barnes 1      
G.W. Barnes 1      
G.H. Barnes 1      
Mrs. Barnes 1      
Phil Barnes        
Paul Nuna Barnes 6 1924 1999 BS Crop and Soil Science from OSU 1950; from Madras OR; worked as an associate professor in agriculture at OSU and as extension agent in Jefferson County.
L. Baron 1      
John H. Barr 1      
Almeta Zibia Barrett 14 1831 1924  
C.A. Barrett 1      
Mrs. Barrett 1      
Perry Gordon Barrett 1 1832 1900  
Robert R. Barrett 1     BS Horticulture 1964 OSU
W.D. Barron 7      
Joe Barry 1      
Mrs. Barser 1      
H.P. Barss 10     faculty in BPP at OSU - may have been chair of dept.
L.H. Barss        
Marilynn Rae Bartels 1     MS Botany and Plant Pathology 2000.
Pauline Barto 2      
Hazel Gladys Van Buren Barton 8 1901   born in Malheur Co.
Leo E. Basl 1      
Kim D. Bates 22      
Kate Bates 1      
W.E. Bates 1      
Julian Battaile 1     PhD Biochemistry and Biophysics 1959 OSU
Michael Bauer 2      
E.K. Baughan 1      
Edgar F. Baumann 1      
M.S. Baxter 5      
Ranger Bayer 1      
Range Bayer 1     Randy Bayer; monographer of Antennaria; co-authored many papers with Ledyard Stebbins; prof at Canadian U.; now living in Australia.
H.E. Beach 6      
Mrs. H.E. Beach 53      
O.K. Beals 3     Co. Agent Grants Pass OR
K. Beamish 1     possibly Katherine (?)
M.I. Beamish 1      
B. Bean        
Russell Bean        
Lawrence Beane 1 1901   Fresno, Calif., musician.
Earl Charles Bear 1 1899   studied at OSU
Harry Lynden "Cap" Beard   1879 1949 was conductor for 40 years of OSU cadet band.
Janice C. Beatley 4   0 well-known ecologist of Nevada especially Atomic Test Site east of Death Valley, deceased
O.J. Beaty 1      
J.R. Beck 2      
Pink Becker 1      
Rudolf Willem Becking 30 1922   Studied AT WEGNINGEN in The Netherlands, received phD in Forest management from University of WA, taught at Humbolt State, instrumental in expanding Redwoods Nat'l Park, artist and illustrator.
J.L. Bedwel 4      
Raymond Beebe 1      
M. Beeder 1      
G. Beery        
J. Beery 1      
Alan Ackerman Beetle 7 1913   Professor of agronomy, Wyoming, Gramineae, Cyperaceae.
Sue Beilke 1      
Rich Beitel 1      
Joseph Belanger 1      
R.O. Belkengren 1     faculty in BPP at OSU, plant physiologist-deceased
Grover C. Bellinger 132 1884 1957 Physician, Oregon State Hospital, Salem.
Hattie C. Bellinger 51 1887 1978 Wife of Grover C. Bellinger
J.C. Bellinger 1      
Roger Belshaw 1      
M.J. Belton 3      
R.R. Belton 6     student at OSU 1942
Ellen Benedict 2      
Walker M. Benner 1      
Florence N. Bennett 1      
Fred Bennion 1      
G.J. Benom        
Gary Benson        
Gilbert Thereon Benson   1896 1928 Librarian, Dudley Herbarium, author of The Trees and Shrubs of Western Oregon (1930).
J.T. Benson        
Robert Benson        
Georgia Bentley 1      
Warren Bentley 1      
R.R. Benton 1      
Ken S. Berg 3     either BLM or Forest service, works in Wallowa Mtns.
C.E. Berger 1      
Paul C. Berger 1     Bachelors 1950, Masters 1951 OSU Food Science
E.E. Bergs 1      
C.H. Bergstrom 3     Co. Agent Tillamook
Margaret Bernard 1      
C. Berner 1      
Don W. Berry 4      
Tim Berry 2      
R. Bertram        
Garnet D. Best 4     Co. Agent Enterprise, OR
E. Bethel 1      
G.J. Bevin        
Henry J. Biddle 4     may have been instrumental in getting Crater Lake as a Nat'l Monument (?); friend of Henderson, wealthy engineer-lived in Vancouver WA, loved to collect w/ Henderson-provided transportation; Henry J. Biddle Summer w/ Henderson in Steens mtns.
Barbara Bierbower (Beirbower) 1      
Amos W. Bierly 5      
Herman Eldon Bierman 6 1918 1992 BS Crop and Soil Science 1948
R. Bigej 1      
N.J. Billings 3      
S.E. Billings 1      
W.H. Billings 1     Dr. Billings was the well-known ecologist at Duke U, wrote text books of ecology-worked in arctic, NV, all over
E.H. Bingenheimer 1      
Nathan Bird 1      
W.J. Birge 1      
Robert Birkholz-Lambrecht 1      
David Bishop 1      
Curtis R. Bjork 1      
Hugh Black       Masters Wildlife Science, 1955, PhD Fisheries Science 1965; was a student in forestry at OSU, might have been faculty at OSU
Dr. J.D. Black 1      
Jos. L. Black 4      
James W. Black 2      
Mrs. J.D. Black        
Geo H. Blackman 2      
Sidney Fay Blake 2 1892 1959 U.S.D.A., Beltsville; authority on compositae; early interest in birds as well as plants; most of his research was done in free time given the constraints of his job.
Dick Bland 1      
W.H. Bleakney 1      
G. Bleekman 1      
R.H. Blewett 1      
Paul Blint        
Maurice Bliss 1      
George Blodgett 1      
A. Blug 1      
Wilbur L. Bluhm 7     member of NPSO
J.F. Bock 1     Co. Hort Inspector Oregon City
Helen Bogue        
Bruce A. Bohm 2     professor emeritus botany Univeristy of British Columbia.
Mrs. Boilser [illeg.] 1      
Marion Boise        
W H. Bolles 1      
P.D. Bolzer 1      
Carl E. Bond 6 1920   ichtyologist, BS and MS OSC 1947, 1948, PhD U of MI 1963, specialized in freshwater fish.
Paul Bond 1      
Turner Bond 1     Assist. Co. Agent Oregon City
Joshua Bonde 3     BS Biology 2001 OSU
Paul Bonn 1      
Daniel Boone       over in Fisheries? Worked on streams at OSU
Wilbur Boone 1      
C. Boothroyd        
R. Borine        
Rayma Boron 1      
Mrs. W.H. Bortel 1      
Joan Borup 4      
Theodore Robert Boss 1     PhD Geography 1983 OSU
Cecile Boswell 1      
Raymond E. Bothell 1      
Belle Bourney 1      
M. Bowen 1      
A. Boy 1      
J.S. Boyce 3      
Mrs. Earl Boyd 1      
Steven D. Boyd 1 1957   Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Lynda Lee Boyer 5 1961   BS in Plant Biology from PSU in 1999; currently [2003] working for the Heritage Seedling Inc. near Salem facilitation native habitat restoration; managing a native seed propagation program; greatest interst restoring upland prairie & oak savanna
W. Dean Boyle 2      
J.H. Braatne 1      
M. Braatne        
Robert Vernon Bradshaw 3 1896   high school in Vancouver, WA; BA at UofO 1921; May 14, 1921 collected type specimen of Lomatium bradshawii; MA Stanford, thesis topic Lathyrus.
Richard Elwin Brainerd 81 1953   BS Botany, Forest Management OSU; MS Forest Ecology OSU; affiliation Salix Associates, Carex Working Group.
Marguerite B. Braley 1      
Clyde Bramlette 2      
Mary Katharine (Layne) (Curran) Brandegee 1 1844 1920 interest in CA flora; extensive collector; graduated from Medical Dept. at UC 1878; curator of Academy of Sciences herbarium; Eriogoneae, Hyrophyllaceae, Cactaceae, Lupinus;
Townshend Stith Brandegee 2 1843 1925 PhD Civil engineer. He and his wife gave their valuable herbarium and library to the University of California in 1906. (Bdg. in Munz)
Eunice Brandt   1917 2000 Studied at OSU, no degree obtained
William H. Brandt 8     former prof. In Botany at OSU; fungal physiologist; taught gen. Botany; lives in Corvallis.
Forbert Bratz        
Robert D. Bratz 53     PhD Zoology 1950 OSU; was in ID
Tanya Bray        
Edward P. Breakey 6      
Bertram George Brehm 18 1926   BS 1950, MS 1952 Western Reserve U.; PhD 1962 Univ. TX; professore of Biology 1962-1993 Reed College; Professor Emeritus 1993-present [2003]; interests; plant evolution, systematics, ecologys; Baptisia, Tragopogon, Lomatium; many collections at Reed Herb.
Alvina Breithaupt 1      
Jacob Frederick Brenckle 18 1875 1957 South Dakota physician; daughter, Bea LaFevre donated his collection to ORE in 1979.
Perle Brenckle        
S.E. Brett 2      
A.H. Brinbaum (unclear) 1      
Bob Brinson 1      
Russell Bristow 1      
E.A. Britton 1      
Harry L. Britzius 1      
Richard Brock 54     In SW OR
Roy C. Brock 1      
William E. Brockman 1      
H.S. Brode 1      
L.F. Brode 1      
Butch Brodie 2      
Steven Leo Broich 29 1952   BS Botany (1976), MS Agronomy (1978) Iowa State University; PhD Systematic Botany OSU (1983); interest in Lathyrus, Lupinus, Vicia, Glycine, Triticum, Aegilops, Secale, Hordeum; most of work with wheat breeding, oat milling, analysis of Medicaid delivery
Hattie Bronson 1      
Ralph E. Brooke 2 1902 1998 Masters Animal Science 1931 OSU
Paula Jane Brooks 66 1961   Studied botany at Lane Community College; BA in Biology from UO in 1985; worked as a botanist or ecologist for USFS and BLM for past 20 years in PNW; Interested in plant ecology, rare plants, and plant photography.
C.R. Broome        
Howie Brounstein 3     Collected from Reserva Ecologica Isla Magdelena in Chile; specimens deposited in the Museo Nacional Historia Natural; lived in Eugene
Anne R. Brown 1      
Brandy Brown        
D.H. Brown        
Edmond Brown 6      
Ellen Brown 1      
Grant F. Brown 1     Bachelors from OSU 1950
Jenny Brown 2      
Lawrence Fay Brown 1     Bachelors Wildlive Science 1989 OSU
Lea P. Brown 2      
Marie Brown 2      
Paul Brown        
R. Brown        
Richard McP. Brown 19      
R.P. Brown 1      
Richard T. Brown 12     Oregon Natural Heritage Advisory Council member 2000-2004; background in plant ecology and forestry.
Rayma Brown (Baerman) 180     Student of Henderson's at UofO; authored a Flora of Spencer's Butte.
Raymond Brown 1      
Robert Brown 16      
Sarah Brown 8     Native Plant Society of Oregon/Oregon Department of Agriculture volunteer
T.A. Brown 1      
W.C. Brown 6      
C.G. Brownell 1      
LaVerne Brugger 1      
Lew Brundige 1      
E. Brunk 3      
A.J. Brunquist 1      
Roger Brusse 3      
Kevin Brussell        
Charles Edward Bubl 2     BS Botany 1973 OSU, MS Horticulture 1979 OSU; ext. agent - Columbia Co.
Dave Buchholz        
Ivan W. Buddenhagen 16     Bachelors OSU 1953, PhD Botany 1957 OSU; he was a student of Helen Gilkey
David Budeau 1      
Robert Budesa 2      
Vida Bullis 1      
C.G. Bumaugh 1      
Celia Bump 1      
Betty Bundick 1      
R.C. Bunn 1      
C.O. Bunnell 1      
W.O. Burch 1      
H. E. Burdette 1      
Charles Burke 1      
Joe Burke 1      
Mel Burke 1      
Sanyaalak Burkhart 3     Native Plant Society of Oregon/Oregon Department of Agriculture volunteer
Walter Burkhart 2      
Wilbur W. Burkhart 16     OSU graduate 1947; Scholarship in Horticulture under his name.
Myrtle Burnap 1      
G. Burnaugh 2      
D.G. Burngugh 1      
Amelia E. Burns 2      
Jean Burns 1      
Larry Burrill 3     Was weed person in Crop Science at OSU, now ret'd.
Charles Henry Burrows 2     Bachelors Forest Products 1954 OSU
Charles A. Burst       amateur botanist, he and his wife moved to Corvallis ca. 1938 and started Burst's Candy store which is still located downtown.
Cal Burt 1     amateur botanist of OR; interested in Allium; good friend of Jean Siddall; prob. Lives in Portland.
Mrs. John Burtner 1      
Paul But 1     worked on Pleuropogon (?)
Tim Butler 1      
Frederick King Butters 1 1878 1945 BS UofMinnesota 1899; BA Harvard 1900; PhD Harvard 1917; avid and accomplished mountaineer; Lathyrus, Pellaea, Athyrium, and Botrychium were focus of PhD; good friend of Harold St. John; also friend of Otto Rosendahl.
Clair Button 5 1950   BS Natural Resouces 1976 UofMichigan; experimenting w/ native spp. In home landscaping, exp. w/ production and restoration of native sedges to altered stream systems in E OR; Botanis for Baker Field Office, Vale District BLM (1991-present)
Mrs. Maurice Buxton 2      
N.L. Byrd 3      
W. Byron       Type collection first of California
James A. Calder 13     was a Calder who was a Canadian prof. of botany- Co-Authored a flora of the Queen Charlotte Islands
C.C. Calkins 1      
Richard Callagan 6     callagan in SW OR-collects bulbs; may not be correct person ?
Frank T. Callahan II 25     lives in S. OR small town WofMedford-authority on Calochortus (SP) also collected in Mexico; wrote the ch. On Calochortus in "Bulbs of Namerica"; other Liliaceae; runs a seed service particularly of woody plants; collects seeds and sells them (possibly)
Forrest Callahan        
Kate H. Callahan        
Karen Callahan        
Francisco Joaquin Camacho 3     AAS Recreation and Parks Northern Viginia community College; BS Botany OSU 1993; PhD OSU 1999 dissertation; below ground biology of Botrychium pumicola (pummice grape fern, Ophioglossaceae)
Walter Camp 2      
Celeste Campbell 1     Famous resident of Eugene-Senior Citizen center named for her ?
Charles J. Campbell 17     wrote "How the War is Affecting the Game Commission's Program" Jan. 20, 1943
Gloria Rae Campbell 7 1924   Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. (later name: Day)
Iris Campbell 2      
Tom P. Campbell 3      
W. Howard Campbell 1      
William Locke Campbell 1     Bachelors in Botany 1977 OSU
H.S. Canard 1      
W.W. Canby 74      
Mrs. H. C. Cantelow 1      
Rod Canutt 23      
Inez M. Caon 14      
Joseph Capizzi 2 1924 2001 graduated from OSU 1955, professor emeritus of Ext. entomology at OSU, VP of Ag. Safety Consultants Inc. authored and co-autored 40+ extension/research publications, several book chs. And almost 50 pesticide info. letters.
S.E. Caprenter       possibly Steven ?-was a student at OSU in the 1960's; PhD from Colombia, worked on fungi, worked for HP as a clean-room person-lives in Corvallis/Philomath
Allie S. Cardell 1      
M.J. Cardiff 2      
Curt G. Carlbom 31     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers- MS 1964, An Experimental Taxonomic Study of NW American Polyploid Spp. Scrophularia lanceolata; PhD w/ Dr. Chambers 1966 Biosystematic study of some N. American spp. Of Agrostis and Podagrostis; PhD Botany 1967 OSU
Sherwin Carlquist 1     famous botanist, anatomist; now at UC Santa Barbara
Erwin Carls        
H.J. Carlson 5      
John Willis Carlson 3     Bachelors Fisheries Science 1984 OSU
Melissa Carlson 2      
Matthew Lawrence Carlson 7 1972   interests; conservation biology, plant evolutionary ecology, pollination ecology; BS Biology and Art Willamette Univeristy; PhD Biology U of Alaska Fairbanks, affiliation Oregon Plant Conservation Program, OSU, Norwegian Univeristy of Science and tech.
Mary Carlson       good friend of Lois Hopkins, Joan Fosback, and Mildred Thiele; in her early 80's now [2003]
K.L. Carlton 2      
Nancy Carmichael       Studied at OSU, no degree obtained.
Gene Paul Carpenter 15     Masters Entomology 1961 OSU, PhD Entomolgy 1963 OSU
Steven E. Carpenter 3 1951   Botanical Interests: Ascomycetes on endangered vascular plants; systemnatics of the Phialeoideae; fungal regeneration in Mt. St. Helens devastation zone; Ascomycete symbiosis with vascular plants; Ascomycete psychrophiles of the tropics; BS Botany OSU
Jay B. Carr 3     was an ext. agent
Robert Leroy Carr 2 1940   Bachelors General Science 1954 OSU; Leroy-was a student of Ken Chambers-taught at EWS, Cheney, WA-recently ret'd
E.E. Carroll 1      
Mike Carroll 1      
Gladys Carson 1      
Annetta Mary Carter 2 1907 1991 Assistant curator, Herbarium of the University of California.
Mrs. W.L. Cash        
J.S. Cashwiler 1      
Della Casper 1      
Maud C. Casswell 1      
Louis M. Caster 1      
R.H. Cate Jr. 4      
Rex Cates        
Hugh M. Caton 1      
Fields Caveness 2      
Adolf Ceska 1     collector in Victoria, BC
O. Ceska        
P. Chaleroft 1      
Keith Chamberlain 1 1913 1998 studied horticulture at OSU 1937; well known OR botanist, associated with Flora of Columbia Gorge; may have been a teacher at high school or junior college.
Allan Chambers 1      
Elaine Patricia Chambers   1960   Daughter of Ken and Hennrietta Chambers-collected on a trip with her father.
Henrietta Laing Chambers 85 1934   UNC
Kenton Lee Chambers 1663 1929   PhD Stanford, instructor at Yale, long-time taxonomist at OSU, specialties include Asteraceae, Tribe Cichoriaeae and the genera Microseris, Agoseris, and their relalatives, also Claytonia. Taught Agrostology.
C. Chandler 1      
Helen Chandler 1      
Harley Pierce Chandler 2 1875 1918 California school teacher. (Chandl. in Munz)
J. Chandler        
Ralph Chapin 3     ? Possibly UofO
Clay Charley 1      
A. Charpin        
A.R. Chase 1      
Mary Agnes Chase 2 1869    
Dan Chauvet 1      
W. Cheney 1      
Dave O. Chilcote 2     professor at OSU in Ag. Science (?)
William Chilcote       awarded Carter Award for Excellence in Teaching-Botany, 1956
Thomas W. Childs 3     Bachelors Forest Management 1929 OSU
K.Z. Chiou 1      
C.B. Christ        
J.H. Christ 11     ID botanist primarily
Kent Christensen 1      
Viola Christiansen 1      
Vern Christofferson 1      
John Ashton Christy 451 1952   expertise in bryophytes and wetland plants; BS General Science UofO (1978); MS Botany U of BC (1985); affiliations UofO 1971-81; Milwaukee Public Museum 1982, 85-89, UofBC 83-85, OSU 89-present [2003]
Fei-Mei Chuang        
T.I. Chuang 1     PhD botanist at UCBerkley; expert on Castilleja; co-authored mongraph with Larry Heckard.
J. Ciutle        
A. Boyd Claggett 1      
Archie Claggett 2      
Margaret Clancy        
Bill Clark        
Carl Clark 2      
Herman Clark 47      
Harry E. Clark 13 1917 2002 BS 1939 General Agriculture OSU, MS 1942 General Agriculture OSU, Green Valley, Ariz. He was an OSU Extension agent in Newport.
Mike Clark 1      
R. Ralph Clark 4     wrote "Garlic Culture in Oregon" in 1955.
Thomas G. Clark 3      
J.F. Gates Clarke 2      
Quentin Deane Clarkson 113   1987 PhD Botany 1955 OSU
Jens Christian Clausen 1 1891 1969 Experimental taxonomist, cytogeneticist, botanist, geneticist, ecologist; born in Eskilstrup, Denmark-managed family farm from age 14-MS From UofCopenhagen 1920; PhD 1926 on Study of Violaceae-combined systematics, ecology, and genetics.
Robert Theodore Clausen 1 1911   Professor of botany, Cornell; Ophioglossaceae, Sedum.
H.J. Clay        
Codell A. Cleaver 1      
Mrs. J. Clemens 1      
S.P. Clevenger 2      
Orville L. Cline 1     Bachelors 1948 from OSU
C.B. Clokey 3     Same as Nevada collector?
Ira Wadell Clokey 90 1878 1950 Ira Clokey-he did a flora of the Charleston Mtns. In S. Nevada-we have tons of Clokey collections b/c he donated his stuff to Peck and he made many duplication
Everett Cloud 2      
Dan Clough        
Burr Clovette 39     woman
Philip Clowers 1      
J.K. Cloyd 1      
Winifred Coble 2      
W.A. Cochran 1      
Nick Coffey 1      
A.S. Coffman 1      
Vera L. Colbry 3      
Charles A. Cole 1      
David N. Cole 200     "Dave" he is a geologist or geographer likely Emeritus at the UofO; possibly ?
F. Cole 1      
Grace M. Cole 105     may have been one of Helen Gilkey's correspondents, may have worked in herbarium
James L. Cole 1      
Keri Cole        
T.M. Cole 1      
Y.M. Cole 1      
H.S. Coleman 1      
Stu Coleman 2      
Davin N. Coles 1      
A. Collette 1      
Robert Collins 1      
Thomas Robert Collom 1     Bachelors Wildlife Science 1986 OSU
A.W. Collotzi 1      
L.L. Colvill 1      
Alison Colwell 14     Orobanche sp.
C. Compton 1      
Henry S. Conard 2     professor at Ginnell College in Iowa. Speech published in the Alumni Scarlet and Black of Grinnell College 1944-Vol. 4, No. 7
Diane Concannon 8      
S.R. Confer 10      
Joseph Whipple Congdon 1 1834 1910 California lawyer and amateur botanist, collected particularly in Sonoma and Mariposa counties, his herbarium, mounted on oversized sheets, is at Minnesota.
S.R. Conifer 1      
J.M. Conklin 2      
Alice L. Connet 1      
Carol Connette 1      
Arren Conrad 2      
E. Conrad 13      
Melvin L. Conrad 5     fl. 1973, propagator of unpublished names in Lupinus, collector of Phacelia
Lincoln Constance 467 1909 2001 student at the UofO during the time of LF Henderson, expert on Apiaceae systematics, was a graduate student of Willis Linn Jepson in the 1930's.
Abijah L. Cook 22      
Clive W. Cook 6     Bachelors Animal Science 1934 OSU; Co. Agent
Frank Cook 4      
Marguerite B. Cook 3      
Olive Cook 7     OSDA
Pearl Cook 1      
R.F. Cook 1      
Winona Cook 1      
William Bridge Cooke 178 1908 1991 Masters 1939 OSU; he wrote a flora of Crater Lake-OSU Herbarium has it, may have been from CA
Eric Coombs 5     OSDA; ODA.
Abbie R. Coon 3      
Catherine Cooney        
Clee S. Cooper 11     PhD Crop and Soil Science 1964 OSU
Duahne Cooper 4      
Della Cooper 1      
Glenn Cooper 1      
Glee S. Cooper 1      
Kathleen Anne Cooper 8 1953   seasonal botanist on the Deschutes Nat'l Forest since 1990-four seasons (including 2003) on the Sisters Ranger District, 9 on the Bend/Fort Rock Ranger Districted. BS Horticulture OSU; currently volunteering at Central OR Comm. College herbarium.
Mrs. R.D. Cooper 46      
Rexford Cooper 18      
J.E. Cooter 2      
Edwin Bingham Copeland 3 1873 1964 Research associate in botany, California, authority on ferns. (Copel. in Munz)
Hugh R. Copeland 1      
William Copeland 3     "Bill"-probably grad. Student at the UofO in the 80's
Willis G. Corbitt 1      
A.B. Cordley 1 1864 1936 dean emeritus of the school of Ag. OSU; active on OSU faculty until 1931-came to OSC (now OSU) in 1895 to teach zoology and entomology; graduated from Michigan Ag College 1888; entomologist at UofVermont; PhD 1917.
C.B. Cordy 5     assist. Co. Agent. Medford OR
D.G. Corn 2      
Donald S. Corn 1      
Eric Corneliussen        
Eldon C. Cornett 3     assist. Co. agent The Dalles
Elgin Mac Cornett 6 1913 2001 Bachelors Agricultural Engineering 1939 OSU, Hood River. He worked for the Extension Service from 1941 through 1967. KDR
M. Corning        
Jesse Harrison Corsaut 2      
Della Cosper 2      
Bob Costa 1     possibly student in a Botany Class at OSU
Bette Coste 1     works w/ ODOT-brought in weeds
David F. Costello 1      
J.S. Cotton 3      
Wilbur D. Courtney 1     summer assist. Nematologist; sent material to OSU for ID
Gilbert Courtright 1      
Frederick Vernon Coville 18 1867 1937 principal botanist USDA, honorary curator of US Nat'l Herbarium under Smithsonian, AB Cornell 1887. most imp. Work was on famous Death Valley exped. In 1891. work in Juncaceae, Grossulariaceae. Effected grazing policy change in OR. blueberry cultivation
Helen Julia Cowgill 9 1881 1959 graduated from OAS BS in Domestic Science and Art; taught High School; Second BS in Home Economics from OAS; major part of 4-H program; received Masters from U of WA 1931.
B.J. Cox 8     Billy - worked on Lupines; out of Columbia Missouria - we have his thesis
Clair Hampton Cox 1 1911 1996 studied at OSU.
Fred Cox 1      
Lowell Cox 2      
Marvin Cox 1      
Patricia Cox        
W.C. Cox 1      
Paula Cracas 1      
Moses Craig 54 1869 1913 Rudbeckia subtomentosa forma craigii (name in 1912 in honor of Moses Craig)
Scott Daniel Craig 16     Bachelors Forest Management 1979 OSU; botanical consultant in Corvallis
T. Craig        
O.P. Cramer 1      
M.T. Crandall 1      
Carl Crane 5      
Mel Crawford 2      
Luther S. Cressman       formerly of the dept. of anthropology UofO; curator of anthropology collections at UofO.
A.C. Crews 1      
E.L. Crimger 1      
Cindy Cripps       Prospect Ranger Station
W.L. Crissey 1      
L.P. Crocker        
M. Crocker        
Sara Crockett 1     former OSU student
E.J. Croft 9      
J. Croft 1      
M. Croiy 1      
Fred Cronemuller 1      
Arthur John Cronquist 457 1919 1992 most of professional career spent at NYGB-passed away of heart failure while studying specimens of Mentzelia in BYU herbarium; BS S. branch of UofID (now ID St. U) 1938, MS 1940; PhD 1944 UofMinnesota w/ C.O. Rosendahl; "Vasculuar Plants of the PNW"
Andrew Cronquist 1      
M.G. Cropsey 1     Myron-prof in hort. At OSU
Virginia Lee Crosby 821 1950   Bachelors Botany 1977 OSU; student in Botany at OSU, 1960's, Late. worked for BLM in Lakeview-moved to Colorado
Harold Crouch 1      
Elizabeth Crowe 4      
Fide Crowe        
H.H. Crowell 2     "Bud" was a prof. in entomology-deceased
Mrs. C. Cruickshank 1      
Lana Louise Crumrine 1     Bachelors Biology 1990 OSU; MAT Teaching; Biology Education 1997 OSU
N.A.S. Cullen 1      
B. Culver 1      
Roger Culver 1     Bachelors Rangeland Resources 1964 OSU
W.R. Cummings 1      
J.B. Curl 2      
Evelyn Currier 1      
Lillie F. Currin 2      
A.B. Curtis        
A.H. Curtiss 1      
William Conklin Cusick 2138 1842 1922 worked primarily in E OR. His private collection was purchased by the ORE herbarium in 1911 or 1913 (dates uncertain). no formal education in botany-taught himself from Asa Gray's works. Very modest man, did not allow publication of his biography in paper
C.L. Custer        
C.E. Cutress 9      
J.C. Cyibson 1      
Amy Cyrus 1      
Gary Dade 1      
K.N. Dahle 68      
Helen L. Dale 3     Helen L. Bule
Mrs. S.E. Daley 1      
K.H. Dahle 1      
Delzie Demaree 1      
B.F. Dana 125     OSU faculty member, may have been BPP-well known at OSU
Glenn Danforth 1      
David Michael Danley 8     Bachelors Botany 1981 OSU; former naturalist at Sunriver Nature Center-currently [2004] David is the Forest Botanis on the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina; described a new sp. Of Penstemon from N. Nevada.
Donald C. Danner 1     Studied at OSU-no degree obtained
Henry Clay Darby 8 1881   born in Marion Co
H.G. Darker 1      
M. Darrach        
W.D. Darron 1      
C.R. Das 1      
W.S. Daves        
Nicholas A. Davidge 1      
Gerrit Davidse   1942    
C. Davidson        
Eric Davidson 4     Bachelors Botany 1966 OSU
Thomas P. Davidson 1     superintendent of Umitilla Experiment Station; June 1970; Studied General Agriculture 1949, no degree obtained.
Clifford V. Davis 5      
Delbert P. Davis 2     Bachelors Wildlife Science 1955 OSU
Elsie Davis 2      
Grace E. Davis 1      
Harry F. Davis 1     from Myrtle Point OR; sent material to OSU for ID
John E. Davis 37      
Mrs. Davis        
Mrs. Harold E. Davis 1      
Ray J. Davis 5   0 deceased; he was curator at the Ray J. Davis Herbarium in Pocatello, ID - at a University; may be UofID or ID State
S.E. Davis (Vawter) 1      
Tom G. Davis 1      
Wesley Davis 2      
Elsie Dawson 1     from Brookings OR; sent material to OSU for ID
Jean H. Dawson 1      
Ira Deadmond 1      
Ed Dealy 10      
J. Edward Dealy 9      
Charles Clemon Deam 11 1865 1953  
E.M. Dean 1      
Mr. H.K. Dean 3      
Milton Lee Dean 264 1935   BA Northwest Nazarene College (1956) Biological Sciences; MS (1960), PhD (1966) OSU, both in systematic botany; taugt biology at Northwest Naz. College (now University) 1958-1974; maintained active interest in collecting and adding to the NNC collection
Tim Deboodt 1     was an ext. agent and still is (?) - Madras, Deschutes co.
H. Deckert 3      
Otto Degener 8 1899 1988 Worked extensively w/ flora of Hawaii; many of the plants he collected are now extinct; active against drilling for geothermal resources; protected numerous species
Glen DeHaven 1      
Karl Dehlinger 1      
H. Dehm 6      
Matt Del Fatti 1      
Mrs. Demaray 1      
O.V. Deming 23      
D. DeMoss        
Lauramay T. Dempster 2     was in CA-worked on Rubiaceae-Galium
Avon Denham 3      
C.W. Dennis 1      
Joe A. Dennis 1     father to LaRea Dennis-collected w/ LaRea
La Rea June Dennis Johnson 529     Formerly assist. Curator at OSU Herb., faculty at OSU teaching plant ID. Published books on poisonous plants/weeds. revised Gilkey.
Laura Dennis       Mother to LaRea Dennis-collected w/ LaRea
Lillie Dennis       Grandmother to LaRea Dennis-collected w/ LaRea
Mrs. Joe A. Dennis 4   0 Laura Dennis
Melinda F. Denton 124   0 deceased; former curator at UofWA; collected in S OR; authority on Oxalis; doing scanning electron microscopy.
J.W. Deremiah 1      
Noma Deshon 1      
H.C. DeSpain 1      
LeRoy Ellsworth Detling 2949 1898 1967 hired part-time to help LF Henderson as curator of the ORE herbarium; studied botany at Stanford, MA 1933, PhD 1936; assumed full responsibility as curator in 1939. Became an ecologist focusing on biogeography in his later years. wife Mildred 1915-98
A.J. Devan 1      
Lloyd DeWebff 1      
J. DeWolf 1      
A. Diamond        
Janet E. Dibble 41      
C.J. Dickinson 1      
James H. Dickson 10     reverend from strict Methodist upbringing; attended NW Univeristy, Evanston, IL for 2 years, finished at Ann Arbor in MI; acted as missionary in Ceylon and India; J.F. Drake continued his work under joint name b/c as boys, the two were both int. in bot.
R.A. Diettert        
Shirley Dillinger 1      
Louis A. Dillon 6      
Jennifer Dimling 43     head botanist on the Willamette Nat'l Forest; she was a Masters student of David Wagner at UofO on Sidalceae sp.
R. Dimmick 1     prof. in Fisheries and Wildlife at OSU
G.R. Dissmore 1      
Henry B. Dixon 1      
Vincent Dobbin 1      
Mrs. Dobell 2      
C.K. Dodge 3      
A.M. Doerner 1      
Dorris Doerner        
Ann Dolezal 1      
John Vail Dollhausen 3 1976   amateur botanist and seasonal biological technician for several years currently attending OSU majoring in chemistry
Richard H. Domes 2      
Ivan J. Donaldson 5 1912 0 Bachelors Fisheries Science 1940 OSU.
N.C. Donaldson 2      
Nanne Donker 1      
Sam Donovan 1      
W.G. Dore 1      
Mike Dorris 1     former OSU student
Peter G. Dorris 1     Pete-student at OSU, started in Botany, ended MS in Gen Science, ended up as a math teacher, was in Saudi Arabia-likely returned to Illinois
Max Doty 22     OSU student in BPP-grad student; worked w/ Harry Phinney
C.F. Doucette 1      
Mike Douglas        
T.H. Dove 1      
Overton Dowell Jr. 1      
H. Doyle        
Fred H. Drake 16     younger brother of J. Francis Drake-accompanied brother on collecting trips.
J. Francis Drake 76 1868 1937 born in Petaluma CA; attended school in Virginia City, San Jose, San Francisco, Brodie, and Portland; LLB UofO, DMD N.P. College; taught chem and metallurgy N.P. College; took Botany from L.F. Henderson-cont. w/ JH Dickson, MW Gorman for 10 yrs.
Lynn Drake 1      
Vera Drake 1      
Robin Drews 32      
Bill Drips 1      
Mrs. J.W. Driscoll 1      
R. Driscoll 1      
R.H. Driscoll 1      
R.S. Driscoll 1      
Maurice Dube 3     Masters Botany 1958 OSU, PhD Botany 1963 OSU; student at OSU, likely student of Harry Phinney
William Russell Dudley 10 1849 1911 Professor of botany, Stanford. (Dudl. in Munz)
J. Duft        
E.W. Dull 1      
Neal Dull 2      
P.A. DuMont 3      
Jim Duncan        
Catherine Dunlop 2      
Clifford Dunn 1      
Dorothy B. Dunn 19     possibly related to David Dunn who was an expert on Lupines, from Uof Missourii
L.E. Dunn 1      
Dorothy J. Dunning 1      
James Dunning        
Rene D'Urbal 4     fl. 1928; Surname may read D'Wibal
Rena Duthie 1      
Bryan Dutton        
Tyler Duvall 1     BS Environmental Science 1995 OSU
A.R. Duvatser 1      
Miles Edward Dwan 84     Bachelors Botany 1979 OSU; OSU student volunteered in OSU herb., did collecting in SW OR.
Kathleen Alexa Dwire 2     PhD Fisheries Science 2002 OSU; w/ USFS
Lucy D. Dyas 1      
Theodore Peter Dykstra 14 1896   WW, Gilliam and Benton Cos.
C.T. Dyrness 83     was on staff at OSU; Vegetation of the PNW
Ted Dyrness 14     same Dyrness
J. Easterday 24     Janet
W. Easterly 1      
Donald Claud Eastman 1 1922   interests; photography of wildflowers of OR, esp. rare and endagnered spp. Wrote book "Rare & Endangered Plants of OR"; UofO school of dentistry-one year of botany; NPSO, Nature Conservancy Member.
Priscilla Eastman        
William R. Eastman Jr. 11      
Ed Easton (Eastmon?) 2      
M. Easton 1      
Peggy Easton 3      
Ted Easton 1      
Alice Eastwood 6 1859 1953 born in Canada, moved to Colorado. Graduated from E. Denver High School in 1879-taught for next ten years then retired to botany and travel; friend w/ the Brandegees. Saved type specimens from fire 1906 San Francisco Academy. Honorary Redwoods grove.
Miles Eaton        
A.R. Eberhardt 1     from Scio OR, sent material to OSU for ID
Arnold C. Ebert 1     Co. Agent; Fossil OR
R.E. Eckert 45      
H.F. Eckhart 1      
G. Edano        
J. Benselin Edge 2      
Mrs. J. Benselin Edge 2      
Millard M. Edgmond 1      
Milton Edmunds 1      
W.P. Edmunson 1     Ecology instructor at the UofWA-may be the same used to be out in Lake WA, wetland spp.
V.E. Edward 1      
Celia B. Edwards 1      
John Mark Egger 3 1950   first course in systematic botany was w/ Ken Chambers in 1970s; currently Research Assoc w/ WTU Herbarium/Burke Museum at UofWA, also a science teacher in public schools in King Co.; interest in Orbanchaceae esp. Castilleja; desc. 3 new sp of Castilleja
F.L. Eggleston 1      
W.W. Eggleston 1     interest in Lupinus-contemporary of A.A. Heller who warned him off of doing a monograph for this genus.
R.D. Eichmann 2      
Nancy A. Eid 1 1949   biotech, Fort Clatsop Nat'l Memorial; BS Biology, honors, WOSC (now WOU), interests teach native plant id and forest ecology classes; lead nat. plant. hikes in Clatsop Co.
E.P. Eilers 1      
H.P. Eilers 23      
A.S. Einarsen 2     associated with USFWS, Corvallis
Jo Einarson 2      
W.L. Einley 1      
J.S. Elder 63      
J.C. Elder 1      
W.T. Elings 3      
F. Ellertson 1      
F.G. Ellis 1      
Paul Ellis 1      
Ross Ellis        
Adolph Daniel Edward Elmer 50 1870 1942  
Otto Herman Elmer 16 1891    
Patrick E. Elvander 1 1950 1998 MS Pomona College-received Baile Prize in Botany-graduated cum laude 1972; MS UofWA 1975; PhD UofWA 1979 completed under direction of Melinda F. Denton; worked as lecturer in biology at UCSC from 1980 until death; worked on Saxifragaceae; vocal talents.
J. Emerson 1      
Don Emery 1      
A.E. Engbretson 1      
Kermit Engeman 1      
Leonard England 1      
Monita Engvall 8      
R.C. Enschede 1      
Carl Clawson Epling 12 1894 1968 Professor of botany, California (Los Angeles), student of Labiatae. (Epl. in Munz)
Mrs. E. W. Erickson 1      
Ray C. Erickson 71      
E.L. Erigh 1      
A. Erikson 1      
Mrs. Lester W. Ernst 1      
Wallace R. Ernst 1     fl. 1957
Barbara Jean Ertter 67 1953   her name is associated w/ ASPT; Herbarium at UC Berkeley
Karen Ertter        
Nancy Ertter        
John Erwin 1      
James R. Estes 4 1938   Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-PhD 1967, Cytotaxonomic Studies in the Artemisia ludoviciana Polyploid Complex of the Pac. NW; UofOklahoma prof. And director of herbarium; director of UofNebraska Museum; Jim - former student of Dr. Chambers
D.M. Euren 1      
Anna Evans 189      
Alice Evans 2      
J.C. Evans 2      
M.W. Evans 1      
Richard E. Evans 1      
Angie Evenden 1     former student OSU; volunteered in the herb.; degree, but not in taxonomy; father was an early student collector for Dr. Gilkey; parents died tragically-car swept into river in flood in Coast Range.
Fred G. Evenden Jr. 37     his daughter is named Angie - was OSU student; either student or faculty at OSU; woodpecker loop at Finley WR
Clarence Evensen 1      
Evelyn Louise Everett 3 1930   amatuer botanist; long time member of NPSO; served as district botanist for the rigdon ranger district, WNF, as part of position as wildlife technician 1988-1995.
Willis Evers 1      
A.C. Everson        
David Every 1      
G.W. Every 1      
John "Jack" Milton Evey 2 1924 2002 was an extension agent for OSU in Polk Co, Bachelors from OSU 1951
Robert Evihtel 1      
E.L. Evinger 277     daughter was a student in BPP (Angie), must have been a student in botany as well; went on to something else-likely a job w/ federal agency of some sort
K.L. Evinger 1      
Joseph Ewan 1 1909 1999 never completed his PhD, yet published extensively. Was assist. Curator at Smithsonian, associated w/ Tulane University, New Orleans, La; well known historian of botany, expert on Delphinium; prof. At LSU. now deceased.
Nesta Ewan       wife and collaborator of Joseph Ewan.
Fred C. Ewing 18     miscellaneous analyses and experiments ca. 1906 for or with Agricultural Experiment Station, Frederick Clark from Multnomah Co.
Ron Exeter 1      
Wayland Lee Ezell   1937   prof emeritus of botany and former curator of the St. Cloud St. U MN Herbarium; PhD from OSU in Systematic Botany under Ken Chambers 1970; taxonomy of genus Mimulus w/ emphasis on section Eunanus.
A. Faberge        
Knut Faegri 43 1909   from Norway-associated w/ U of Bergen, did work in Steens Mts. Of OR.
N. Faegri 1     Knut Faegri-well known prof from Burgen Norway-spent a post-doc year at OSU in BPP, expert on palynology (pollen grains for climate history), very fine field ecologist- wrote several books on flora of Norway; collected in Steens
Frank J. Faha 1      
Nancy Fahey 1      
Anna Falk 1      
John Faris 1     collected w/ Dr. Bert Brehm; graduated from Reed College in 1970.
Sean Farley        
Mrs. Ross Farnham 49     From Bend; sent material for ID to OSU
R. Farnham 12     Mrs. R. Farnham
Gary Farnsworth 3     former ext. agent
William K. Farrell 14     Bachelors Animal Science 1942 OSU; Bill-OSU Prof in crop science; prof. specialty was microclimatology likely in forestry school at OSU
John Farris        
Bill Fast 1      
William R. Fauks 1      
M.J. Fay 1      
Allen D. Fechtig       PhD Crop and Soil Science 1976 OSU PhD in Crop Science? Owned Beaver Spray service in Albany-lives in Albany on Christmas Tree Lane
Charles Feddema 1      
Jay Feldman 1      
Judy Feller 1      
Charles E. Fellows 15     grad. Student w/ Dr. Chambers; interested in Claytonia did not finish; became a realtor in Arroyo Grande, CA.
W.G. Fellows 1      
Earl Fender 1      
W.M. Fender 2      
Aryana Ferguson        
Bass J. Ferguson 1      
Denzel E. Ferguson 6     Bachelors Zoology 1951 OSU; poss. Ext. agent
D.M. Ferguson 2      
J.M. Ferguson        
L.D. Ferguson 38      
Martha Ferguson 1      
Mrs. L.D. Ferguson 170      
Roxana Stinchfield Ferris 21 1895 1978 Dudley Herbarium, editor of Illustrated Flora of the Pacific States, vol. IV; AB 1912, AM 1916 Stanford, 1016-1963 served as curator of the Dudley herbariu at Stanford
Walter Frank Fertig 3     Bachelors Botany 1989 OSU; former undergrad at OSU, volunteered in OSU Herb. Masters at UofWyoming
F.S. Feuerstein 2      
H. Fick 1      
Chas B. Fiker 1      
Mrs. J.M. Finch 2      
Jean Marie Alderfer Findley 24     BA psychology (English/History minor) Westmont College Santa Barbara, MS in Rangeland Resrouces OSU (1977); BLM Vale, OR 1977-88; passion for gardening; teach a community education class on gardening and use of egological equivalents (sim to native).
William L. Finley 19     Finley Refuge
Harold Finnell 1     Bachelors Crop and Soil Science 1934 OSU
H.E. Finnell 3      
Harold Firestone        
Lynn R. Firestone 1      
B. Fisgee [?] 1      
P.L. Fishback 5     from Monmouth OR; submitted plants for ID
Andrew Fisher 1      
Jim Fisher 2      
Mrs. R.G. Fisher 1      
D.W. Fishler 1      
Herm (Franklin) Kergel Fitz 679 1937   BA in physics (UC Berkeley), MA in biology (Humboldt State University), and PhD in plant ecology (Utah State University); major portion of career (currently retired 2003) spent taching sciences and mathematics at McKenzie R. HS; interst in taxonomy/ ID
Robin Fitz        
Herman Fitzer 1     Herm Fitz?
John Fitzpatrick 1      
Grace Cole Fleischman 148      
C.E. Fleming 1      
Jack R. Fleming 2   2002 OSU graduate 1952; lived in Fresno, Calif.
Michael P. Fleming 2      
Fern Fletcher 1      
O.S. Fletcher 27     Co. Agent Eugene OR
Emma L (C.). Fliedeur 11      
M.A. Flinn 62 1841 1924 practiced medicine in Vancouver, WA; made contribution of bryophytes to ORE herbarium; arrived in Portland in 1864-collected more extensively starting in 1903.
Charles H. Flory 7      
Jane E. Flory 2      
Randy L. Floyd 1     Bachelors Wildlife Science 1975
Ashton Foerst 23     from Boardamand OR, sent material to OSU for ID
Wayne H. Fogg 1      
J. Follor 1      
R. Foltz 1      
Charles Ford        
Jim Ford 1      
Bernice Forest 1     worked in the OSU herbarium-mounted plants
Thomas William Forney 1     BS Crop and Soil Science 1993
M.V. Forrest 2      
A.C. Forrester 1      
P.T. Fortner 4     Co. Agent Baker
Joan Fosback 86     in her late 70's now [2003]. Good friend of Lois Hopkins and Mildred Thiele. old time NPSO member- Portland? Or SW OR?
Ollie Fosback        
F.R. Fosberg 1      
A.S. Foster 10   1922 contributed a moss collection to the ORE herbarium.
E.M. Foster 1      
Lee R. Foster 1      
R. Foster 11     Rana (?) lives in Corvallis
R.G. Fowler 6     county agent from Medford OR
Barbara Fox 1      
Earl S. Fox 1      
Floyd Fox 1      
Leroy Fox 1      
Emilie M. France 1     Masters Botany 1949 OSU
Frank Stanclift Francis 6 1878   WW1, born in Multnomah Co.
Ned W. Frandeen 4      
Mrs. Franham        
F.W. Frank 2      
Doug Franke 1      
Albert Franklin 2      
Jerry F. Franklin 745     Bachelors Forest Management 1958 OSU, Masters Forest Management 1961 OSU; at Seattle at UofW, was here at OSU on staff
M.A. Franklin 4      
C.B. Frazier 1      
Gary Fredricks        
Nancy Ann Ross Fredricks 39     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-MS, 1986, Calochortus howellii: Ecology of a Rare Serpentine Endemic and Comparison with the New Species, C. umpquaensis (Liliaceae); PhD 1992, Population Biology of Rare Mariposa Lilies (Calochortus: Liliaceae)
Virgil H. Freed 3 1919 1997 Bachelors Crop and Soil Science OSU, MS Plant Physiology 1948 OSU; prof. In Ag at OSU-deceased
Barry N. Freeman 3      
Edward Freeman 2      
J.D. Freeman 5     former curator at Auburn in Mississippi; article on him in recent journal check back
R.F. Freeman        
R.E. Freiburg 8      
Daniel Freidman 2      
G.W. Freisberg 1      
C.A. French 1      
David H. French 116   0 professor anthropology at Reed College; collected w/ Bert Brehm; deceased; prof. At Reed College; worked with ethnobotany of the Warm Springs; authority on Lomatium.
Ken French 1      
Robert E. Frenkel 36     ret. Prof. Of Geosciences at OSU; expert on weeds; eco analysis of wetlands; conservation biology; Corvallis residents.
Orville Fretwell 1      
Jeff Freund 1      
Rosemary Dwyer Frey 2     studied home economics at OSU, no degree obtained
Robert Frichtel 3     from Squaw Butte; sent material for ID
H. Frick 1      
David Friedman 14      
Mrs. A.C. Fries 1      
S. Fries 1      
Leonard F. Frisbie 5      
Harold Fritts        
Miriam C. Fritts 2      
George Fritz 1      
John Kitchener Frizzell 10     staff chairman for county Extension Service in Adana, Turkey in June 2000-naturalized 1955
Kathern Froom 1      
D.W. Frost 1      
John L. Fryer 1 1929   professor and alumnus of OSU; worked for 30 years as researcher and prof. In OSU Microbiology Dept. born in Fort Worth, TX; BS 1956, MS 1957, PhD 1964 from OSU; specialized in study of infectious diseases in salmon.
Jason Lee Fuller 6     MS Entomology 2003 OSU
T.C. Fuller 1      
D.S. Fulwider 1      
F. Funston 1     General Frederick Funston, who began his life's work as a botanical collector for the US government, and died after the Spanish War in the Phillipines, a Major General in the army
L.D. Furguson 1      
B. Furniss        
William Ralph Furtick 9     MS Geography 1972 OSU; prof. in Ag Dept. at OSU
J. Fyles 1      
Paula Gabriel        
Ira N. Gabrielson 18     published book on Oregon's Birds-was a distinguished wildlife biologist.
Sarah Gage 13 1955   1978 BA Botany UC Berkely; 1983 MS Botany UW-eval. Of genus Blastocladiella; 2003 MFA UAZ; 1995-2000 Chief US botanist Int'l Kuril Is. Project UWA; 1988-2001 coll. Mgr Herbarium UWA; 2002-03 proj. coord. Invent. Of N. Cascade Nat'l Park.
Andre Gagnon        
Jane Gain 1      
A. Galbraith 1      
Don S. Galbreath 18      
Mrs. Nettie P. Gale 25      
Christie Galen 2      
Paul Gallian 4      
C.F. Galligan 2      
A.G. Gamble 1      
June Gamble 1      
Virginia Gamble        
Roman Gankin 1     Botany professor at a CA St. College
Steve Gapp 1     works for Western Farm Service
Dave Garcia 2     might have been ext agent ?
Alice Gardiner 1      
Helen Gardiner 1      
Ben Gardner 1      
C.W. Gardner 1      
L. Garland 1     ext. agent
F.E. Garlough 8      
E.R. Garner 1      
M. Garner 1      
Stuart G. Garrett 2 1950   interest in natural history including botany and geology; co-founder and president of High Desert Chapter of the NPSO; practices family medicine in Bend, OR; named Oregon's Doctor-Citizen of the year by the Oregon Medical Association (1991)
Jay S. Gashwiler 41     Bachelors Fisheries Science 1937 OSU; amateur botanist
Melva C. Gashwiler 15     amateur botanist
D.C.M.Gault [?; illeg] 1      
H. Gavery 1      
Charles G. Gavin 1      
Claire Geddes 4      
John H. Gedds 1      
Susan M. Geer 1      
V. Geertson 1      
Ed Geiger 2     Rouge Examiner, The Dalles OR
Dan Geisert        
Phil Geisert        
Robert Geisert        
Almon L. Geiss 4     Bachelors Crop and Soil Science 1950 OSU
Delia Gellatly 1      
D. Gentner 2     may have been related to the Gentner's from Jackson Co. interested in S. OR lily family
Katherine Gentner 1     Gentner's lived in S. OR, friends of Helen Gilkey, who named Fritillaria gentneri in their honor
L.G. Gentner 45     related to family associated w/ Helen Gilkey-Jackson Co.; sent material from Moon Prairie Guard Station in July 1941; Entomologist
R.G. Gentner 1     Gentner family in Jacksonville, one member was a friend of Helen Gilkey-contributed what would be called Frittilaria gentneri
Johnnie L. Gentry 7     student at NYBG
Donald W. George 1      
Luna George 1      
Lillian M. George 1      
Janice Gerdemann        
James W. Gerdemann 3      
Walter H. Gerke 1      
David Sebastian Gernandt 1 1970   PhD Botany and Plant Pathology 1998 OSU; BA Biology 1992 UofO, interests include confers and ascomycetes; affiliated w/ Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas-Universidad Autonoma Del Estado de Hidalgo. Dr. Liston's grad student, lives in Mexico now.
George Gessert 1      
Fanny Getty 17     student in botany at OAC about contemporaneous w/ Helen Gilkey when she was a student-have many collections of her's which are student collections from Corvallis
Harry Getty 1      
J.C. Gibson 1      
L.J. Gier 1      
Kerr Gifford 1      
Henry Clark Gilbert 485 1891   BS 1915 OSC (now OSU), MS 1917 OSC, PhD 1933 UofIA, Hilo Sch Hawaii, tea agr 1917-18; Dir Barberry Eradic, S Dak 1918-21; UofMinn asst in bot 1921-24; fruit farmer Salem OR '24-31; UofI res asst '31-33; UofMinn preparator bot 1933;lg mxyxomycete coll.
H.C. Gilbert 1      
Don S. Gilbreath 1     Don S. Galbreath
Beulah G. Gilkey 17 1890 1977 Sister of Helen M. Gilkey; worked at herbarium mounting plants.
Helen Margaret Gilkey 986 1886 1972 BS and MS 1911 from OSU, PhD from UC 1915. curator of the OSU Herbarium from 1918-1951. authority on truffles, focused on fungi. Talented illustrator, humanitarian, egailitarian.
J.S. Gilkey 1     possible relative of Helen Gilkey- Helen came from a large family though she did not have any children
Wesley Gilkison 2      
Doris K. Gillespie 2     fl. 1930. Collector
O.M. Gillet        
John M. Gillett 14 1918 1993 Associated staff, CAN, Curator Emeritus. Trifolium, Fabaceae.
Judith B. Glad 26     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-MS 1975 OSU, Taxonomy and Ecology of Metzelia mollis Peck and Related Spp; MA degree in taxonomy; worked on Mentzelia; botanical consultant; authors romance novels; lives in Portland.
C. Glascock 1      
H.R. Glascock 1      
Ted Glass 1      
Jean Gleischner 1      
R.L. Glisan 1      
Milton H. Gnos 3     Bachelors Agricultural Education 1958
Leslie Godard        
Mrs. Frank Godard 1      
Ruby Ashby Godard 1   1989 Bachelors Vocational Education 1926 OSU
S.L. Godard 1      
Leslie N. Goodding 1     Leslie-worked w/ Helen Gilkey at one point in time
N. Godding        
M. Godfrey        
Martina Goebel 1      
Robert Goff 1      
A. Goheen        
R. Goheen        
Doug Goldenberg 11     former OSU student of Donald Zobel in Botany
Clare T. Golec       Collector, Humboldt Co., 2000
A.L.H. Goodding 1      
Charlotte Goodding 4     wife of John Reeder, daughter of L.N. Gooding; now in Tucson, AZ; rogue botanist
Leslie Newton Goodding 144 1880 1967 Botanist, Soil Conservation Service, Arizona. (Goodd. in Munz)
Margaret Goodin 1      
Gaylee Goodrich 98     Masters from UofO; studied Delphinium. Is either faculty or assistant at LBCC.
S. Goodrich        
Kenneth Gorden 14      
Marcia Gordon 1      
Randall D. Gore 5      
Drake Gorman        
Martin Woodcock Gorman 705 1852 1926 amateur botanist and gentleman scientist; friends w/ Howell and Henerson; proofread and edited Howell's "A Flora of Northwest America"
Miss O'C. Gorman 1      
Mrs. Gorman        
Holly Gorton       collected w/ Dr. Bert Brehm; graduated from Reed College in 1975.
Leslie David Gottlieb 28 1936   MS OSU Botany w/ Dr. Ken Chambers 1965; PhD UofMichigan Botany 1969; professor of genetics UofCA Davis; research interests in plant evolution, speciation, genetics.
Frank W. Gould 8 1913   Professor of range and forestry, A. & M. College, Texas.
Enid L. Gowan 27      
Paul Graff 1      
Jim Graham 1      
Gerald W. Gran 8     Bachelors Horticulture 1956 OSU
Adele Lewis Grant 2 1881 1969 California; monographer of Mimulus. (Grant in Munz)
Mrs. W.G. Grant 1      
H.J. Gratowski 63     Hank-was an ecology student in forestry, studied forest succession in OR coast range-gave many Manzanita and Ceonothus specimens
M. Gravel 1      
Frank E. Gray 1      
Ken W. Gray 4     associated with Ent. Dept. at OSU at least during the 1970's; photograph #497 of Edwin Russell Jackman Photographic Collection (P 89)
M. Gray 1      
Sami Gray 1     MS OSU Conservation genetics of Cimifuga elata (Ranunculaceae); currently living in a tent in Scappoose
Tom Grayhouse 1      
Louis A. Greata       fl. 1900
B. Green 1      
Diantha Green       student of Dr. Chambers-married a mycologist at Arizona who ret'd. They now live in Wyoming
Eugene M. Green 1      
J.L. Green 5      
M. Green 1      
Rosa Green 1      
Ruby L. Green 3      
Linda Greenberg 1      
A.C. Greene        
Edward Lee Greene 8 1843 1915 ordained Baptist minister 1871; collected extensively and described "new" species readily; Asa Gray often refused to describe these spp. Some have since been considered valid by modern taxonomists
F.K. Greene 13      
F. Greenfield        
Jacqueline Greenleaf 107     former grad student at OSU; interested in flora of SW OR; collected extensively in Josephine Co.
Mrs. Greer        
C.H. Gregg 2      
Cecil L. Gregg 1      
D.P. Gregory 1      
Katie Grenier 1     former Regional Coordinator for Region 8 (large area in Central Oregon) for the Native Plant Society of Oregon; agency botanist, either USFS or BLM
John E. Gribble 1      
Elmer Lowell Griepentrog 1      
Laura H. Griffen 1      
L.H. Griffin 12      
David Griffiths 2 1867 1935  
Wilbur Eubene Griffiths 1     Bachelors Wildlife Science 1956
Steve John Grillos 14     PhD botany 1956 OSU; student at OSU, student of Albert Steward, might have had double major in Zoology/ Botany-mid1950's
John Keith Grimes 2     Bachelors Crop and Soil Science 1940 OSU
James W. Grimes 20     Jim Grimes; PhD botanist from NYBG; formerly at College of ID; interested in flora of SE OR; from Succor Creek, Malheur Co. plant named for him; Ivesia rhypara (rhyparos is Greek for dirty or filthy), common name "grimy ivesia"
Myra E. Groshong 3     worked at herbarium mounting specimens
A.E. Gross 1     assoc. with Klamath Ex. Area; sent material to OSU for ID
C. Gross        
David Gross        
Eugene Gross 1      
Louis Henry Gross 11     Bachelors Crop and Soil Science 1939 OSU
Joan Grossoehme 1      
Claudia Groth 1      
Mrs. Louis C. Grothaus 1      
T. Grove 1      
Betty Jo Groves 1      
G. Grown        
Wayne Charles Grubb 2 1913 1997 Bachelors Mechanical Engineering 1939 OSU
Esther H. Gruber 93     Esther McEvoy; wife of prof. In entomology; long-time president of local NPSO ch.; worked in Diamond Craters in Harney Co. (near Steen's Mtn.)
M.E. Gruber        
E. Grulaer        
Suzi B. Gruver 1      
Lee Guelette 1      
Edward Guerrant       Conservation director for Portland's Berry Botanic Garden; spoke out in 1990 about the issues of wild bulb harvest leading to species loss. Also made note of local PNW species rarity, mentioned specifically Trillium.
Doris Gundersen 1      
Geraldine Anne Allen Guppy 23     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-PhD 1981, Biosystematics of Western North American Polyploid Complex in the Genus Aster; Geraldine Allen- Guppy is married name, is now divorced.
Jack Gurton 3      
Mrs. A. Gustafson 1      
Theodora Gustafson 168     collected extensively in the Gorge.
W.V. Guthrie 6      
R. Gwendover 1      
J.R. Haag 1      
J.V. Haberer 1      
Frank E. Hachler 4     Studied Animal Science at OSU, no degree obtained
J.H. Hackner 1      
M. Hadley Jr. 2      
Gustave Y. Hagglund 4     Bachelors 1930 OSU; sent material from Deshutes District for ID
J.V. Haherer 1      
Heidi Haid 4      
Dan Haidman 1      
Art Haines        
Yvonne Hajda 1      
Harvey S. Hale 4      
C. Hall        
Evelyn Hall 1      
Harvey Monroe Hall 9 1874 1932 Professor of botany, California, then staff member Carnegie Institution of Washington; pioneer in experimental taxonomy; student of the Compositae; Haplopappus, Madiinae.
Harold W. Hall 4      
Jerry Hall 3      
Mrs. Hall 1      
Paige L. Hall 9      
Richard Dean Hall 7 1950   BS OSU Rangeland Resource 1973; collected and identified many specimens now contained Burns BLM district herbarium; has worked and botanized in the Cascade Mountains, Mojave Des. of S. Nevada, and now in the high desert of E. OR; worked forest service/BLM
V. Hall 3      
W.E. Hall 1      
Mrs. Halleck 2      
Mrs. Blaine Hallock 1      
Charlie B. Halpern 69 1958   research prof. of plant ecology, College of Forest Resources, Univ. of WA; BS Biology Cornell Univ.; pHD Botany and Plant Pathology OSU; interest in plant succession, effects of forest mgmt. on plant diversity; ecolgy/dynamics montane/subalpine meadows
Richard R. Halse 2424     MS UofA, Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-PhD 1979 OSU, Taxonomy of Phacelia Section Miltitzia (Hydrophallaceae), Curator of OSU Herbarium.
Walter Halt 1      
N. Halvorsen        
Ronald M. Halvorson 10 1950   started in animal science; BS in Animal Science from CA State Polytechnic College in San Luis Obispo, CA. MS in Renewable Resource Management from U of Nevada; District Botanist for the Prineville District, BLM since 1985.
C.L. Halway 10      
B. Hamilton 1      
Maynard Hamilton 1      
Reid Hamilton 1      
Philip Barton Hamm 1 1952   Prof with Dept. of Bot and Plant Path; interest in diseases that impact pants; BS in BIO from WOSC (now WOU); M Botany 1981 OSU.
Barry E. Hammel 5 1946   fl. 1976, collector, associated with Rocky Mountain Herbarium.APN=Hammel
Dale Hammond 1      
E.W. Hammond 69     probably at OSU faculty
H.S. Hammond 2     early day botany prof. At OAC (now OSU)
Paul C. Hammond 6     Bachelors Entomology 1971 OSU; entomologist; lives in Philomath; associated with ent. Dept. at OSU; PhD; expert on Erythronium and other genera; does research in prairie states, mid-west; co-authored spp. of Erythronium from Mt. Hebo w/ Dr. Chambers.
Richard O. Hampton 2     Research Virologist, USDA-ARS and Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology, OSU
W. Dale Hannon 1      
J.R. Hansbrough 1      
Jack Hansell 2      
Charles G. Hansen 599     must have been on staff at OSU in some way - many collections
Elmer Oscar Hansen 4 1903 1996 OSC Horticulturist in 1956; Bachelors Horticulture 1934 OSU, Masters Horticulture 1935 OSU
George M. Hansen 29     Studied Forest Management at OSU 1939, no degree obtained; might be related to Henry Hansen
Henry P. Hansen 2     was professor of botany at OSU, Dean of the Grad. School; palynologist-invited Dr. Faegri to come to OSU-deceased
John Hansen 2      
L.R. Hansen 21     sent material from Granger Experiment Station in Experimetnal Flax plots near Corvallis, East end of Sauvies Island,
Mary Hansen        
N. John Hansen 8      
Patricia Ruhlman Hansen 4     Bachelors 1951 OSU, married to a Hansen, he was botanist/naturalist at Death Valley for a while-years ago
Ruth M. Hansen 2 1910 2003 her father died when she was 5, her mother rented out their home and the family camped in the backyard; MS UofMI, worked for USFS. NPSO president, 1977; was active at Berry Botanic Garden; travelled after husband died to Himalayas, China, Costa Rica, etc.
F. Hanson 1      
Herbert C. Hanson 1      
Wesley Hanson 1      
Ed Hardin 3     seed technician during 1963.
John R. Hardison 1     prof. of plant pathology in BPP at OSU, still alive
Sam Harg 1      
P. Hargraves 1      
Rush M. Hargue 1      
Boyd Harmon 1      
Carol Harmount 1   0  
E. Harrel 1      
Mrs. E. Harrel 1      
C.C. Harris 2      
L.E. Harris 2      
Stuart Kimball Harris   1906   fl. 1960, collector
Frank Harrison 1     collected in Toledo Oregon and sent material to OSU herbarium via H.G. Smith
Randy Harrison        
S.P. Harrison 1      
A.S. Hart 1      
Harry D. Hartwell 13      
Denise Harvey        
Elizabeth Harvey 2      
J.K. Harvey 1      
Tanya Harvey   1958   no formal education in botany; avid rock gardener; interested in pollination biology; obsessive photographer.
Mabel Haseltine 1      
Leslie L. Haskin 27     wrote a book about OR plants
Leslie Hasty 1      
Duane L. Hatch 1     Masters Horticulture 1973 OSU; Co. Agent-or staff of Ag at OSU; Eugene; ext. agent; likely still professionally active; each yr. Plants a demo garden on Lane County fairgrounds- "The Hatch Patch"
D.W. Hatch 36      
Jonathan L. Haun 1     former student PSU
Ernest Millard Hauser 3 1901 1991 Bachelors Animal Science 1928 OSU
John Hauser 3      
Jack Hausotter 8     amateur botanist from Roseburg area; recently deceased.
Fred Havelik 1      
T. Havin 2      
T. Havu 1      
Glen Hawk 1     associated with OSU Forestry dept.; possibly w/ Dr. Zobel in Botany dept.
Mrs. Alvin S. Hawk 17      
B. Hawkes 1      
L.L. Hawkins 2      
Janet Hawksley 1      
Frank G. Hawksworth       Type; Rocky Mtn Range and Forest Exp Station
Floy Hawley 1      
W.W. Hawley Jr. 10      
Joe D. Hay 1     Bachelors Agricultural and Resource Economics 1958 OSU
Hillary S. Hayden 7      
Lucile Hayes 1      
Otto Haygoard 1      
John N. Hayl Jr. 1      
R.G. Haynes 1      
Maude Hays 1      
Phillip Roy Hays   1945   PhD Microbiology, Oregon State University 1979

I am a serious amateur botanist. I have a personal project to draw and

photograph all of the plants of Benton County, Oregon, with the intent to

illustrate the key identification features.
        I am a serious amateur botanist. I have a personal project to draw and
        photograph all of the plants of Benton County, Oregon, with the intent to
        illustrate the key identification features.
John W. Hayt Jr. 1      
C. Hayward 1      
Serge Conrade Head 558 1922 1991 BS BYU, MS WSU; PhD OSU; from 1967-1987 E. OSC biology professor, mem. Of State Forestry Advisory Board for 10 yrs; wrote books on NW architecture; US Army Air Corps during WWII
Brian Elton Heath 4     Masters Forest Science 1985 OSU; former grad student OSU; volunteered in the herb.; general collecting-esp. S. OR.
Carey Heath 1      
Lisa K. Heberger 1      
Lawrence Ray Heckard 15 1923 1991 Professor of botany, Illinois. Curator of Jepson Herbarium (Flora of California, especially Scrophulariaceae, Bachelors Horticulture 1948 OSU
J.H. Heckner 38      
Fred L. Hedglin 1     possibly at the UofO; grad student of Stan Cook; possible he was working on PhD program but did not finish in the 80's ?
Mrs. A.E. Hedine (Daughter) 1      
Don W. Hedrick 21     something at OSU faculty, might have been OSU extention-was on staff at one point in some capacity
R. Heft 1      
Don Hefty 17      
Charles Heimsch 3     prof. at UofTX, before that at Miami U in Ohio, well-known plant anatomist; sent Dr. Chambers a bunch of his OR collections to be id'd-died recently-last year
Dale A. Hein       Bachelors Fisheries Science 1958 OSU
Julius L. Heinis 1     PhD OSU 1952; Emeritus Prof. Of Botany from Florida A&M Univeristy; currently owns 102 acres of pines in Gasden Co; has traveled extensivly including Thailand, Malaysia, Huahin, Sarawak, Sabah, Indonesia, Milano, Switzerland, Innsbruck, Greece, Turkey…
Mrs. E.J. Heiser 1      
Les Helgeson 1     Agency botanist- likely in the Bend Area? Either USFS or BLM
Amos Arthur Heller 90 1867 1944 diligent collector in CA; editor of Muhlenbergia for "A California Flora" Munz; interest in Trifolium, Lupinus-slightly cocky esp. concerning Lupinus; PB Kennedy called Heller "species crazy"-a splitter.
Donald B. Heller 3 1941   wife is Lynne Heller, education level of 14 years, worked most of life in the meat industry however presently retired [2004]; has been working on publication, photos of native plants Coos and Curry Cos. 2004 will be 9th yr. On this project.
Jilipes Heller 1      
Marka Heller 2      
Jerry Hellinga 1      
Richard Helliwell 15     assoc w/ Mt. Hood Nat'l Forest
H.J. Helm 1      
Charles Helmick 1      
M.D. Helms 1      
Donald V. Hemphill 2     possibly student in BPP
C.A. Henderson 13     Co Agent Klamath Falls
Douglass Henderson 1   1996 PhD from UofW under C. Leo Hitchock; studied Sysyrinchium/ Olsynium; hired to the UofID as director of the herbarium in 1972 where he continued until his death; outstanding agrostologist; worked ona grass manual at time of death; was military bf grad schl
Erwin Henderson 1      
J.G. Henderson 1      
Louis Forniquet Henderson 5831 1853 1942 curator at UofO from 1924-1939; friend of Thomas Howell; wrote autobiography; Prof of Botany at UofID from 1893-1906-during that period 85,000 specimens, his entire collection, were lost to fire.
M.G. Henderson 1     possible relation to Henderson?
Dee Hendrickson 1      
Ed Hendrickson 1      
D.G. Henger 1      
C.W. Henkle 2      
Eric Charles Henry 2     Masters Botany 1976 OSU; worked at OSU -former student -still on campus, works with algae
R.L. Hensel 3      
Mrs. Fred Hensholt 2      
Albert Hensler 1      
W.A. Hensley 1      
Mrs. Hensolt 1      
Dick Herman 1      
R. Hermann 8      
L.D. Herrold 1      
John C. Hesketh 2      
Orin L. Hess 2     sent a lot of plants in for ID; may have lived along the coast
Rosamond Hess 34 1907 1996 friend and supporter of John and Lilla Leach; lived in Curry Co. organized Leach Garden Friends; teacher, but developed interest in native and endangered spp; received 1987 Conservation Award from OR State Fed. Of Garden Clubs;w/ Orin saved petroglyphs.
William J. Hess       masters student of C.L. Hitchcock, associated with Morton Herbarium.
J. Pinckney Hester 1     Contemporary southern California writer on succulents.
J.F. Hetels 1      
William M. Heusi       fl. 1928
Calvin J. Heusser 2     Cal-student at OSU, worked w/ Dr. Hansen
John Guthrie Hewston 2     MS Fisheries and Wildlife 1955 OSU
Gregg Heyr 1      
Reid Hibbard 1      
Claire Denise Hibler 1 1964   most collections w/ Salem dist. BLM or NPSO; interests include rare plants, invasive weeds, native plant communites of W OR, esp. forests; interest in systematics of vascular plants, fungi, bryophytes, and lichens; BA Humboldt 1986; BS OSU 1990; assoc BLM
Hugh James Hickerson 2     Masters Agricultural and Resource Economics 1952 OSU
David Hickman 1      
Eugene Hickman 1     student at OSU-interested in ecology, ended up working for a gov. agency in Medford-gave a talk 2001 for NPSO, ECOLOGIST
James C. Hickman 296 1941 1996 California botanist, editor of The Jepson Manual, 1993
J.H. Hickman 1      
Blance E. Hicks 1      
Larry C. Higgins 1      
Mrs. Alex H. Hilands 1      
W. Richard Hildreth       fl. 1968.
Mahlow Hile 1      
Tom Hilken        
C. Hill        
D.D. Hill 1      
Steven Richard Hill 2 1950   Malvaceae; South and Central American studies; BS from Bates Collect, Lewiston Maine; M.A. in Biology at NYBG; PhD in Botany at Texas A&M.
W.R. Hill 1      
Laura Hill-Griffin 1      
O.A. Hills 20      
Trisha Hilt        
Mrs. George Hilton 1      
A.L. Hinckley 1      
J.L. Hindman 1      
Dale Hine        
T. Hipwell 1      
Lisa Hirsch 1      
Albert Spear Hitchcock 15 1865 1935 BSA 1884 Iowa State College; MS 1886, ScD 1920-honorary DSc 1934 from Kansas State College; prof. 1885-1901 Kansas State; bot. Assist. Missouri Bot. Gardnes 1889-1901; studied Graminae; traveled extensively.
Charles Leo Hitchcock 260 1902 1993 BS and MS Pomona College, PhD 1931 Missouri Botanic Garden/Washington Univeristy, St. Louis; faculty UofMontanta (1933-36) UofWA (1936-72); Lycium, Draba, Silene, Lathyrus, Sidalceae-"Vascular Plants of the PNW" "Illustrated Flora of the PNW"
George Parks Hitchcock 6 1914   artist, writer, actor, and grandson of Louis F. Henderson.
Randall Hitchin 1      
F.D. Hitson 1      
Leighton Chee Won Ho 1 1951 0 Bachelors General Science 1973 OSU; deceased; associated with NPSO.
Fritz Hochstaetter 2      
J.H. Hockner 1      
Kelly Hodgson 2      
F. Dale Hoecker 1      
A. Hoelboellin        
G.R. Hoerner 3     Exchanged books with OSU herbarium during era of Willeta Smith.
E. Hoerouf 1      
B. Hoffman        
Fred W. Hoffman 3      
Mary Myers Hoffman 11     Bachelors 1949 OSU
Miss Hodgdon 1      
Janet Hohn 1     PhD from UofW; worked on Lewisia; became USFW head of rare plant documentation for USFW in PNW; challenging to work with, never published her thesis; major professor was Arthur Kruckeberg.
Julette Hohuan 1      
T.H. Holberton 1      
P.N. Holcomb        
J.B. Holladay 1      
Sarah Hollars        
Vern Hollopeter 1      
T. Holloway        
T. Holm 1     likely Theodore Holm; he was a morphologist and taxonomist; published in the Torrey Botanical Club Journal
Zulette Holman 1      
Jeus Holmbae 1      
R. Holmberg 2      
Betty Holmbo 1      
Russ N. Holmes 3     assoc. w/ BLM; donated a species list for research natural areas to OSU Herbarium
Arthur H. Holmgren 9   0 deceased; prof. At Utah State University in Logan; expert on grasses; co-author of the Intermountain Flora; father of Noel Holmgren.
Doris Holmgren        
Noel Herman Holmgren 149 1937   fl. 1980, collector
Patricia K. Holmgren   1940   intermountain flora; index herbariorum; BS Indiana University; MS and PhD University of Washington; New York Botanical Garden; performed treatment of Thlaspi for "Vascular Plants of PNW"
John D. Holst        
Mrs. John D. Holst 14     Sent in a lot of plants
Vesta Holt 2     Sent in a lot of plants
Walter A. Holt 7     Bachelors Agricultural and Resource Economics 1943 OSU; Co Agent
Karl Holte       assoc. with the Herbarium, ID Museum of Natural History
C.L. Holway 6      
J.F.F. Holway 1      
Gordon Hood 6      
Elizabeth Hooley 1      
A.O. Hooton 2      
Jay O. Hoover 1      
S. Leila Hoover 6      
Bill Hopkins 1     worked in Silviculture Laboratory; mounted specimens from Ochoco Nat'l Forest
Lois Evelyn Hopkins 49 1911   graduate UofO plus 45 a number of classes some off campus-nite classes etc. including Dr. Hickman, Dr. Hopson; Dr and Pres (S. Calf.) one in N. CA; Prof. Stovall.
Roswitha Hopkins        
W.E. Hopkins 1      
Ruth E. Hopson 234     associated w/ UofO - Andrews Forest
Grant Horn 1      
M. Horne 1      
C.E. Horner 2     "Jack", Chester-still alive, ret'd member of BPP at OSU; worked for fed. Gov. in plant pathology, student at Walla Walla College-co-authored a flora of SE WA
Denise Horton 1      
Kay Horton        
Lois Horton 1      
Grady B. Houk 2     studied at OSU, no degree obtained
Jack V. Houston 1      
C.D. Howard 4      
E.J. Howard 14      
H. Stirling Howard 1      
J.R. Howard 4      
Terry Howard 1      
C.H. Howbrook 1      
D.T. Howell 1      
H.B. Howell 5      
Joseph Howell 117     brother of Thomas Jefferson Howell; stopped collecting to farm.
John Thomas Howell 175 1903 1996 California Academy of Sciences; editor of Leaflets of Western Botany; diligent collector and student of many California genera. (Howell, J. T. in Munz)
Mike Howell 1     BS UofID 1972, Ag. Ed; MS UofID 1973, Ag. Ed; currently [2003] professor.
P. Howell 1      
Ruth M. Howell 2      
Thomas Jefferson Howell 1785 1842 1912 prominent early collector in the PNW; personal herbarium consited of approximately 10,000 sheets w/ almost 300 type specimens; self taught; collected w/ brother Joseph; Howellia was named to honor both bros.; wrote first Flora of PNW.
John W. Hoyt 2      
C.A. Hubbard 1      
Mrs. D.M. Hubbard 1      
M.R. Hubbell 5      
Gary Hube 1      
A. Huber        
Will Huck 1      
C. Hudelson 9      
T.J. Hudosou        
Dan Huediman 1      
Geo. T. Huett 1      
Loren Huettl 1      
Carl Huffaker 1      
Bernal Dean Hug 21     studied at OSU, no degree obtained
W.L. Huggins 1      
Donald Elwood Hughes 4     Donald Elwood Hughes married Margaret I Rebman Clatsop Co 1947
O.G. Hughson 1      
V.K. Hugie        
Charles W. Hungerford 2      
Byran Hunter 1      
Mc Kinley Huntington 1      
C.J. Hurd 1      
H.H. Huron 3      
Manuela Huso   1957   avocational interest in botany; consulting statistician.
E.M. Hussong 6      
Jerold Hustafa 3      
P.C. Hutchinson        
David Hutchison 1      
Leo Hutson 1      
Hylten -- Cavallis [unclear] 1      
George R. Hyslop 21 1884 1943 BS Ohio State U 1907. influential in OR agriculture, especially pertaining to corn and grass seed production
Darryl Ianni 6     former OSU student
John A. Ifft 58     Masters Forest Management 1961 OSU; might be ecology student w/ Hansen
K. Ihara        
M. Ihara        
Cheryl Ann Ingersoll 1 1954   BS Enviro Studies UC Davis 1976; PhD Plant Ecology and Systematics OSU 1991; Research Assoc. OSU 1991-1997; interest in ecosystem restoration; alpine/subalpine and Great Basin Flora
Douglas Cameron Ingram 720 1882 1929 born in Scotland; 1 yr college in England, came to US 1901; 1909 took 5 mo. class Forestry UofWA; FS 1909-1917 forest ranger, 1918 promoted to Regional office as grazing examiner; last appt. assist. Chief range mgmt. PNW; photographer
J.J. Inskeep 9     sent material from Oregon City; Co. Agent
Orlin L. Ireland 1801 1895 1973 amateur botanist; special interest in plants of the central OR Cascades; wrote (with help of LeRoy Detling) "Plants of the Three Sisters Region"; ret'd dentist in Eugene; associated w/ UofO
H. Irgens-Moller 1     Helge- he was a faculty member in forestry-worked in forest genetics
F.R. Irvine 25      
Lillie Irwin 1      
Dennis Lee Isaacson 6 1942   interested in invading and aggressive exotics; retired from OR Dept. of Ag, 1998; MS Magr from OSU; also interested in bio control of weeds.
Tom Ishimoto 11     student at OSU, worked w/ Dr. Steward on a PhD Study-thesis on serpentine vegetation in CA
Arleigh G. Isley 2     Masters Rangland Resources 1969 OSU
F. Ives 1      
Mary Ivie       Mary Lou- late 1950's early 1960's went collecting w/ LaRea-attended Willamette w/ LaRea, she lives in Pendleton
James Jack 9      
E.R. Jackman 8     the Jackman foundation- College of Ag. Sciences, gave lots of money to University
Clinton C. Jacks 1 1942   staff chair OSU Extention Jefferson Co.; Superintendent Cen. OR Ag. Research Ctr.; Ed. Ext. programming in rangeland resources in cen. OR; focus on restoration of juniper dom. Rangelands; BA Sacramento St. U; BS OSU; MS in soil fertilita at OSU.
F. Jackson 1      
H.S. Jackson 125      
W.R. Jackson 1      
Sadie Jacobson 1      
Mrs. P.F. Jacquemin 1     Mrs. P.F. Jacquemin
P.F. Jacquemin 1     Mrs. P.F. Jacquemin
R. Jaegel 1      
Jeannettee James 1      
Marie Jeannette James 82      
Joseph M. Janari 1      
Lawrence Paul Janeway 5 1949   BA Botany 1983 Humboldt St. U; MS Botany 1991 Cal St. U, Chico; 1/2 time curator of Chico St. Herb. 1/2 time w/ CA Dept. of Water Resources as an "Environmental Scientist"; interest in Clarkia, Onagraceae; collected w/ Barbara Marie Castro
Dennis R. Jaques 23     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-MS 1973 OSU, Reconnaissance Botany of Alpine Ecosystems of Prince of Wales Island, SE Alaska.
John Jarvi 1      
Louis F. Javete 33 1911 1999 Bachelors Forest Management 1936 OSU
Fred Jay 2      
Ruth Jaynes 13      
D.S. Jeffers 41      
Carol Jefferson 4     former grad student in botany w/ Dr. Chilcote; studied the coastal salt marshes.
Walter Jendrzejewski 4      
Clifford Jenkins 2      
Cheri A. Jenkins 2      
C.H. Jenkins 1      
George H. Jenkins 9 1898 1990 Bachelors 1926 OSU; Co. Agent Coquille
J.C. Jenkins        
Lawrence Jenkins 4     ID material for OSU
Roy Jennings 2      
Chris Eric Nissum Jensen 1     Bachelors Crop and Soil Science 1978 OSU
Earl Jensen        
K. Jensen        
Louisa A. Jensen 4      
Ronald L. Jensen 2     Bachelors General Engineering 1958 OSU
Soon-Chun Jeong 1     Focus upon soils of Ceanothus
Judith Ann Jernstedt 1 1951   botanical interests: anatomy, morphology, development and evolution of crop plants and lower vascular plants; systematics of Liliaceae (Chlorogalum); BS 1973 Botany, MS UC Davis 1974; PhD UC Davis 1979; Professor UC Davis Agronomy and Range Science.
H.G. Jesup 3      
Stanley Gordon Jewett Jr. 47 1885   published "Birds of Oregon" in 1940
Jessie Johanson 17      
Joe Johanson        
Amy E. Johnson 1      
Andrew J. Johnson 1 1853 1903 associate of MW Gorman; first to traverse/report to USGS of timber woodland, brule, and cleared land in OR; Gorman described is early death as "a serious loss to the forestry of Oregon"; found Erythronium johnsonii; lived Astoria, OR.
Charlie Johnson 3     BLM botanist from Wallowa-Whitman NF in Wallowa/Baker Co.s
C.W. Johnson 1      
Carl Johnson 2      
Chas. Johnson 1      
E.C. Johnson 1      
Fannie Johnson 1      
F.D. Johnson 1      
George Johnson 1      
Gordon V. Johnson 1      
Grace Johnson 1      
Hadden L. Johnson 1      
John Morris Johnson 190     Masters Botany 1961 OSU, PhD Botany 1964 OSU; Dr. John Morris Johnson-prof. at Monmoth, thesis at Black Butte in Jefferson-Deschutes co-flora = Master's Thesis
L.A.S. Johnson        
Malcolm Johnson 1 1917 1991 Bachelors Agricultural Engineering 1941 OSU, Masters 1943 OSU
Mary K. Johnson 1      
Margaret Johnson       Bachelors General Science 1960 OSU
Mike Johnson 1      
Mrs. E. Johnson 1      
Ralph Johnson 2      
Victor W. Johnson 29     worked for OSC Extension Service; 1952-53; Co Agent Lakeview OR
Willard Johnson 6      
William Carroll Johnson 1   2001 lived in Klamath Falls; Bachelors Fisheries Science 1948 OSU
Walter V. Johnson 4     Bachelors General Agriculture 1953
Bill K. Johnston     0 Weldon K.
Howard T. Johnston 1     Masters 1934 OSU
Ivan Murray Johnston 2 1898   Professor of botany, Harvard; authority on the Boraginaceae. (Jtn. in Munz)
La Rea Johnston        
Weldon K. Johnston 3 1924 1992 Bachelors Animal Science 1960 OSU; Masters Animal Science 1974 OSU-husband of LaRea J. Dennis; Bill-husband to LaRea
Margaret Johson        
Russ Jolley 11 1922   BS TX A&M 1943, MS OSU 1954, PHD Chemistry OSU 1988-photographer, interest in native plants of the Columbia Gorge
Almut G. Jones 8     curator of herb. At Uof Illinois; now ret. Expert on Aster.
B.F. Jones 1      
George Neville Jones 59 1904   Professor of botany, Illinois; author of floras on the Olympic Peninsula (1936), and Illinois (1945). (Jones, G. N. in Munz)
Howard E. Jones 1     Bachelors General Agriculture 1958 OSU
L.K. Jones 2      
Marcus Eugene Jones 30 1852 1934 Utah mining consultant; assembled very extensive herbarium of Great Basin plants now at Pomona College, publ'd botanical observations in private journal, Contributions to Western Botany, that is marked by cutting criticism of most contemporaries. (Jones
S.C. Jones 1      
Wyatt W. Jones 1      
L.W. Jordan 1      
Harold Jory 2      
Shelley Josephson 1      
Patricia Joslin 1      
Earle F. Jossy 12     must have been a Co. Agent, extention agent for OSU
Fred L. Joy 2     Bachelors Forest Management 1932 OSU
Elaine Joyal 601     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-OSU MS Botany 1983, Ecology and Reproduction in Collomia macrocalyx Brand (Polemoniaceae); working w/ telecommunications projects for Jones & Stokes in Tempe, Ariz.
Glenn Patrick Juday 1     Natural Area Preserves Advisory Council chairperson during the initial implementation of the 1973 Oregon Natural Area Preserves Act; became a federal or state botanist in Alaska.
Gordon Juve 1      
Jane Juza        
Peter Kadaja 1      
James Scott Kagan 109 1951   Director/Ecologist Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center; OSU faculty; interest in native plants, endangered plants, and OR natural history; Degrees from Evergreen State College (WA), PSU, UO.
J.V. Kaherer 2      
Tim Kalbo 1      
Mrs. Kanipe 1     sent specimens to OSU for ID; affiliated with the Seed Lab
Hesh J. Kaplan 14     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-PhD 1977 OSU, worked on Brassicaceae incl. Some early molecular studies. Lived in King's Valley; moved to S. CA.
J. Kaplan 1     Might be Hesh Kaplan
Alan R. Kapuler 1 1943   Owner of "Peace Seeds" in Corvallis; practices kinship gardening; BS Biology Yale 1962; PhD molecular genetics NY Rockefeller University-does not patent his seeds
Joe Karchesy 23     OSU Faculty; researching Native Plants-possibly forestry or ext.
Yvette Marie Karchesy 3     Bachelors Biology 1990 OSU; husband also works in forest products on campus
Ervin H. Kardos 8      
E.B. Karger 1      
Keith Karoly 3 1963   Assoc. Prof in Bio Dept at Reed College (Portland, OR); research on ecology and evolution of flowering plants; current research projects include 1-floral evolution in Brassicaceae, 2-understanding the diversification of NW spp of the genus Delphinium
Rick Karshner        
R. Kass 1      
Walter Kastner Jr. 1     has been published, botanist.
A.R. Kausch 5      
Thomas Nathan Kaye 274     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-MS OSU Botany 1989, Autecology, Reproductive Ecology, and Demography of Astragalus australis var. olympicus (Fabaceae); PhD OSU Botany 1991
Helen Keady 2      
Spruce Keady 1      
Ken Kearney 1      
Fred Kebbe 1      
David Daniels Keck 17 1903 1995 Pomona Collge BA 1925, MS 1926 worked on Orthocarpus under PA Munz; PhD UCBerkeley under W.L. Jepson; part of trio w/ Jens Clausen and William Hiesey at Carnegie Inst. 1950 moved to NY, head curator at NYBG, then assistant director; worked w/ NSF
C.A. Keith 1      
Edward A. Kelham 4      
Sue Keller        
Harry Kelley 3      
Erin Kellington        
A. Kellogg 1      
A. Kelly        
Rick Kelsey 2      
Lois M. Kemp 33      
Peter Kenagy 1      
K.C. Kendenhall 1      
Mrs. Esther Kennedy 1      
P. Kenney 6      
J.A. Kennison 2      
Susan Christine Rivar Kephart 2     BA Ohio Wesleyan U 1974; PhD Indiana University 1979; Visiting assist. Prof. 2 yrs and currator MI State U; currently (2003) Willamette Univeristy prof. In bio. Research on Silene, Asclepias, Camassia-focus on plant-animal interactions; expert on M. Peck
E.S. Kerby 3      
Jay Daniel Kerby 1     College of Agricultural Sciences OSU ambassador in 1999; BS Rangland Resources 2000 OSU
Fred Kerr 1      
Harold Kerr 1      
John Kerr        
William Aaron Kessi 9 1897   WW1
J.F. Ketels 2      
E. Keyt 2      
James Kezer 9   0 deceased-several years ago; prof. Of Bio at UofO; not a botanist per se, interested in physiology of amphibians, but he worked around wetlands; might have done flora of Gold Lake Bog in Lane co.
J.R. Kienhols 1      
J.T. Kienholz 1      
Andy Kier 1     well known conservationist-headed a conservation organization in OR-has been forward spokesman for conservation well known as opponent of those who oppose cons. Legislation-timber, fisheries industries, ranchers, everybody…
Julie Reinwand Kierstead 88 1953   Rare plant conservation work in OR and CA. BS in botany from OSU, MS in biology from N. Arizona U.
Robert Kiger        
Walter Kihs 1     from Scio OR; sent material to OSU for ID
Doris K. Kildale 55     associated w/ UofO
Laura F. Kimball 1      
R.R. Kindschy 2      
Art King 1      
Ginger V. King 26     BLM botanist in Lakeview district; worked with Stephen Shelley.
Max R. King 15      
Mrs. E.E. King 1      
Sidney A. King 17     friend of Henderson who often provided transportation for Henderson in his old age; reporter on Eugene Register Guard.
Lillie Riggs Kinney 1     worked at herbarium mounting specimens
Ireta Kirkhofer 1      
Lee Ann Kirkpatrick 2      
J.E. Kirkwood 7      
Ernest J. Kirsch 19     Co. extention agent
K.J. Kirsh 1      
Bob Kivle 1      
Glenn Arthur Klein 1     served as an Extention 4-H Youth Development Agent in Jackson Co for 7 years; served for 30 yrs as an Ext. Leadership Develop. Specialist and prof. Of Ext. Ed. At OSU; BS Agricultural Education 1951 OSU
Jeanne Marie Klein 1     BS Rangeland Resources 1986 OSU
William D. Klein 1     Bachelors Fisheries Science 1941 OSU
William McKinley Klein   1933 1996 fl. 1958
Earl Kleinschmit 1      
Barbara Knapp 1      
Walter Knapp 1     Bachelors Zoology 1966 OSU
M.E. Knickerbocker 1      
Linda Knight 2      
O.W. Knight 1      
Mrs. John Knostis 1      
Yvonne M. Knouse 4     amateur botanist in Roseberg; cooperated in a preliminary flora of Douglas Co.
R.M. Knox 1     Co. Agent Gold Beach OR
Cark Knutson 1      
Donald M. Knutson 19      
Mrs. E. Knutson 1      
Jack J. Koch 1     Bachelors 1941 OSU
Shirley Kocken 5      
John Koenig 2 1944   NPSO Emarld Chapter member.
L.M. Koger 1      
Keith Lawrence Kohl 2 1961   BS Wildlife Sciences OSU 1984; Currently [2003] District Wildlife Biologist, ODFW, The Dalles, OR; Photograph native wildflowers in N. Cen. OR.
Gerald S. Kokee 1      
Susan Kolar 5     Masters Crop and Soil Science 1991 OSU
Knut Koraas        
Melody Koraas        
Bob Korfhage        
R.C. Korfhage        
Paul D. Kortage 1      
Matt Kortge 1      
Tho. Korveu 1      
Bill Kosesan 2      
Michelle Koskella 1      
Eugene N. Kozloff 1     former prof. Of zoology; has written books on nat. hist. Of PNW; also book on plants of Cen. Coastal CA; lives in Friday Harbor; int in rare OR plants.
George Kral 3      
R. Kral        
Joseph Kramer 1      
Ethel Kranick 1      
R. Kranz 16      
W.R. Krapf        
R. Krapt        
Ann Kratz 1      
Andrew Kratz 1     assoc. w/ Bio Tch Lolo Nat' Forest Missoula MT.
Mrs. Gus G. Krause 3      
G. Kreitner        
Douglas Krell       collected w/ Dr. Bert Brehm; graduated from Reed College in 1975
Randy Krichbaum        
Randy Kritchbaum        
Karen Kronner        
Fred Kropf 3      
Mr. Francis A. Krouse 1      
M. Krouse 1      
Mrs. Krouse        
Arthur R. Kruckeberg 72     professor emeritus of botany at UofWA-mentor to Robert Ornduff.
Henry Daly Kruse 4 1894   born in Douglas Co
R.C. Kuehner 26      
W.C. Kuehner 1      
R.T. Kuhlken        
George Kuhlman 1      
Lee Wallace Kuhn 1 1915 2002 professor Emeritus in Fish and Wildlife Dept. of OSU; Masters Fisheries Science 1942 OSU
John C. Kuhns 2      
K.L. Kumler 1      
Mac L. Kumler 57     Marion-PhD in Botany, TA'd for LaRea-went to Afgahnistan. Deceased
John Kusba 1      
Keli C. Kuykendall 7 1961   1991 BS in bio w/ Honors from PSU; 1998 MS OSU; now affiiliated w/ a 501© 3 non-profit research institution, Inst. For Applied Ecology; interests monocots, specifically Carex and grasses; currently working w/ Native Seed Network; promote nat. restore
H. LaCasse 1      
H.F. Lachmund        
Klaus H. Lackschewitz 2     possibly-botanist from Montana; has a sp. Of Agoseris named for him; Agoseris lackschewitzii; co-authored papers on the flora of Montana.
George Ladd 1      
Gayle Ladiser 1      
Charles LaFrance        
E.R. Lake 63     English-educated in US; BS 1885, MS 1888 Michigan Ag. College; ast. Chair of Bot Michigan Ag. College; Chair of Bot. And Hort. OSC (now OSU) 1881-1891; similar chair WA Ag. College; member of OR Legislature 1896-98; was at OSU in BPP on faculty
Olga Lakela 1     taxonomist at UofS. Florida-coauthored a flora of S. Florida, before that she was at an upper midwest University, she is known best for flora of S. Florida-check herbarium library
Mara Lambert 1      
J. Lammi 20      
Taini Lammi 74      
Art Lamons 1      
Mary Lancaster 1      
Andy Landforce 1     associated w/ OSU-still alive, lives in Corvallis-very old
Clara Lane       studied Household Science 1895-1899 OSC; took advanced botany, seminary botany, and plant physiology.
A. Lang 1      
Frank A. Lang 7     Bachelors Botany 1959 OSU; former curator at S. OR in Ashland
James P. Langdon 9 1906 1990 Bachelors 1932 OSU
Miles Langdon 1      
Mrs. J.P. Langdon 1      
W. Langhlin 1      
Dave Langland 1      
A. Laramore 1      
Elzie Larkin 1      
Andrew W. Larsen 1      
Don Larsen 3      
R.J. Larsen 1      
F.P. Larson 1      
Gary Larson 1     curator at S. Dakota St. U (?)
Raymond G. Larson 7 1895   WW1; married Irene D. Morgan 1921 Benton Co, Bachelors Crop and Soil Science OSU
Ernest J. Lathrop 1     Bachelors Animal Science 1940 OSU
Shane Latimer 3     present NPSO member, Portland Ch. Works for Enviro. Consulting firm in Portland
John D. Lattin 1     Entomology here at OSU ret'd
Heather Laub        
W.M. Laughlin 11      
T. Laurmi 1      
M.H. Lavage 1      
M.L. Laver 1      
Matt Lavin   1956   prof. In Plant Sciences and Plant Path. Dept. at Montana St. U; also curator of MSU Herbarium; PhD from UofTX, Austin in 1986; principle interests are centered on using phylogenies to understand global biogeographic and biodiversity patterns.
Denver J. Law 1      
D.B. Lawrence 1     ecologist from U of Minnisota; interested in flora of Columbia Gorge; donated land for Lawrence Memorial Grassland of Nat. Conserv. In Wasco Co.
William Evans Lawrence 1882 1883 1947 BS Earlham college Richmond, Indiana; graduate work UofChicago; taught at Michigan State, Oklahoma AandM, then associate professr of plant ecology OSC (now OSU)
W.L. Lawrence 1     William "H" Lawrence? Ecology prof. at OSU in BPP
W. Wray Lawrence 64     ext. agent
Alvin M. Leach 1     Bachelors Agricultural Education 1943 OSU, Masters Agricultural Education 1959 OSU; Lilla and John had a nephew?
B. Leach 1      
Chas M. Leach 1     Charles Leach- former faculty BPP; still lives in Corvallis
John Roy Leach 17 1882 1972 husband of Lilla Leach; pharmacist and civid leader in Portland; educated at OSC (now OSU)
Lilla R. (Irvin) Leach 2403 1886 1980 student of A.R. Sweetser UofO, prominent female collector; responsible for discovery of Kalmiopsis leachiana June 14, 1930; traveled with two burrows, Pansy and Violet; She and her husband, John, took a number of collecting trips; Leach Botanical Garden.
J.P. Leake 1      
Gene M. Lear 19     Bachelors Agricultural and Resource Economics 1938 OSU; Co. Agent Hermiston OR
Cari Leary 1      
Mrs. A.R. Leary 1      
Patrick Leary 4      
Dan Leavell 2      
Dennis Leckenby 4      
Harry N. Leckenby 1      
Fred Ledeboer 3      
Eugene Carlton Lee 21 1915 2000 Masters Pharmacy 1965 OSU, MAIS Interdisciplinary Studies 1982 OSU, MAIS Anthropology 1985 OSU; was a student in pharmacy at OSU; was involved w/ collections of possible medicinal use-grant supported project, Dr. Chambers helped with this project
J.A. Lee 2      
Oscar Lee 1      
J. Leedy 1      
Allan H. Legge 2     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-PhD 1971 OSU, The Gene-ecology of Crepis nana and Crepis elegans in Arctic and Alpine N. America
F.R. Leguiker 1      
John Bernhard Leiberg 1064 1853 1913 Botanical collector for the U.S.D.A.; personal herbarium now part of ORE herbarium-received in 1911.
Fred Leissler 1      
Clifton W. Lemons 1 1916 1996 Bachelors Fisheries Science 1940 OSU
K. Lenox 6      
Lee W. Lenz 2 1915 1993 RSA, Director Emeritus. Cytology; Irs, Broaiaea complex; botanical history.
Frank B. Lenzie 66      
Marcel LePinec        
Mark Lesko        
W.C. Leth 1      
Shirley Leuthner 5     botany student at OSU
Esther Lev        
Janet Levinson        
Clyde Lewis 1      
Floyd Lewis 1      
Frank Harlan Lewis   1919   ret'd head of UCLA botany department.
George E. Lewis Jr. 34     member of NPSO; worked in Columbia Gorge Area-likely still member of NPSO
Helen C. Lewis 2      
K. Lewis        
L. Lewis        
Ralph R. Lewis 1      
Vern Lewis 1      
Vollie Lewis 1      
Nels Lien 1      
Jim Lieuallen 1     Bachelors Agricultural Engineering 1963 OSU
Alan Lievens        
Brian Lightcap 2     may have worked in Portland - gov. agency (?)
Willard Lightly 1      
Conrad Lillenas 1      
S. Lillico 18     student w/ Stanton Cook at UofO, collected w/ her husband David ?, in SW OR. Collected serpentine endemics-interest in Paeonia; Dave White's wife, Sandy Lillico-Dave White finished his doctorate w/ Stanton Cook on serpentine flora SW OR
John Lincoln 1      
G. Lind        
Arden Lindberg 6      
John Lindberg 1      
Rob Lindsey 2      
Caroline Kay Lindstedt 5     Bachelors Botany 1986 OSU
J. Linebaugh 18      
M.A.F.(T) Linn 2      
Harold LeRoy Lint 7 1917 1996 Ranger-Naturalist, Lassen Volcanic National Park;Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-PhD 1977 OSU, A Chemosystematic Study of the Phylogenetic Poslition of Arabidopsis thaliana.
Harry Lisson 1      
Aaron Irving Liston 24 1959    
Sara Liston   1954    
Bob Llewellyn 2     works for OR Coast Herb. in Newport.
J.E. Lloyd 1      
Tom LoCascio 2     caretaker at the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene
F.E. Locke 1      
Seth B. Locke 7 1906 1989 bachelors Botany 1933 OSU
Helen S. Lockren 2      
E. Lofgren        
Gertrude Lofgren 15      
Larry Loftis 8     assoc. w/ Prospect Ranger District Rough River Nat'l Forest
T. Lommasson 3      
C.C. Long 5      
Ethel Looff 1      
W.J. Looney 2      
Charles Lord 2      
Art Lorenzen 1      
L.B. Loring 1      
Pere Louis-Marie 2      
J. Love        
Rhoda M. Love 15 1932    
Pat Loveland 1      
May Loveless 129      
Cheryl Lowe 1      
Elmer Lowell 2      
Marion Lowery 1      
T.K. Lowrey        
Porter Prescott Lowry II 67 1956   interests in systematics of Araliaceae (taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeographhy, morphology, breeding systems, anatomy, palynology); flora of Madagascar and New Caledonia; BS MS UofIL Bot; PhD Wash U in Missouri 1986; [2003] head of africa dept. of MissBotGar
Samuel Church Lowry   1958   currently [2003] working as a newspaper journalist for the Glendale Sentinel in Klickitat County, Washington; brother of P.P. Lowry
F.E. Lucas 1      
T.F. Lucy 1      
Walter Lund 71      
Jay Gerald Lunn 1 1935   gardener, photographer, and retired USDA Forest Service employee; self-described native plant enthusiast. BA in Business Management from Michigan State University.
Dan Luoma 2     NPSO; donated MS Thesis to OSU Herbarium
Eldon Wood Lyle 7   1998 Bachelors 1930 OSU
Ed Lynch 1      
Amos Lynn 1      
Danna J. Lytjen 16 1947   Botanical Interests: Taxonomy of willows and sedges; Plant ecology, riparian ecology, particularly in E. OR; BS Botany OSU; MS Fisheries OSU; member of Carex Working Group.
D.T. MacDougal        
N.P. Macduff 2      
C.L. Mace 1      
D. Macfarlane 1      
Ruth B. (Alford) MacFarlane 1     petite little woman from Michigan- ret here, but then went back to Michigan
Mrs. Francis Mack 1      
Faith Pennebaker Mackaness 9 1913 2001 studied art at Sophie Newcomb Women's College at Tulane U; studied antho, bot, bio, ento, zoo-logies UofTX; attended grad school at Tulane in late 30s; very important in preserving the Lilla Leach gardens; educated public about plants.
K.T. MacKay        
Elaine MacKenzie 1      
Kenneth K. MacKenzie 7     world authority on Carex-published several books and illustrations on Carex spp.
Robert MacLauchlan 1      
H. MacPherson 1      
Rovert Madole 1      
Teresa Kay Magee       Bachelors Botany 1977 OSU, Masters Botany 1985 OSU
W. Magness 1      
Noah Magnusson 5      
Bassett Maguire 17 1904 1990 associate of C.L. Hitchcock; Silene; PhD Cornell 1938; worked at Utah St. U 1931-43 where he began developing the Intermountain Herbarium; associated w/ NYBG 1943-1978, continued working until 1990, collected extensively in Guatamla and Venezuela.
Celia Maguire       wife of Bassett Maguire-accompanied him on many collecting trips.
Dieter Hans Mahlein 3     Bachelors Wildlife Science 1985 OSU
Linda Mahoney 1      
John William Mairs 2     PhD Geography 1977 OSU; student at OSU in botany or forestry-thesis on E OR vegetation-Steens Mtn.-should have his thesis at OSU, check upstairs
Sarah M. Malaby 3 1960   MS Plant Science University of Michigan 1988; Fremont-Winema National Forests Botanist since 1990; may be NPSO member
Dwight Mallery 1      
T.D. Mallery 1      
Mario Salvatore Mamone 1     Bachelors Rangeland Resources 1979
E. Manley 1      
Mrs. G. Manning 1      
Donald H. Mansfield 86 1951   professor of biology and curator of the Harold M. Tucker Herbarium at Albertson College, Caldwell, ID. Collected in SE OR and SW ID primarily; wrote the Flora of Steens Mountain; currently (2003) working on a Flora of the Owyhee Uplift.
H. Robert Mansfield 3   0 plant collector and photographer; mostly S. OR; collection of photos donated to OSU herb. Now deceased-broad interest in rare plants.
A.L. Marble 2     Co Agent Hood River OR
J. March 1      
V.L. March 1      
Goldie Marcott 1      
Frank A. Markart 1      
S. Markow 6      
J.E. Marks 1      
L.D. Marks 1      
L.J. Marks 7      
Ana M. Marquez 2      
Tom Marr 1      
Robin Marrs 1      
Dick Marsh 1      
J.W. Marsh 1      
Mrs. Dr. Marsh 1      
Robert K. Marsh 3      
David B. Marshall 4     Bachelors Fisheries Science 1950 OSU, Helen Gilkey a tremendous influence on me, and was no doubt responsible for my donating the specimens. I majored in what was then called Fish and Game Management (now Fisheries and Wildlife).
W.F. Marshall 1     Co Agent
Vernon Marttala 1     former student at NYBG; lives in Portland (?)
Donald J. Martel 3     Don - worked in landscaping here at OSU
Joe Martensen 1      
J.S. Martin 1      
Lucille Martin        
O.W. Martin 1      
Vernon Marttala 16     collected w/ Dr. Bert Brehm; graduated from Reed College in 1974; authority on Romanzoffia, lives in Portland; leads field trips, gives slide shows to NPSO; has annotated numerous rare plant sheets at OSU.
Chris Maser 59     might have been a faculty member at OSU in forestry; has written books on forest conservation and collected extensively in SE OR.
Rita Maser 1     related to Chris Maser?
Georgia S. Mason 2505 1910   MS OSU 1960; worked at OSU on plants of Wallowa Mnts; published "Guide to the Plants of the Wallowa Mnts. Of NE OR"; acted as UofO curator from 1969-1976; curator at UofO; expert on the Wallowas-still living; former curator at UofO
Herbert Louis Mason 2 1896   Professor of botany, California; Polemoniaceae and fossil floras of California; fl. 1926, former director of the University Herbarium
Susan Catherine Massey       Bachelors Botany 1989 OSU; owns a plant nursery just Corvallis side of Albany
John W. Massie 3     Likely co. extention agent ?
Marjorie Masters 6      
Norman D. Masterson 1     Bachelors Fisheries Science 1950 OSU, Masters Liberal Arts Secondary Education 1959
Joy Mastrogiuseppe 1     former curator at WSU; interested in Allium etc.
Ron Mastrogiuseppe 2     was a park naturalist at Crater Lake Nat'l Park; formerly associated with WSU; wife was curator at WSU-Joy Mastrogiuseppe.
Mildred Esther Mathias 1 1907 1995 Professor of botany, UCLA; Umbelliferae. (Math. In Munz); later name: Hassler; PhD 1929 Washington U, St. Louis; researched at Missouri and NYBG; went to UCLA 1947, professor from 1962-74; traveled extensively.
Sumon Mathuson        
Keith R. Matson 6      
Drew Matthews 2      
Grace Condit Matthews 1      
Oliver V. Matthews 145 1892 1979 dendrologist from Salem, OR; located Pinus sabiniana douglas in Jackson Co. 1945; found Quercus morehus Josephine Co. 1945; graduate of Willamette U; active in promoting preservation of certain forested areas incl. "Miller Park Area";
Olivia V. Mattius 1      
James E. Mattox 3      
Helen Maw 2      
Cathy Lee Maxwell 7 1951   BS Botany University of WA 1975; affiliated with WNPS.
Darrell C. Maxwell 1     Bachelors Soil Sciences 1952 OSU
Miss Mayne 1      
E. Maze        
Jack Maze 3     masters student of C.L. Hitchcock, associated w/ University of British Columbia; botanist at UofBC; worked on Poaceae.
R.H. McAdam 1      
James J. McAlister 3      
Sue McAlister        
Mrs. McArthur 1      
Dale McBride 1     Emerald Ch. NPSO; primarily Lane Co. Collector; active in ch.
Cheryl McCaffrey 10     worked for BLM in Burns, transferred to Portland and now ?
Mrs. H. McCain 1      
W.L. McCaleb 3      
Michael McCarthy 1      
Tania McChesney 1      
Scott McClarin 1      
D.C. McClure 1      
Burt R. McConnell 1     BS Wildlife Science 1952 OSU
Celia McCorkle 1      
D.V. McCorkle 2     LaRea Johnston-DAVE
E. McCorkle 1      
Jesse McCulloch 1      
W.F. McCulloch 3      
Bruce Pettit McCune 1 1952   Lichenology, bryology, and plant ecology;1982, Ph.D., Plant Ecology,

University of Wisconsin, Madison 1979, M.A., Botany, University of Montana,

Missoula 1974, B.A., Botany/Biology, University of Montana, Missoula

currently Professor, OSU.
        University of Wisconsin, Madison 1979, M.A., Botany, University of Montana,
        Missoula 1974, B.A., Botany/Biology, University of Montana, Missoula
        currently Professor, OSU.
Gene Thomas McCurley 2     Bachelors Animal Science 1951 OSU
Dave McCutcheon 2      
Garry D. McCutcheon 1     Harry D. McCutcheon ?
Harry D. McCutcheon 25     Garry D. McCutcheon ?
Anna McDenman 2      
C. H. McDonald 1      
W.T. McDonald 3      
Johnathan McDougald 1     may have been Marcella's brother
Joan S. McDougal(d) 1     Willetta Smith's daughter-mother of the other McDougalds
Marcella McDougald 1     granddaughter of lady who used to mount plants for the OSU herbarium-her grandmother may have brought in collections
Richard L. McDougald 2     Willetta Smith's grandson
Wendell McDougald 1      
Betty McDougall        
Esther Gruber McEvoy 1     Husband is Peter McEvoy-she lives in Corvallis, has own NP nursery
Sally Schlegel McFarland 20     Bachelors General Home Economics 1953 OSU; Sandy McFarland ?
Sandy McFarland 1     Sally McFarland ?
D.J. McGillivray 1      
Larry McGraw 1      
W.S. McGuire 1      
R. McHugh 4      
Mike McInnis 6      
C. David McIntire 1     former prof. Botany OSU; diatom expert; aquatic botany; research at Crater Lake; expert photographer; photos in botany office.
M.P. McKay 1      
John W. McKean 1 1914 1995 Bachelors Fisheries Science 1938 OSU
Art McKee 1     Is in USFS; was director of experimental forest at Blue River- H.J. Andrews Forest in Lane Co.; Early research on Old Growth-worked w/ Jerry Franklin-likely ret'd several years ago; may live in Corvallis
C. McKell 26     He took Botany coures at OSU from Al Steward-Cy McKell
Raymond M. McKeown 6     Co. Agent Condon
Brie-Anne McKernan 1      
Mrs. Henry McKinney 1      
H.B. McKnight 5      
L.C. McLain 2      
John M. McLaren 1      
W.T. McLaughlin 1      
Mrs. Joe McLauglin 1      
Edith Rutenic McLeod 4      
Kimberly A. McMahan 1     BS Botany 1992 OSU; former student at LCC; working on the Willamette Nat'l Forest.
Orlaith McManus 2      
Fred McMillen 19      
F.F. McMullen        
Floyd Wesley McMullen   1907 1989  
Dale W. McNeal 78 1939   professor emeritus Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of the Pacific; was curator at herb. In Pacific University in Stockton CA
V.E. McNeilus 1      
Ray McNutan 1      
Hector McPherson Sr. 2      
L. McPherson 2      
R.K. McQueen 2      
Don McRae 1      
H.C. McRae 1      
Bob McReynolds 1      
W.E. Meacham 1      
Grant Mead 1      
Mrs. Bert Meeks 1      
Margaret H. Meierhenry 3 1938   returned to college at age 50 with interest in plants; botany degree from SOSC (now SOU); worked for USFS two summers on Prospect Ranger District in Rogue River National Forest. 1991-2003 volunteer coordinator Shady Cove/Trail Wildflower Assn. show
W. Meiners 10      
Robert James Meinke 42     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-PhD 1992, Systematic and Reproductive Studies of Mimulus (Scrophulariaceae) in the Pacific NW; Implications for Conservation Biology; Bob Meinke - in dept. works w/ ODA
John Mellott 1     student of LaRea-PhD in Entomology-worked for state dept of agriculture-may be still there or recently ret'd
Wayne P. Melott 1      
Don Menafee 1      
Elizabeth Mendenhall 8     Mrs. Ward Mendenhall?
Mrs. Ward Mendenhall 9     Elizabeth Mendenhall?
W.C. Mendenhall 1      
Donald Menefee 42      
Edmund A. Meola 76      
Cherrie Merkle       was a Merkle (man) friend of Helen Gilkey-possibly a relative, maybe?
John Merkle 158     contributed many specimens collected from the Three Sisters Wilderness Area during project from 1957-59- associated w/ Flint Communicty College in Michigan.
Kathy Merrifield 7     currently in dept. works out of plant clinic for Russ Ingam
M.L. Merritt 1      
Ross Mersereau 27      
Lewis Merz 1      
Mrs. Lewis A. Merz 2      
Mary Merzenich        
Douglas A. Messenger 1     Bachelors General Agriculture 1950 OSU
Olivia Messinger        
Wes Messinger 2     MS OSU Botany 1994
O.B. Metcalfe 1      
Diane N. Meyer 1 1943   collected for SOU herbarium (worked there w/ Frank Lang early 1970's while getting MA in Enviro Studies 1971 or 72); still getting around the Klamath Mtns and S OR Cascades, taking photos, educating people about plants; esp N. CA-Scott Mtns, Kangaroo L.
Frederick G. Meyer 1 1917   fl. 1947 = Frederick G. Meyer, Bachelors Crop and Soil Science 1947 OSU, Masters Crop and Soil Science 1950 OSU
Martin Meyer 3      
A.V. Meyers 13      
John Meyers 1      
Lee Michalson        
J.D. Mickle 1      
J.L. Mielke 3      
Peter G. Mika 83     involved in studies at Finley NWR (possibly); here at OSU; wrote on native prairies
O.E. Mikesell 20     co. extention agent for OSU; Co. Club Agent Albany
Gene M. Milbrath 3     Bachelors Botany 1963 OSU; Son of former prof. Of Botany at OSU; works for dept. of agriculture in Salem.
John Milbrath 1     prof. of botany at OSU, specialist in plant pathology.
Gordon Mill 1      
H.C. Millard 1      
Amy E. Miller 1     BS Botany 1993 OSU
Archie J. Miller 2      
Bonita Miller 21      
Dorris Miller 1      
George R. Miller 3      
Janice Miller        
James Gordon Miller 65 1916 2003 BS Botany 1993
John M. Miller 15 1951   principal botanist/wetland ecologist; Claytonia; Western US, Alaska, Canada, Guatemala, Fiji, and Mexico; Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-MS 1975 Polymorphic, Sympatric Flavonoid Variants of Claytonia perfoliata Donn; PhD OSU 1978-work w/ Claytonia
Karie Ann Miller 1     BS Business Administration 1998 OSU
Tim Milliken 1      
Arthur Mills 1      
Joe Milton 1      
Dixie B. Mellora Miner 1      
Louis V. Mingrone 1     Prof. Of Botany, Bloomsberg State Teachers College, PA
J. Mires 1      
Greg Mitchell        
Rod Mitchell 135      
R.G. Mitchell 11      
S. Mitchell 1      
Grant E. Mitsch 1      
Joe Mitton 1      
Joy Moffet 1      
William H. Moir 7     Bill-staff member in forestry at OSU
Aaron Moiso 1      
Andrew Ralph Moldenke 12 1944   BA Wesleyan University 1966; PhD Biol Sci Stanford 1971; pollination ecolgy, soil invertebrates and nutrient cycling; taxonomy of Coleoptera; behavioral evolution of bees; biological diversity oand food-web structure.
Alison F. Moldenke 2     co-collector with Andrew Moldenke; Research Associate in former entomology dept.
Harold Norman Moldenke 2 1909 1996 New York Botanical Garden; Verbenaceae; BS Susquehanna U 1929; MA and PhD taxonomy from Columbia U 1934; assoc. w/ NYBG 1932-1949; founded journal, Phytologia 1933-1989; pursued conservation and science education from 1952 onward
Elwood Wendell Molseed   1938 1967  
L.W. Moody 1      
Mandy Mooers       lives in Stayton; at time of collection was an intern at the Institute for Applied Ecology-collected w/ B.L. Wilson
Guy Moore 1      
Harriet L. Moore 1     was an archivist for OSU
Jeanne Marie Moore   1925   amateur botanist; focus Douglas Co.; Chairperson Limpy Rock Bot. Area Research Committee 1974-76; est. Herbarium and orig. collector Lake Clark Nat'l Park, AK 1982-86.
Marilyn Moore 1      
Mrs. Moore 1      
Robert E. Moore 4      
George H. Moose 6      
Christina Alicia Morales       BA Political Science 1998 OSU
Paul Richard Moran 1     Bachelors Physics 1988 OSU
Reid Venable Moran 2 1916    
Estella Morgan 2      
Grace Morgan 1      
P.S. Morgan 1      
R.M. Morrill 1      
Edward Lyman Morris   1870 1913 BS(A?) Amherst College 1891; one yr. Grad school Harvard; MA Amherst 1895; acted as curator at Museum of Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences 1906-death; interest in Plantaginaceae
G.R. Morrison 1      
Larry Morrison 1     former OSU student
Laura Ann Morrison       Masters Crop and Soil Science 1986 OSU; Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-PhD 1994 OSU, Reevaluation of Systematic Relationsihps in Triticum L. and Aegilops L. Based on Compartive Morphological and Anatomical Investigations of Dispersal Mechanisms.
John S. Morse 15     Masters Wildlife Science 1941 OSU, Studied Fisheries Science also-no degree
Roger W. Morse 1      
Ted Morse 1      
W.A. Morse 1      
Conrad Vernon Morton 2 1905 1972 Curator, U.S. National Herbarium. (Mort. in Munz)
Bill Moser 1      
Mrs. W. J. Moshefsky 1      
Wayne D. Mosher 2     Bachelors General Agriculture 1948 OSU
Katherine Mosier 1      
B. Mosley        
M. Mottice        
A.G. Moulds        
Lacey Mowrer 1      
Elizabeth Mueller        
Clarence V. Muhlick 1     partner of C.L. Hitchcock; made many trips, mostly to Montana/ ID where the two men collected mass quantities of native PNW plants; collected w/ CL Hitchcock; out of Seattle UofW
L.A. Mullen        
David Muller 2      
G.A. Mulligan 1      
Beth Mullin 1      
Barbara Mumblo 3     a USFS botanist probably on the Rogue or Siskiyou Nat'l Forest; presently active
Mike Mundell 1      
Lynne Munro 1      
H.F. Munroe 1      
Mary M. Munsterman 2      
Philip Alexander Munz 41 1892 1974 Professor of botany, Pomona, later director, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden; author of Manual of southern California Botany (1935); Onagraceae
Toshio Murashije        
Edith V.A. Murphey 75     local Corvallis Resident-friend of Helen Gilkey's; very interested in wild flowers-donated many specimens
Bessie Fleischman Murphy 11     was a local botanical collector-friend of Helen Gilkey
D.G. Murphy 2      
Michael Peter Murray 1 1966   interests; subalpine vegetation, disturbance ecology; Terrestrial Ecologist at Crater Lake NP.
Norman L. Murray 1     Bachelors Animal Science 1960 OSU
J.T. Murrell        
O.H. Muth 4      
Doty Myers        
John Myers 1      
Ron Naab 3      
Jan Nachlinger        
E. Nafziger 4      
Alice Nagel 1      
Eric Nance 1      
Nancy A. Napp 12      
Horace D. Neely 1      
James Neeman 4      
Jar. Neeman 1      
J.H. Neff 1     from Florence OR; sent material to OSU for ID
Theodore F. Neihaus 1      
J.C. Nelo 1      
Aven Nelson 39 1859 1952 Norwegian immigrant; prof. At UofWY; self-taught botanist; worked mainly on Rocky Mnt. Flora; co-authored "New Manual of Bot. Of the Rocky Mnt. Region" w/ John Merle Coulter; was Pres. Of UofWY; President of BSA; attended Bot. Congresses twice in Europe.
A.P. Nelson        
Bill Nelson 1      
E.M. Nelson 47      
F.W. Nelson 1      
George A. Nelson 5     Co. Agent St. Helens OR
Jane Nelson        
James Carlton Nelson 449 1867 1944 BS 1890, MS 1893 Hanover College, Indiana-taught at Carthage College, Missouri 1891-93; assoc. w/ Salem High School, OR 1914-44; 7 languages, self-taught botanist-Sidalceae nelsoniana (names for him), authored Glyceria occidentalis: Peck's friend
J.S. Nelson        
Mark Elmer Nelson 14     Bachelors Botany 1983 OSU, Masters Botany 1988 OSU; got a MS under Mary Powelson, LaRea had him as a student-nice kid
Mrs. C.E. Nelson 1      
Thomas W. Nelson 2     associated w/ Humboldt State University Herbarium in Arcata, Dept. of Biology; helped prepare an annotated checklist of the flora of Del Norte from the 200
John F. Neu 2      
Mrs. Ed. Neuens 2      
Robert Neuhauser        
R.D. Nevius 1      
C.S. Newcomb        
Gene B. Newcomb 1     herbarium assistant; former faculty in botany at OSU; worked in plant clinic; id'd nematodes, etc. PhD UC Berkely; worked on Pines
Hugh Ross Newcomb 38     associated with Upper Deshutes River Watershed; Oregon State Game Commission in 1940
Ruth V. Newcomer 1      
Ben A. Newell 4     Bachelors Animal Science 1941 OSU
W.S. Newhall 1      
Bruce Neil Newhouse 49 1955   BS Enviromental Science 1977; cofounder of Salix Associates with Dick Brainerd and Peter Zika; NPSO board; Native Gardening Awareness Committee; coordinated Invasive Ornamentals List; Pres. Of NPSO, founding member of Carex Working Group.
T. Newman        
Naoma Black Neyerlin 22     Bachelors Home Economics 1941 OSU; collected in SW OR
W.G. Nibler 5     from Salem OR sent material to OSU for ID
Jack Nicholls 9     worked for McMinneville Water and Light dept.
Mrs. Della Nichols 1      
R. Nichols 1      
Vernon M. Nichols 1      
Daniel L. Nickrent 2 1956   SIU Carbondale BS 1977; worked on Dryopteriis following BS; received MS from ODU; PhD 1984 Miami U, OH-studied systematic relationships in Arceuthobium using isozymes; now [2003] prof Plant Moleculuar Systematics and Evolution at SIU; coll mistletoe in NM
H. Nielsen 10      
M.W. Nielson 31      
Vern Nielson 1      
C.O. Nills 1      
Pete Nissila 12      
H.R. Nixon 1      
Mrs. H.R. Nixon 1      
Larry Noe 1      
Herald S. Nokes 9      
F.K. Noordhoff 1      
C.A. Noren 3      
Ed Norman 1      
Mrs. A. Norman 2      
Mr. J.R. Norton 1      
Margaret Ann Norton 1     Bachelors Botany 1977 OSU, Bachelors Horticulture 1988 OSU
R.S. Norton 2      
Vera A. Norton 1      
Th. Nover 1      
Susan Nugent 4      
Clarice Nye 3      
R. Dean Nyquist 1      
Bob Oakden 1      
J.B. Oaks 1      
Robert Obermire 3     former teacher in botany dept. at OSU; lives in Corvallis; worked for OR dept. of Ag. After OSU.
R.F. Obermire       Robert Francis Obermire-was on faculty at OSU in the 1960's until ~ 1980's
Tom E. O'Dell 11     Student of Jim Trappe, Mycology.
J. O'Donnell 1      
J.M. O'Dowd        
Louis Milton Oester 9     Bachelors Agricultural Education 1949, Masters 1952, PhD 1972, All degrees obtained from OSU
H.W. Offins 1      
J.M. Ogden 1      
Loris Calmer Oglesby 34     Bachelors Vocational Education 1932 OSU, Masters Vocational Education 1933 OSU
Larry Calmer Oglesby 3     Bachelors Botany 1958 OSU
David O'Hollaren 2      
C.E. Olcott 1      
Richard R. Old 3 1953   interest in newly introduced weed species. Have been weed id specialist for WA state U since 1976 and own XID Services Inc., a software company devoted to comp. aided plant id.
Bob O'leary 1      
Jim Oliphant        
Kim Oliphant        
A.W. Oliver 1      
Tony Olliff 1      
Cara Rose Ollivant 1      
Cora Ollivent 1      
Richard G. Olmstead 74     Director of Herb. At UofW; monographed Scutellaria; present research on DNA; Asteridae
B. Olsen        
Mrs. Addis G. Olsen 1      
Bjorn Olson 4      
Bill Olson        
O.R. O'Neal 34      
Ray O'Neal 1      
R.M. Onehawk 1      
Edward J. O'Neill 2     fl. 1964. affiliated with U.S. Fish & Wildlife in 1964
Karl W. Onthank 3 1890 1967 Karl William Onthank was born in 1890 in Vineland, New Jersey.


1967. He married Ruth McLaren in 1916.
        1967. He married Ruth McLaren in 1916.
Mrs. Karl W. Onthank 12     Onthank is known in Eugene OR; may have been an early UofO person
Charles Russell Orcutt 1 1864 1929 San Diego collector.
Emilio Ordonez   1899    
Patricia C. Ormsbee 1      
Robert Ornduff 28 1932 2000 BA Reed College 1953; Fulbright Scholar-spent next New Zealand; MS UofWA 1956; PhD UCBerkeley 1961; mostly at UCBerkely as faculty; directed UCBerkeley's Botanical Garden 1973-91.
James A. O'Rourke 1      
Lester W. Orton 2      
John Osborn        
P.R. Oshanic 1      
W. Oshanick 1      
W. Oshawi 1      
J.C. Othus 1      
Chey E. Otis 1     From Linn Co. Farm Cr. Sent material to OSU for ID
Hollis Ottaway 6      
Nick John Otting 41 1951   Botanical Interests: the flora of E OR particularly wetland vegetation and genus Cares; BS Botany OSU; MS Fisteries OSU; RA OSU Herbarium; member of Carex Working Group.
L.E. Ottinger 1     Ottingers were amatuer botanists-husband and wife team.
Daisy R. Overlander 300     was a student of Helen Gilkey's possibly an herbarium assistant-spent summers as a forest lookout in S OR, collected a lot of interesting plants, but labels are inadequate
Lynne Overly 2      
C.E. Owens 28     Dr. in Botany; sent material to OSU herbarium for ID
Harold E. Owens 3      
Francis Marion Ownbey 1 1910 1974 Professor of botany, State College of Washington; Calochortus, Allium.
Gerald Bruce Ownbey 3 1916   Brother of Marion Ownbey, professor of botany, Minnesota; Cirsium, Argemone. (Ownbey, G. in Munz)
Ruth Ownbey (Ownby?)        
Patricia L. Packard 135     former OSU student; ret'd as curator from College of ID in Caldwell; worked at herbarium mounting specimens
H.O. Paddock 1      
Mary Paetzel 20     conservationist who brought the issue of dying pelicans to the forefront during the 1992 drought when Clear Lake was drained for irrigation; worked out of NV
Mrs. Roger H. Paine 1      
Maret Silvia Pajutee 1     District Ecologist for Sisters Ranger District-collected with KA Cooper, Bachelors Zoology 1977 OSU, Masters Entomology 1980 OSU
Edward Palmer 2 1831 1911  
Marc A. Palmer 1   0 Bachelors Forest Management 1939 OSU
DeForest Palmiter 2      
Loraine Pape 1      
A.E. Papeno 1      
Paul Paquin 1     OSU Fisheries-worked at Finley Refuge, went to federal agency-Corp. of Engineers
Bruce D. Parfitt 1      
F.W. Parish        
Samuel Bonsall Parish 11 1838 1928 Pioneer botanist of San Bernardino who made known much of the southern California flora; no formal botany ed.; BA 1858 NYU, NYC; served in the union army during Civil War; moved west-became friends w/ Dr. C.C. Parry; published number of articles.
W.F. Parish 1      
Alice Parker 5     amateur botanist in Douglas Co. lived in Roseberg, husband is Fred Parker
Charles S. Parker 2   0 Parker Stadium (possibly?)-deceased
Ed Parker 1      
E.K. Parker 1      
Eugene L. Parker 12     brought in tree specimens for identification
Erle H. Parker 1     Bachelors General Agriculture 1946 OSU
Fred Parker 10     Husband of Alice Parker
James Roland Parker 17     from Roseburg; sent material for ID
M.C. Parker 2      
W.B. Parker 9      
T.M. Parkley        
Harold E. Parks 4      
Susan T. Parks       fl. 1933
Charles C. Parsell 215     ext. agent; Dist. Graz. Prineville
C.C. Parsnell 1      
Lyle Parsons 1      
Heather Michelle Partipilo 1     BS Botany 1999 OSU, MS Botany and Plant Pathology 2002 OSU
H.B. Passey        
Ray O. Paterson 1      
L. Patrick 1      
J.R. Patterson 88      
Kermit Patterson        
Rollo Patterson 9     student of Henderson; authored a Flora of Bohemia Mt. in southern Lane Co. near Douglas Co.
Frank Alexander Patty 14 1900   World War 1 defence; Bachelors 1925 OSU
Warren Hendrie Pavlat 1 1919   lifetime interstin land management; starting on a wheat and cattle ranch in W. Nebraska; BS in Vocational Agriculture from U Nebr; BS in forestry range mngt. From U of Mont. Taugt in high school; ast. st. sup. in voc. Ag. and spent 32 years in US forest
Edwin Blake Payson 4 1893 1927 Professor of botany, Wyoming; Cruciferae, Cryptantha. (Pays. In Munz); professor at UofWY in Laramie; friend of Aven Nelson.
Lois Payson        
Chester Peak 1     Chet-was a member of OSU BPP dept. Plant Pathologist
Bert H. Peck 4      
E.D. Peck 1      
George D. Peck 3      
H.S. Peck 1      
Morton Eaton Peck 12286 1871 1959 Cornell BS 1895, MS 1940, PhD 1940 Science; Willamette PhD 1955 Literature; collected birds/mammals/plants; taught at Iowa Wesleyan College then Willamette U in Oregon; wrote "Manual of the Higher Plants of OR"; WILLU Herbarium was his personal herbarium
Mrs. Morton Eaton Peck 2     Peck Herbarium
W.C. Peck 1      
Skojt Pedersen 1      
G.H. Peil 1      
Pat Pembrook       was a student at OSU-was in LaRea Dennis's class
Richard H. Pence 1      
Kathy Pendergrass        
Ray A. Pendleton 68     from City Farm; sent material for id
R. Pengelly 6      
Ross Penhallegon 1     ext. agent- Lane Co.
Francis Whittier Pennell 12 1886 1952 Curator of botany, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; authority on Scrophulariaceae. (Penn. in Munz)
George Lewis Penrose 2     Bachelors Animal Science 1938 OSU
Elinor Pereez 1      
George H. Perkins 1      
Walter Ethen Perkins 1 1950   fields of interest; restoration ecology, rare species recovery, agrostology, pollination/dispersal, systematics. U of BC, U of Oklahoma, directed Malheur Field Station; assistant curator Oregon Univeristy Herbarium.
Alan Perlman 2      
Frank Perlman 1      
Arthur C. Perrin 1      
Rhoda Persons 1      
Adelaide Peter 1      
Amy Peters 1     MS Rangeland Resources 1994 OSU; ext. agent w/ OSU current-Coos Co.
Don Peters 14      
Arthur Petersen 12      
Ray E. Petersen 1      
Ray O. Petersen 1      
Arthur Peterson 2      
Ernest Peterson 1      
J.L. Peterson 6      
Kermit Peterson        
Alice M. Phillips 1      
B. Phillips        
Dennis J. Phillips 6     Bachelors Art Education 1969 OSU
Sarah Phillips 1      
W.E. Philpott        
Grace S. Phinney 3     was wife of Harry Phinney who was on BPP staff - check in dept. files
Harry Kenyon Phinney 2 1918 1990 BS Cincinnati U 1941; MA Albion Collge, Michigan 1943; PhD Northwestern U 1945; postdoc Yale 1945-46; associate curator of cryptogams at Fild Museum in Chicago 1946-47; prof at OSU until 1983; interest in paleobotany and aquatic biology.
T. Dean Phinney 2      
A.D. Pickett 1      
John M. Pierovich 46     Bachelors Forest Management 1954 OSU; Likely student-check thesis files upstairs-ecology type
Merle Pierpoint        
Clara C. Pierson 1      
Rua Pierson        
Lawrence H. Pike 53 1943   donated personal collection of specimens and books to ore in 1978-79-specimens were predominantly lichens.
R. Pillsbury 1      
W.D. Pine 1      
M. Piniec        
Charles Vancouver Piper 21 1867 1926 coauthored w/ Beattie "Flora of the Northwest Coast"
Joseph Chris Pires   1967   interest in chromosomal evolution, polyploidy, lineages of petaloid monocots; Brodiaea alliance collections; working on Flora of North America project; PhD w/ Dr. Ken Systesma U. of Wisconsin; Madison.
W. Pitney 1      
Sherry Kay Pittam   1946   BS Science Ed 1987 OSU; specialist in lichens; primarily collected cryptogams in OR, WV, AL, NC, VI, Maryland, WA; MS in Ecology and Systematics (Lichens) OSU; Senior Faculty Research assistant OSU assigned to NW Alliance for Computational Sci. and Eng.
Helen Planeto 2     amateur botanist from Curry Co. friend of Veva Stansell of Gold Beach; collected together.
J.L. Platt        
Melissa Anne Platt 3     Bachelors Wildlife Science 1986 OSU
Milt Plocher        
C. Roland Pocker 1      
A. Podobnik       Type
R. Poff        
Tom Pogson 5      
C.P. Polachek 1      
Mrs. C.P. Polachek 1      
Jeanne Ponzetti 1     former OSU student
Arthur P. Poole 4     Bachelors Crop and Soil Science 1969 OSU, Masters Agricultural and Resource Economics 1971 OSU; co. agent. (Art)
Alex Pope 1      
Marni Porath 1      
Cedric Lambert Porter 1 1905   Professor of botany, Wyoming. (Porter, C. L. in Munz)
R.M. Porter 10      
G.B. Posey 1      
V. Post 2      
Sandra Potampa        
C.E. Poulton 14     Chuck-well known professor in ecology at OSU, likely in Ag dept.
Bob Poune 2      
Carolyn Powell 1      
Garland M. Powell 133 1905 1973  
Lee A. Powell 5      
Mary Powell        
W.L. Powers 3      
Bob Powne 41   0  
Miss Praether 1      
Ivan Pratt 1     prof. in Zoology dept. at OSU and was an expert on invertebrate animals
Mrs. Pratt        
David Predeek        
Sherman Preece        
Teresa Prendusi 1      
Gerald W. Prescott 60     Nephew of Morton Peck- Ward Prescott? Algologist/phycologist-published; "Gerry"- well-known American phycologist, he was Morton Peck's nephew
Harry S. Prescott 61     fl. 1928
Smold Prescott 1      
Ward Prescott 35     May be Gerald W. Prescott
Gerald Prese 1      
Joan Price 17     volunteer at OSU herb.; former botany student at OSU.
Lynne Price 1      
D.L. Priebe 21      
C.G. Pringle 18     Cyrus Geurney Pringle; old collector - famous, primarily from Iowa
Ralph Prose 2      
Louise Proudfit 5      
Theodule Proulx 1      
Ben Pruitt 2      
Bill Pruitt 1      
Earl Pruitt 1      
M.U. Pubble 1      
D. Pumphrey 1      
F.V. Pumphrey 1      
Esther Purdy 4     may be student in botany at OAC about contemporaneous w/ Helen Gilkey when she was a student-have many collections of her's which are student collections from Corvallis
D.C. Purnell 5      
J. Purves 1      
Maud Purvine 1      
H.N. Putman 1      
William Hanson Pyle 11     MN Wildlife Science 1993 OSU; was director of Malheur Nat'l Wildlife Refuge
Alvin Quaale 2      
Bryon (Brian?) Quebbeman 4      
Clarence Roy Quick 1 1902   U.S. Forest Service, Berkeley; Ribes.
Adrian Quijada        
Hazel Raber 1      
Mary Awdry Radcliffe 18     from Klamath Falls area; sent material to OSU for ID
Mrs. J. Boyd Rader 3     from Oakland OR; sent material to OSU for ID
Sami Rafei 1      
J.L. Ragsdale 1      
F. Rahill        
M. Ramos 1      
Dorothea Henningsen Rampton 1     Bachelors Vocational Education 1931 OSU; her husband was in Crop Science at OSU, likely deceased
H.H. Rampton 4     prof at OSU-something in AG
M.H. Rampton 1      
Gwynn Ramsey        
C. Randall 3      
W.R. Randall 2      
M.S. Rapley 1      
Janet Rasey 13      
R.E. Rasler 1      
Don L. Rasmussen 2      
Richard Rasmussen 1      
Trisha E. Rasmussen 6     MS in Enlgish and Secondary Education; took some classes from LaRea Johnston.
Peter Hamilton Raven 10 1936   BA UC Berkely 1957; PhD UCLA 1960; NSF post-doc at The Natural History Museum, London-taught Stanford; Director Missouri Botanic Grardens-Raven recreated the garden to encompass unutilized grounds; MBG is now one of the most active centers for field bot.
Monica L. Ray 1     Bachelors Botany 1977 OSU
L.C. Raymond 13      
Armand A. Rebischke 1      
R. Redman        
Barbara Reed 1     may be the Barbara Reed who worked as a technician in Botany Dept. and then went to Ag. Chemistry-had a husband named John
John Reed       may be Barbara Reed's husband
Merton J. Reed 1      
Milford N. Reed 1      
Ralph Reed 1      
Charlotte G. Reeder 1     Charlotte Gooding- Reeder is married name
John R. Reeder 182     now at UofA in Tuscon- worked on grasses; famous
P. Reeder        
Norma A. Rees 9      
R.W. Rees 1      
Dixie Reiber 1      
Jessie Reiber       niece of B.L. Wilson-collected w/ her on field trips.
Marilyn Reicher 1      
Daniel Reid 4      
Elbert H. Reid 86     collected in OR (Umattilla, Wallowa and Whitman Nat. Forests); USFS (r. before 1952)
John Reid 6      
W. Reid 1      
F.C. Reimer 2     From Talent OR; submitted plants for ID
P. Reinhard 1      
Caroline Reveal        
Darin Reveal        
James Lauritz Reveal 43 1941   was at Maryland for a long time-is a co-author of one of the Intermountain Floras; may have ret'd
Mark Reveal        
Julien Reverchon 1 1837 1905  
Harvey B. Reynolds 1      
J.M. Reynolds 1      
Janice Reynolds 1      
John Weston Reynolds 2 1930   currently [2003] academic physician fully retired from OHSU faculty for 7 years; took Botany courses at PSU over last 10 years, volunteer TA in 2 Plant Anatomy courses; volunteer manager of the PSU herbarium; interst in native plants and taxonomy
L. Reynolds 16      
Mrs. L. Reynolds 75      
Mrs. G.C. Reynolds 1      
Mrs. H. Reynolds 1      
Mrs. R. Reynolds 2      
Paul A. Rhodes 1      
R. Rhoten 4      
Rosemary Rhoton 1      
Lucina Richardson 1      
W.C. Riddell 1      
Jessie Rieber        
Robert E. Rieder 2     Bachelors Entomology 1937 OSU; Act Co. Agent Salem
E.B. Riggs        
Lillie Riggs 1      
Mrs. R.D. Riley 1      
Nelle Andrea Joy Riley 1     Bachelors Geography 1984 OSU
Scott Riley        
H.E. Rinehart 1      
H.D. Ripley 13     Dwight Ripley, botanist and artist, collected w/ Rupert Barneby
J. Douglas Ripley 2     former PhD student w/ Dr. Chilcote in Botany dept.; ecological study on OR coast; officer in US air force; taught at air force academy; served in WA DC as director of enviro. Conserv. Programs for military-conserv. Rare plants/animals.
J. Ritcher 1      
Nancy Jean Ritchie 3     MS Soil Science 1998 OSU
R.M. Ritland 2      
Dennis Robert Rittenback 2     BS Geography 1970 OSU, MS Geography 1973 OSU; was an amateur botanist-was a student of OSU, but familiar w/ flora of Clatsop Co.-showed Dr. Chambers how to get to Onion Peak-about which he wrote a paper.
Bruce Howard Rittenhouse 83     Bachelors Botany 1983 OSU; BLM Botanist at Coos Bay, OR; collected w/ Carex Working group and independently-may have brought Acacia dividia-invasive-in, first documentation in OR of this sp.; BLM Botanist; used to be in Coos Bay.
Hugh A. Ritter 2      
Mike Rivers 1      
A.W. Roach 67     Archie, student in BPP, in plant ecology; Check thesis upstairs-ecological study in the Cascades
Jas. Roaf. 6      
Mike Roantree 1     FS botanist-brought in Calamagrostis breweri from Jefferson Wilderness.
Ron D. Robare 1      
Danielle Robbins 1      
Guy Thomas Robbins 7 1916 1960 Jepson Herbarium, California.
R. Robbins        
H.S. Robe 2      
E.C. Roberts 1      
Kathy Roberts        
R.B. Roberts 1      
Wayne E. Roberts 7     Bachelors Agricultural Engineering 1957 OSU
Dominique Robertson 1      
Robert J. Robin 1      
Don Robins 11      
Barbara Jane Robinson 1 1946   MS Biology (specializating in psychobiology); Taugh psychology a Portland CC 28 years Avid amateur botanist specializing in plants of E Columbia Gorge; helped create Tom McCall Preserve, a Nature Conservancy preserve in the drier E part of Columbia Gorge.
Luther Robinson        
Max Robinson        
Pauline Robinson 5     END
W. Robinson        
K.A. Robson        
Cindy Talbott Roche 21     now BLM in Medford-declines to provide information
Wayne Roche        
L.P. Rockwood 16      
A. Rodda 1      
Joann Harris Rode 1      
A.M. Rodgers 1      
D.P. Rodgers       collegue of Helen Gilkey-might have been faculty member, collected w/ Helen on field trips to E. Oregon, Donald Philip at Oregon State
Jo Rodgers 1      
Robert J. Rodin 43     Bob-botany prof. at CA university campus- in the herbarium as a post-doc, did a lot of collecting, went to Clatsop Co. w/ Dr. Chambers for collecting; may have been at OSU to teach summer course- American Men and Women of Science
Mrs. E.D. Roefe 1      
A.I. Roest 58      
A.M. Rogers 11      
Blaine Rogers        
B.P. Rodgers 1      
Dan P. Rogers 122     mycologist somebody that Helen Gilkey associated with -was at Illinois, may have started at OSU
Emsley Woodruff Rogers 7     married Frances Lorraine Shultz 1950 Clatsop Co; Bachelors Agricultural and Resource Economics 1951 OSU
H.T. Rogers 27      
Pat Rogers 1      
Robert Rogers 1      
Roy Lee Rogers 26      
W.E. Rogers 1      
Pat Rogers-Rooha 1      
H.S. Rohe 1      
Mrs. Rolfe 1      
Wayne E. Rolle 181 1951   fl. 1985; BS SOSC (now SOU) 1985 or 86; Rogue R Nat'l Forest botanist 1988-present [2003]; worked in agriculture, forestry and botany- part-time student 1972-87; NPSO Siskiyou chapt. Pres. 1983; interest exploring SW OR and NW CA flora; wldflr photographr
Reed Clark Rollins 1 1911   Director of Gray Herbarium; Cruciferae; Parthenium. (Roll. In Munz); retired 1982.
Wayne Rolls 1      
J. Hawkeye Rondeau 2     publication in office - in CA, interested in carnivorous plants
Dan Rooke 1      
John C. Roos 2      
Marie K. Roose 2     Bachelors 1977 OSU
Archie Root 1      
G.A. Root        
Frank H. Rose 2      
Joseph Nelson Rose 1 1862 1928 Associate botanist, U.S. National Herbarium; Cactaceae, Umbelliferae, and Crassulaceae (see also Xylorhiza orcuttii).
Lewis Samuel Rose 2 1893 1973 graduated from UCBerkely 1917; specialized in algae-collected in Japan as L.S. Rosenbaum; returned to UCBerkeley collected in large sets for exchange; responsible for addition of 100,000 specimens to herbarium-several species are named for Mr. Rose.
C.H. Roseman 2      
Mrs. Clay Rosenbaem 1      
C.O. Rosendahl        
R.G. Rosenstiel 26     "Rosie" - was a prof. in entomology at OSU - deceased
Roger Rosentreter   1951   interested in lichens and vascular plants, worked on rare plants and was the initial agency author for the Survey and Manage Lichen and Bryophyte species analysis for the NW forest Plant.
Drake Rosman        
Charles Robert Ross 1     associated with OSU;Charlie-prof. in Forestry at OSU; wrote handbooks of the trees of OR
Doris Ross 1      
Jackson W. Ross 8     Studied Crop and soil Science 1951 OSU-no degree obtained
Marshall M. Ross 45 1909 1994 studied at OSU-no degree obtained
Philip Ross 5      
Robert A. Ross        
Timothy Ross        
George Bowyer Rossbach 4 1910   Professor, West Virginia Wesleyan College; Erysimum. (Rossb., G. in Munz)
Ruth P. Rossbach       collected w/ her husband-he was a student at Stanford who worked on the genus, Erysimum, Brassicaceae
Danielle Roth 2     student at LCC; came to OSU for graduate work w/ wetland ecology
Lewis F. Roth 6     Lew, former BPP faculty, the Roth Forest
V. Roth 2      
Mamie Rounds 1      
Ruth Rouse 1      
Randall C. Rowe 1     PhD Botany 1973 OSU; student at OSU
Joanne Rowley        
John R. Rowley 9      
Marvin L. Rowley 1     Bachelors Forest Engineering 1950 OSU; was the person in charge of McDonald forest at one time-a long time ago
Mrs. E. Rowley 1      
Debra H. Rowse 3     Bachelors Zoology 1974 OSU, Masters Microbiology 1977 OSU
R.L. Rowse 1      
Peter Rubtzoff 1 1920    
Velva Rudd 1     well-known expert on Fabaceae, affiliated w/ the Smithsonian-deceased
Fred Rueble 1      
M. Ruger 1 1835 1879 member of the Torrey Botanical Club; received homeschooling; specialized in higher plants, fungi, and insects-studied w/ Dr. Torrey.
G.C. Ruhl 1      
George Ruhle        
Kathleen Rule 1      
C.B. Rumberg 1      
Henry Hurd Rusby 4 1855 1940 specialist in pharmacognosy; meager formal botany ed.; traveled to S. America; prof. Of materia medica at Columbia University College of Pharmacy from 1888-1930.
Barbara Russell 4     NPSO member; either a Columbia Gorge person or a NE OR person-may have left OR and gone to AZ, or may still live in the Gorge
Beth Russell 2     lived in Corvallis-was big in the garden clubs- deceased
Loren Russell        
Robin Russell 1      
R. Rutherford 1      
Edward Rutledge 1      
Gordan Ryals 1      
A. Ryan        
Bruce Ryan 3     donated a number of Vascular Plant Specimens from Fremont National Forest to OSU in 1991.
J. Sadowski 1      
Inno Salasoo 5      
Mrs. N.P. Saler 1      
Robert Leo Salter 5     Robert Leo Salter and Hotense V Durboraw married 1908 in Multnomah Co; Masters Fisheries Science 1949 OSU
Ernest Samuel 1      
Ethel Ida Sanborn 5   0 MA UofSD 1907, PhD Stanford 1928, taught botany Uof0 1914-33, taught botany at OSU 1933-48; published "Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of Western Oregon";originally from SD; Ethel Sanborn; deceased, primarily interested in bryophytes
J.H. Sandberg 28     John Sandberg; historical collector-bio in news letter.
Todd Alan Sanders 27     BS 1992, MS 1995, PhD 2000-all degrees obtained in Wildlife Science at OSU
Suzanna Sandoval 2      
Harry R. Sandquist 2      
Patricia R. Sanford 88      
W.D. Sanville        
G.A. Sargent 1      
Mrs. Joel Sarkie 1      
Estelle Satchwell 1      
E.J. Saubom 7      
Ken Sauter 1      
Lincoln Savage 170     principal of Kerby High School; collected w/ Sweetsers; friend of Henderson/Sweetser, trips to SW OR, his original collections had to be transferred to stad. Paper
D.B.O. Savile       Canadian botanist who was interested in Saxifragaceae, prof. at a Canadian University.
Carol Ann Savonen   1953   Lewis and Clark College BA Biology 1975; University of Vermont MS Botany, Natural Resources 1986; Biologist and Plant ecologist.
Nancy Jane Sawtelle 2     Bachelors Wildlife Science 1989 OSU; worked for BLM; may still work for BLM in Eugene
W.A. Sawyer 3     Co. Agent Burns, Harney
Harold Schaad 1      
Loyd Otto Schaad 17     Bachelors Botany 1938 OSU, Masters Horticulture 1938 OSU; one of the Schaad's was an extention agent-likely Loyd
Roland William Schaad 5 1907 1997 Bachelors Animal Science 1931 OSU; Co. Agent
Loyd Schadd 1      
G. Schaffers 1      
W.H.C. Schallig 40     William, Bill; on staff at OSU in Agriculture, was a field ecologist and agricultural consultant, did extensive collecting in E OR
Mrs. H. B. Scharschmidt 1      
George Schatz 2      
Mrs. John Scheckla 1      
C.O. Schell 1      
John Jeffrey Schenk 5 1975   BS Botany w/ Botanical Research Option 2003 OSU; currently [2004] affiliated with Washington State Herbarium. Former lead singer of punk rock band, "Punkture."
Caroline May Scherer 5 1872   born in Multnomah Co
William H. Scheuner 23     Bachelors Forest Management 1957 OSU
Harold B. Schieferstein 24      
A.G. Schiewe 1      
Fred Schiewe 2      
Les Schindler 1      
Elizabeth H. Schirmer 1      
Mrs. Martin J. Schlechta 1      
Jay Schleier 3      
Kurt Schlesinger 2      
Garland M. Schmidt 2      
H.M. Schmoll I.W. Clokey 1      
J.O. Schnantz        
Larry Schofield       Larry Schofield Spelling?
Gary Schoolcraft 1      
Shon S. Schooler 85     PhD in Entomology, 2002, working with Peter McEvoy
Harry Schoth 24     collected w/ Rex Warren-was in Crop Science b/c he was an expert on lawn grasses; OSU prof. in range or forestry ?-misc. collecting
C.V. Schrack 2      
Mrs. L.V. Schramel 1      
Beryl Olive Schreiber 1 1911   U.S. Forest Service; later with Sunset Magazine. Later name: Jesperson
Fred Schreiber 2      
Eldon Schrock 1      
Walter Greiff Schroeder 6     Bachelors General Agriculture 1949 OSU; Walt-Co. Agent in SW OR
Barry J. Schrumpf 10     Masters Rangeland Resources 1968 OSU, PhD Rangeland Resources 1975 OSU; works for seed certification on campus
Harold L. Schudel 9     PhD Crop Science 1953 OSU; something at OSU-possibly Ext. agent, may have been in a dept.
T. A. Schuerman 2      
Joe Schuh 2     Entomology Department (OSU?)
Oglesby S. Schuh 1      
Orla Schullenburger 1      
Cheryl Schultz 1      
Stewart Schultz 6     collected w/ Dr. Bert Brehm; graduated from Reed College in 1979
Carl E. Schuster 43     married to Agnes Jane Ryder in 1922
O.S. Schuster 2      
Paul Schuttpelr 1      
Frank E. Schwartz 2      
Doug Schwegler 1      
Rachel Ann Schwindt   1968   BS OSU Botany 1996; collections were made during time when she was with USFS-Siuslaw Nat'l Forest; Botanical interest-landscape ecology, spatial analysis (currently [2003] in GIS)
B.E. Scofield        
Carl S. Scofield 2      
Larry Rex Scofield 23 1936   BS Biology LaSierra U Arlington CA; MS Bio U of Mass.; worked for 25 years in NW OR as Fed Botanist; still searches for botanical specimens to send to OSU Herbarium; Former US Dept. of the Int. BLM; member of Willamette Ch. NPSO.
S. Scofield 1      
Grant Scott 3      
H.C. Scott 1      
R.F. Scott 1      
H.A. Scullen 394     was on faculty at OSU
Helen L. Scully 12      
John E. Sealy 1      
Arlie Seaman 1      
Douglas M. Sears 2      
Anita Seda 1      
Mrs. Albert Seelig 1      
C.B. Seely 1      
Joan Seevers 1     BLM botanist out of Ashland; SW OR; possibly head botanist on the BLM district; professionally active now
Mary Young Seibel 2      
Suzanne Seiber 1      
J.B. Seiberg 1      
S. Seidensticker 2      
C. Selden 1      
John Edward Seley 11     Bachelors 1960 OSU; John E. Sealy
Francis E. Sell 1      
B.J. Selliken 4      
Larry Semler 1      
Birgit Semsrott 17      
Eric Michael Sergienko 1     Bachelors Forest Recreation 1986
Frank Sesock 2      
Mrs. Frank Setniker 1      
Susan Cornelia Seyer 48     Masters Botany 1980 OSU; did ecological studies at Crater Lake.
Loyd Shadd 4      
Mrs. Henry Shaknis 1      
Steven Shapin 2      
Cleveland Sharp 9      
Dan Sharratt 2      
Carl William Sharsmith 31 1903   Professor of botany, San Jose State; alpine flora of the Sierra Nevada. (Sharsm. C. W. in Munz)
Helen Katherine (Meyers) Sharsmith 2 1905   Herbarium botanist, California; flora of Mt. Hamilton Range. (Sharsm., H. K. in Munz)
Myrtle Shatto 1      
O. Shattuck 1      
Iris Shaver 1      
J.N. Shaw 1     OSU campus; Vet Med; sent material to herbarium for ID
I.R. Sheaffer 1      
C.L. Shear 1      
John Shearer 1      
Yusuf Sheikh 3      
Edmund Perry Sheldon 1077 1868 1913 friend of Martin Gorman and Louis Henderson; Sheldon's death is unknown (1913-1917); most widely believed that he disappeared into the deserts of Nevada; received degree from U of Minn, remained assoc. w/ that inst. For several years as a teacher; USDA OR
J. Stephen Shelly 127     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-MS 1985 OSU, Biosystematic Studies of Phacelia capitata (Hydrophyllaceae), a Species Endemic to Serpentine Soils in SW OR; in Montana ?
Earl J.(L?) Shepard 2      
Todd Thomas Sherer 1     Bachelors Wildlife Science 1985 OSU
Bob Sherertz 1      
Spencer Sheri 2      
Chris D. Sheridan 1     MS Forest Science 2003 OSU
Martha Sherlock        
M.J. Sherlock        
William M. Sherwood 14      
Andrew W. Sherwood 1     Bachelors 1925 OSU
Grace Sherwood 1      
William E. Sherwood 402      
W.J. Sheway 1      
L.H. Shinners        
Delbert Wallace Shirley       Bachelors Agricultural Education 1959 OSU, Masters Agricultural Education 1963 OSU
Mrs. D.W. Shirley 1     Ruth Shirley ?
Ruth Steward Shirley 3     Masters 1973, PhD 1975 both in Vocational Education completed at OSU; Mrs. D.W. Shirley ?
William H. Shockley 1      
George Shroyer 1 1907 1999  
O. Shuh 1      
Leila M. Shultz   1946   interest in floristics of the intermountain region (esp. Utah); ecology/systematics of Artemisia and allied genera in Anthemideae tribe of Asteraceae; research prof. in dept. of forest, range, and wildlife science at Utah St. U; director of Floristics lab
Jean Siddall 34 1930 1997 graduated summa cum laude 1951 Western Reserve University, Cleavland; ollaborated w/ Dr. K. Chambers on list of rare, threatened, and endangered species. Pioneer in species protection.
Ted Sidor 2     was a student at OSU-put specimens in the herbarium for his thesis
T.G. Silberstein 1      
Lynne Silva 3      
W.A. Silveus 2      
Ben Simko 3     Ext. Agent; Malheur Co.
L. Simon 1      
Leo Simons 1      
Charlene Joan Simpson 13 1933   NPSO founding member; BS Home Economics OSU 1955, MS Juvenile Corrections U, 1973.
Don Simpson 1      
L.J. Simpson 1      
Ted Sims 140     ext. agent (?)
J.B. Sinadlee 1      
Roy Sines 3      
A.E. Sipe 1     Helen Gilkey's friend-one of the Sipe family, was a mycologist; Frank Sipe Relative ?
Frank Pery Sipe 298 1887 1975 was biology faculty member at UofO; personal cryptogram collection was donated to ORE upon his death; his fungi collection includes type specimens of 26 names, mostly described by H.A. Magnusson and V. Gyelnik.
Grant P. Sipe 1     Helen Gilkey's friend-one of the Sipe family, was a mycologist; Recall Frank Sipe from UofO and OSU- may be relative ?
M.P. Sipe 1     Helen Gilkey's friend-one of the Sipe family, was a mycologist; prof. Named Frank Sipe who was originally at OSU but in 1932 went to the UofO and was a biologist there; this may be a relative
Kumari Sivam 8      
Dale Skaggs 6     former student in BPP/ Hort - worked in the herb.
Johnny Skeese        
Kristin Mary Skinner       BS Botany 2000 OSU
Paul H. Skinner 1      
Don Skoe 9      
K. Slane        
Verna Slane 73      
Gerry Slattery        
Jack Slattery 10     amateur botanist from Coos Bay area; interested in Trillium etc. donated some photos to OSU collection
Belle Small 2     Belle Sinall (likely Small)
F.M. Small 2      
Margaret F. Small 46      
Mrs. F.O. Small 1     sent material from Klamath Falls OR for id
Tom Small 1      
T.H. Small 1      
Alice Charlotte Smith 1 1959   BS 1985, MS 1995 Botany OSU; worked as a botanist at Sweet Home Rangr. District since 1987; "collecting has not been my forte - I don't like tearing plants out by their roots! Unless, they're non-natives, of course…"
Bryce Anthony Smith       Bachelors Botany 1986 OSU
C.L. Smith 2      
Charles Piper Smith 21 1877 1955 High School teacher, San Jose; Lupinus. (Sm., C. P. in Munz)
Chas W. Smith 2      
Duane Smith 1      
D.C. Smith 4      
D.F. Smith        
Effie Smith 1      
E.C. Smith 2      
E.L. Smith 10     possibly husband of Mrs. Willetta Smith who mounted plants for OSC
Edna Smith 5      
Elizabeth Smith 1     may have been wife of Frank Smith who was a botany prof of plant anatomy-cytology in dept-taught microtechnique; Wife of Frank Smith who was an OSU professor in BPP
Elva Smith 1      
Frannie Smith 1      
Frank H. Smith 26 1906 1986 Professor, OSU BPP
F.J. Smith 1     Frank Smith (possibly) former professor in Botany; OSU; taught plant anatomy; also expert photographer-pict. On wall in coffee room.
Frank P. Smith 4   0 Frank was OSU prof. In BPP; deceased
Gail Smith 1      
Harrison Smith        
H.G. Smith 7     Sent material to the OSU herbarium 1941 from Toledo, OR; Co. Agent Toledo
Huron H. Smith 1      
Harry O. Smith 1      
Joan Smith 1      
J. Clyde Smith 1     from Coquille OR; submitted plants for ID
John E. Smith 14      
Leslie Smith 2      
Lyman Smith 1     famous Lyman Smith at the Smithsonian-was a curator there ?
M. Smith        
Mrs. John Smith 2     Willetta Smith-worked as a mounter in the herbarium in the 1950's, 1960's
P. T. Smith 1      
R. L. Smith 1      
Stu Smith 1      
Shelley F. Smith 1      
Torrie Smith        
Willard Smith 1      
Willetta M. Smith 118 1894   worked as a mounter in the herbarium
Walter T. Smith 1      
Lynda Smithman        
Mrs. H. Smithson 1      
Kenneth Lynn Smouse 1     BS Chemistry 1966 OSU
Matthew W. Snook 2      
Billy Douglas Snow 53     Bachelors Botany 1980 OSU, Masters Botany 1984 OSU;MS study of eco of grassland Mary's Peak w/ Dr. Chilcote; now well-known teacher in high school (?) in Lane Co.; earlier interests in flora of Wallowa Mtns. Worked with Carl Urban; protégé of Carl Urban
D.H. Snowberger 2      
R.M. Snyder 1      
William H. Snyder 1      
Vi Sobolik 1      
Jean Solberg        
Karen E. Solonika 18     Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-MS 1993, Morphological and Cytological Variation in Trillium albidum Freeman (Liliaceae); Karen; former Masters student at OSU w/ Dr. Chambers; worked on Trillium; taught at Willamette U. and Western in Monmouth.
Douglas E. Soltis 3 1953   Professor at University of Florida
Noel F. Sommer 2      
Rob Soreng 15     expert on Poa-nice guy; authority on grasses of the New World; now assoc. with the Smithsonian; expert on Poa-named a species of Poa after KLC; int in botany b/c of Dr. Chamber's agro. Class
Jim Southall 1      
A. Southard        
M.D. Southard 4      
Jim Sowder        
Kimberly A. Spady 1      
Sam K. Speakman 2      
M. Spellenberg        
Richard W. Spellenberg 4     Graduate student of C.L. Hitchcock, affiliated with New Mexico State University; performed treatment of Panicum for "Vascular Plants of the PNW"; curator in NM
Chris Spencer        
Hattie M. Spencer 13     student in botany at OAC about contemporaneous w/ Helen Gilkey when she was a student-have many collections of her's which are student collections from Corvallis
Sherry Spencer 3      
Pattie Spencers 1      
P.H. Spillman 2      
Roy Spivey 1      
Roderick Sprague 127 1901 1962 sent plants to OSU for ID
Blanche Spreng 1      
Edith Sproat 2      
F. Sprowls 1      
J. Fremont Sprowls 8      
Harold St. John 5 1892 1991 Professor of botany, Hawaii, formerly at Pullman; student of the flora of eastern Washington; BA Harvard 1914, MA 1915, PhD 1917; assistant botanist Gray Herbarium 1913-17, 1919-20; served in WWI; moved to WSU; was associate prof. And curator of herbarium
Eva Staats 1      
Agnes Stallard 1      
Arnold R. Standing 1      
J.B. Standlee 17      
Lisa A. Standley 3     former student in WA; worked on Carex; now back east; was doing something w/ Rhodora - botanical magazine
Paul Carpenter Standley 27 1884 1963 Curator, U.S. National Herbarium, 1909-1928, Chicago Natural History Museum, 1928-1950, student of the Mexican and Central American floras.
W.E. Standley 1     well known name, but may not be the same Standley- field museum in Chicago, ID'd a lot of collections for Bill Lawrence at OSU, coauthor of flora of Panama, Guatamala, etc.
L.R. Stanford        
Charles E. Stanger 1     Masters Crop and Soil Science 1970, PhD Crop and Soil Science 1972 OSU; took botany classes at OSU
Veva Christine Ismert Stansell 150 1929   native plants of SW OR and NW CA, particularly the Siskiyou Mountains; no formal Botanical education.
Saw Starg 1      
T. Stark 2      
T.J. Starker 1     Starker Lumber, Starker Forests - started as faculty in forestry at OSU
Gil Starks 6     was a student of Albert Steward (likely)
W. Starmühler       Type
Grace Starr 1      
J.J. Stattner 15      
George Ledyard Stebbins Jr. 23 1906 2000 one of the leading architects of "evolutionary synthesis" b/w Medelian genetics and Darwinian evolution; studied taxonomy at Harvard; aptmnt at Colgate U in 1931; jr. geneticist UCBerkeley 1935-50; went to UCDavis where he worked until death.
Christy Steck 1      
J.J. Steele 1      
T.A. Steele 1      
E.S. Steels 1      
E.O. Steen 1      
A.P. Steenland 1      
Marty Stein 1      
E.A. Steiner 1      
William Steinfelt 1      
E. Stephens 7      
Robert H. Sterling 3     Bachelors 1935 OSU, Masters 1962 OSU
Mark Alexander Stern 3     Masters Wildlife Science 1988 OSU
William Louis Stern 32     Bill-professor at UofFlorida, well-known plant anatomist, particularly wood anatomy, best man at Dr. Chambers' wedding- in New Haven, Connecticut. Both faculty at Yale at the time
Robert W. Sterner 1      
Elmo Stevenson 56      
Edna Stevenson 1   0  
Agnes Steward 1     sister of Dr. A.N. Steward
Albert Newton Steward 1 1897 1959 OSC curator, 1951-1959
Alma Steward       niece of Dr. A.N. Steward
Celia Belle Speak Steward 6 1897 1991 wife of Albert N. Steward
David Steward 4 1938   Albert Steward's son; Dr. Steward died in 1959-this may be one of his last field trips; likely collected together
Leland Steward       A. Steward's son
Newton Steward       A. Steward's son
Ruth Eloise Steward   1937   A. Steward's daughter
C.E. Stewart 2      
J.O. Stewart 19      
Loran L. Stewart 1     Bachelors Forest Engineering 1932 OSU
Ruth Stewart 11      
Peter F. Stickney 11     ecologist from either Montana or Montana State; interested in Poaceae.
David D. Stiles 10     Bachelors 1958 OSU
Suzanne Stillwaggon 1      
F.C. Stimson 7      
Becky Stinson        
L.C. Stiueson 1      
Palmer Stockwell        
Vernon Matthew Stofleth 7     Bachelors Wildlife Science 1986 OSU
M.W. Stone 1      
R.D. Stone 1      
Harvey E. Stork 6      
Earl V. Storm 7      
R.M. Storm 4     ret'd zoology prof from OSU
G.W. Storms 1      
J.W. Storms 2      
J. Storus 1      
Heather Stout 1      
James Stovall        
Mary Douglas Stovall        
Jeffrey David Strachan       Bachelors Elementary Education 1982 OSU
Brian Stradley 1      
Richard M. Straw 198 1926   worked on Penstemons-lived in CA
Faye Streier 11      
Blanche Strey 1     from Enterprise OR; sent material for ID
E. Christine Strickland 1      
Gerald Strickler        
Melvin Dee Strickler 1 1927   BS Forestry WAU; MS wood utilization Syracuse U; PhD Wood Technology Duke U; published five books of wildflower phots; Prairie wfls; forest wfls; alpine wfls; wayside wfls of Pac. NW; NW Penstemons.
Al Strohm 1      
Eve Strong 1     from Bandon OR; submitted plants for ID
Peggy Strong 1      
John L. Strother 1 1941   Taxonomist at UC Berkeley, Asteraceae
John Stuckart 1      
E.T. Stuhr 1      
Kareen Barbara Sturgeon   1942   professor biology dept. at Linfield College; trained as a plant population biologist; currently [2003] teaching systematics of flowering plants, plant diversity and ecology, evolution, and plants and society. Since 1992 students studied prescribed burns.
Franklin W. Sturges 219     Likely student-check thesis files upstairs-ecology type
P.P. Sturges 4      
George Sturtz 8     amateur botanist; lives near Corvallis; int. in aromatic plants of all kinds; ex. Mints, Artemisia.
B. Stutz        
Robert E. Stutz 2     Bachelors Botany 1943 OSU
David J. Stutzman 1     Masters Science Education 1967 OSU
Wilhelm Nikolaus Suksdorf 173 1850 1932 contributed more than one hundred type specimens; sold seeds, published in his own, German-language journal, Werwenda; self-taught, communicated extensively w/ Asa Gray who named Suksdorfia after Wilhelm; worked w/ Gray at Harvard Herb.
Molly Sullivan 1      
Mrs. R.W. Summers 6      
John B. Sunberg 1      
Scott Sundberg 666     here CHECK
J. Sunell 1      
W. Sunford 1      
Edith Susmill 3      
David Sutherland 5     graduate student of C.L. Hitchcock, associated with University of Nebraska at Omaha; treatment of Delphinium for "Vascular Plants of the PNW"
John R. Swanson 1 1928    
Norman Swanson 1      
Robert Swanson 7      
Renska L. Swart 1      
Kenneth Charles Swedberg 194     PhD Philosophy 1961 OSU; Ken-student of Henry Hanson's-did an ecological study in the Cascades
Clara Sweet 1      
Albert Raddin Sweetser 353 1861 1940 BA 1884, MA 1887 Wesleyan University; PhD Harvard 1897; 1897-1902 worked at Pacific University in Forest Grove; botany prof. At UofO from 1902; served as head of department from 1909 until retirement in 1931; also established the ORE herbarium.
Carrie K. Phinney Sweetser 9 1863 1952 wife of A.R. Sweetser; frequently accompanied her husband and others on collecting trips; accomplished wildflower artist-watercolors are deposited in UofO special collections
L.R. Sweetser 1     Albert Sweetser's relative/nephew
O.P. Sweetser 1     Albert Sweetser relative?
Jamie Sweetwyne 1      
K. Swenson        
Ivan Swift 1      
Andrey Sytin        
Mrs. W.A. Takalo 1      
D.W. Talcott 1      
T. Tanaka 3      
Marcella S. Tanner 1      
J.E. Tapp 1      
Dr. N.L. Tartar 2     Helen Gilkey's medical doctor-lived next door to her
Ruth Tasker 1      
Dean Wm. Taylor 1      
Howard B. Taylor 45     from Springfield, sent material to OSU for ID
Hugh Taylor 1      
Lincoln Taylor 1      
Lyall F. Taylor 3      
Mrs. Lincoln Taylor 1      
Nora Taylor 2      
Norton Oscar Taylor 10     married to Dorothy Charlotte Grimberg in 1940 Clatsop Co
Roy L. Taylor 2     co-author of Flora of the Queen Charlotte Islands and former director of RSA
Tad Taylor 1      
Mrs. Thurman Teeter 1      
Thurman Teeter Jr. 1      
Donald H. Telford 1     Bachelors Food Science 1938 OSU
Bonnie Carolyn Templeton 2 1902 2002 Curator, botany department, Los Angeles Museum; PhD Botany 1964 OSU.
Tom N. Ten Pas 1      
Sanford S. Tepfer 2 1910   lrg pers collection of mainly NY spec. contributed to ORE herbarium 1977; former prof. At UofO; interested in Aquilegia; collected for UofO herb; "Sandy" elderly; degr Stanford; a morphologist-interest in conifers
Wilbur Ternyik 1     consultant, private, on the coast in OR-Lincoln Co. (?)
N. Terwilliger 1      
J.C. Tessier 1      
Nicholas Raymond Testa 7 1963   works as a biologist w/ the ODOT; interests involved OR listed (rare) flora as it relates to hwy system; involved in designing hwy projects to minimize impacts on population of rare plants; where impacts occur- he writes ESA docs; BS Bot. 1991 OSU
W.D. Teutsch 1      
B.C. Tharp 1      
Richard Franklin Thaw 1     Bachelors 1943 OSU, Masters 1947 OSU, PhD Science Education 1958 OSU; not from OSU-but is a published botanist
D.G. Thayer 1      
Julie Knurowski Thiel 7     possibly BLM botanist from Salem district; worked with Larry Scofield.
Mildred J. Thiele 1 1915   Good friends with Lois Wesley Hopkins and Joan Fosback; all three met in early 1960's; Mildred and Lois drove to Eugene for ID classes in the evening (taught by Jim Hickman) and to Humbolt College on weekends; helped devel. Douglas Co. Mus. Herbarium.
Jack Thienes 2      
John R. Thienes 16     Bachelors General Agriculture 1949 OSU; John and Jack are likely the same-name was John-student of Dr. Chilcote-up in Canada, ecologist, was down last summer
John F. Thilenius       Bachelors Rangeland Resources 1958 OSU, PhD Botany 1964 OSU
M.A. Thim 1      
Martin B. Thingvold 1     Bachelors Horticulture 1953 OSU, Masters General Agriculture 1974 OSU; Co. agent ?
C. Thomas        
Duncan W. Thomas 25 1950   former assit. curator at the Missouri Botanical Garden, former Research Associate at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, RA at Smithsonian Tropical Research Inst. Assoc. Prof. (courtesy) Forestry OSU; PhD botany Univ. of North Wales 1977; tropic. For. Ecol. Africa
E.E. Thomas 1      
E.G. Thomas 1      
Herbert A. Thomas 1     fl. 1935
John Hunter Thomas 5 1928   Curator of the Dudley Herbarium & Assoc. Prof. Stanford U., author Flora of the Santa Cruz Mtns, managed the move of Dudley H. to the Calif. Acad. Sciences.
Red Thomas        
Albert Ervin Thompson 7      
C.D. Thompson 1      
C.A. Thompson 1      
Dennis Dean Thompson 3   1991 Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-MS 1977 OSU, Taxonomic Studies of the Eucephalus Complex of Aster in the PNW; ARGS nat'l director 1986-89; noted flower arranger-local showing of his art just before his death; working on children of pioneer days book
Dorothy Ellen Thompson 1     BS Poultry Science 1978 OSU
David M. Thompson 4     Bachelors Forest Engineering 1965 OSU; expert on Mimulus; formerly at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens; prepared treatment for Jepson manual.
Emily Thompson        
G. Thompson 1      
Henry J. Thompson 1 1921   Prof. & Dept. Chair at UCLA, authority on Dodecatheon and Mentzelia.
H. William Thompson 1      
James William Thompson 741     associate to C.L. Hitchcock; made significant collections of OR and WA; became part-time assistant curator for UofWA; associated w/ UofW in Seattle- Flora of the PNW
Myrtice Thompson 1     ? Maxine
Maxine Marie Thompson 223 1926   professor emerita; former prof. of horticulture OSU, responsibility for fruit and hazelnut breeding programs; life-long interest in native flroa began with freshman gen. bot. crse- term paper on chapparrel plants San Gabriel Mts of CA with herb specimens.
Patricia S. Thompson 1      
Ralph Luther Thompson 683 1943   BS SW Missouri St. U 1971 Biology; Med NE Lousiana U 1972; MA SW Missouri St. U 1975 Biology; PhD SE Illinois U; 1980 Botany; research in OR at Myrtle Island Research Natural Area; Flora of Golden and Silver Falls State Park, Coos Co; Berea College; bio d
Ruth E. Thompson 1      
R.W. Thompson 1      
Robert Thompson 2      
Thomas William Thompson 42 1924 2002 Bachelors Beneral Agriculture 1949 OSU, Masters General Agriculture 1971 OSU; Tommy-Co. Agent
William Thompson 5      
Joselyn Thoraell 1      
K. Thorne 1     Kay (?)
Robert F. Thorne 1 1920   fl. 1976
Thomas A. Tibbets 2      
F. Donald Tibbitts 26      
M.A. Tibly 1      
Robert L. Tichnor       was something at one of the branch stations/experiment stations-likely on the Columbia someplace
Henry Tiedimann 1      
Arnold Gerard Tiehm 26 1951   Field botanist, collector, western U.S; expert, flora of Nevada; has found 19 new sp.; nonprofessional plant collector.
C.W. Tilforth        
M.A. Tilium 1      
Stephen S. Tillett 1     PhD at Racho Santa Ana Botanic Garden-may have done field work in OR
Jennifer Tilson 1      
D. Tingst 1      
Zada Tinker 1      
Edward L. Tisch       professor at Penisula College Port Angeles WA
Jon Titus 8      
Aurella Todd 1      
Rod Todd        
H.J. Tohl 1      
Al Tolmsoff 1      
Chris Topik 2      
P.S. Torevend 1      
Joan Torok 18      
Palmer Stanley Torvend 4 1914 1997 Bachelors Animal Science 1938 OSU
Frank I. Towle 1      
J.E. Towle 1      
D.E. Towne 1      
Mrs. H.W. Townsend 1      
Joseph Prince Tracy 3 1879 1953 Title examiner of Eureka and amasser of a fine herbarium, now deposited at Berkeley, of the North Coast Ranges.
Percy Train 97 1876 1942  
Charles Edward Trainer 63 1931   BS, MS Wildlife Management, retired wildlife biologist ODFW; interest in field botany (ie id of flora) and gaining understanding of plant communities.
Meghan Trainor 2      
David W. Traner 3      
Harold Trapido        
James Martin Trappe 1 1931   Jim Trappe-OSU fungi, took over from Helen Gilkey on truffles
Mrs. T. Trimble 1      
Particia Turcotte 1      
Gordon H. True        
Margaret E. Trussell 1      
Daniel P.N. Tsao 1      
Robert Tschudy 1      
Harold M. Tucker 1     Albertson College in ID
John Maurice Tucker 1 1916   Professor of botany, California (Davis); grew up in CA; went to Santa Barbara State College (now UCB) 1934-38 received AB w/ honors 1940; PhD 1950 at Berkely; originally interested in forestry; interest in oaks after trip to El Salvadorr-new sp.described.
W.B. Tucker 16      
Patricia Turcotte 35      
Anne Turner 1      
R. Turner 1      
David Twighman 1      
Ronald J. Tyrl       Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-MS 1967 OSU, Cytogeography of Achillea millefolium L. in W. OR; PhD 1969 OSU, Origin and Distribution of Polyploid Achillea in W. N. America; Oklahoma St. U, Stillwater-received 1st Regents Distinguished Teaching Award
George Uhe       student of Albert Steward; went to work for some co. back east that produced perfumes/extracts
E.F. Underwood 1      
Karl A. Urban 72 1943 1999 Blue Mountain Community College and USFS, authority on plants of the Blue Mts, avid photographer
Lowell Edward Urbatsch 2 1942   from APN
Philip J. Urness 5 1936 1996 PhD Rangeland Resources 1966 OSU
Frederick H. Utech 30     expert on Liliaceae; former facult at WA U, St. Louis, MO; collected in OR for studies of Scoliopus; replaced genus name Disporum w/ Prosartes.
A.J. Utt 1      
Ivy J. Vaeretti 1      
Ruby Van Deventer 4 1892 1974 pioneer of Del Norte Co, teacher, rancher, community leader; she and husband, Van were enlisted by Jepson to assist w/ the Jepson Manual
Ed Van Dyke 2      
G.K. Van Gundia 5      
John F. Van Handel 1      
Fred Van Natta VIII 1     owned a Christmas tree farm up in NW Oregon someplace
C. Van Order 1      
George Van Vechten 104     PhD Botany 1960 OSU;
Kristi Van Wert 9      
Mrs. A.R. Van 1      
Mary Vance        
Nan Vance 13     PhD Forest Science 1989 OSU; in FSL on campus
Dick Vander Schaaf 1 1952   BS w/ Honors UC Riverside; MS UofO biology; interest in community ecology and Nat. Resources Planning and Mngmt.; experience as Field Ecologist in USFS 1978-1981 Willamette Nat'l Forest.
Rob Varga 4      
George R. Vasey 1 1822 1893 not a local collectors, but identified a specimen which has no collector; most collections from Illinois, Washington DC; was an early curator of the Smithsonian Institution Herbarium (1889-1893).
E. Vecbig (?) 1      
George Vechten       Van Vechten III-PhD from OSU, went back east and taught for years @ Stowe, VT, retired to Rogue River, 2002
J.D. Vertrees 10     was a co. ext.agent; wrote a book on Japanese Maples-pub. Timber Press
Noah Vibbert 3     from Gateway OR, sent material to OSU for ID
Frank Vistica 4      
Albert M. Vollmer 1     fl. 1950
William Sacharov Volmer   1922 1991 MS 1962 OSU; was a major in the ROTC at OSU, collected w/ LaRea.
Florian Von Eschen 1      
G.P. Von Eseltine 2      
Von Forrel 1      
H.M. Von Stein 1      
Linda A. Vorobik 1     herbarium assistant ORE 1978-1982, largely responsible for bibliographic work on the type collections catalog; botanical illustrator; working on Arabis for chekclist CHECK
Belinda Lee Vos 1 1952   native of Jackson Co; member of Siskiyou Ch. NPSO; particular interest in the flora of S OR; involved with the OR Atlas Project; entering data for SOU herbarium.
Gilbert A. Voss 5     in Eugene
Bob Vowne 1      
Dennis P. Vroman 3      
F. Vrugtman        
A.E. Wade 1      
E.B. Waffle 1      
J.W. Bruce Wagg 31      
W.R. Waggoner 1      
David H. Wagner 187 1945   BA 1968 UofPuget Sound; MS 1974, PhD 1976 WSU, researched under Marion F. Owneby; appointed curator to UofO in 1976; interest in bryophytes
Joan Na Pua Wagner 1     BA Zoology 1967 OSU
Warren L. Wagner 1     Curator of Pacific Botany Smithsonian Institution
Wayne Waite 1      
George F. Waldo 6     Worked for USDA; bred the Siletz variety of strawberry at OSU in 1955.
L.W. Waldorf 1      
Elizabeth Waldron       friend of LaRea-has her MD, collects w/ LaRea
Darrin Walenta 1      
Clare C. Walker 1      
D. Walker 18      
J. Walker        
William Wall 2      
M.E. Walliser 1      
E.P. Walls 9      
Don Coin Walrod 44 1919   BS Colorado St. U; MS Michigan St. U; OSU Co Agent 1948-53 Clackamas Co, 1953-78 Columbia Co.; Co. Staff Chairman; member NPSO; Berry Botanic garden; Am. Rhododendron Soc. Portland Chapter
Ellen Walter 8      
Russell S. Walters 6     Masters Forest Management 1952 OSU
Beth Walton 1      
R.F. Wandover 1      
Chuang Wang 3      
Sam Wang 1      
Andrew Jay Ward 1     Bachelors Agricultural Engineering 1957 OSU
W.W. Ward        
Shane A. Warden 1      
Elizabeth Warg 17      
Sam A. Warg 83      
R. Waring 97     prof. in forestry at OSU- in forest ecology.
Lloyd Warner 1      
Michael Warnock        
F.A. Warren 5      
Rex Warren 49 1905 1994 Masters Food Science 1933 OSU; at OSU-possibly in Crop Science, may have been ext. agent at one time; Co. Ext. Agent
Mrs. V.S. Wartier 1      
Eva F. Wash 3      
A. Watson 3      
B. Watson        
N.C. Watson 1      
R.F. Watson 21      
Jack L. Waud 1     Bachelors General Agriculture 1955 OSU, Masters General Agriculture 1962 OSU
K.E. Waud 3      
C.A. Weatherby 9     well known American taxonomist
Anne Weaver 2      
Guy L. Weaver 4      
Wendell Weaver 1      
Ed Weber 1      
L. Weber 1      
William Alfred Weber 4 1918   BS 1940 IA St U; MS 1942 WSU, PhD 1946 WSU; proficiency in 5+ languages; Instructor at UofCO from 1946; professor emeritus from 1990.
Grady Webster 2     was curator at Davis UC Davis
R.S. Weed 1      
John H. Weiler 5 1925   fl. 1962. Fresno State Coll. Herb.
F. Weinmann        
Bill Weir 1      
J.R. Weir 1      
Merle Weisner 1      
D.W. Welch 1      
Titto Well        
H.L. Wellman 1      
E.P. Wells        
Jack W. Wells 1     Bachelors Horticulture 1952 OSU
Stanley Larson Welsh 2 1928   curator of the Stanley L. Welsh Herbarium, BYU 43 yrs; interests W American and Tahitian plants; Astragalus, Oxytropis, Atriplex, Utah Flora, Tahitian Flora, Alaskan Flora; teaching botanical latin, gen. plant taxonomy, advanced plant tax. at BYU (44thyr)
Raymond Wendell 1      
R.F. Wendover 8      
Royal A. Wenig 1     Bachelors Food Science 1956 OSU
Wanda Weniger 6      
Florian Wernette 8      
Kristi Van Wert 1      
Harold E. Werth 1     Bachelors Agricultural Engineering 1948 OSU
Lois Wesley 1      
Neil E. West 77     Bachelors General Science 1960 OSU; student of Dr. Chilcote's, PhD thesis on pine forests in E OR, ended up on faculty at a University-possibly Utah
R.L. Westcott 2     if Rick or Richard-he was an entomologist w/ OSDA, used to bring plants in
A. Westlind 1      
J.B. Whalley 1      
Larry Whalon 1      
A.H. Wheeler 1      
Dave Wheeler        
John Allen Wheeler 2     PhD Botany and Plant Pathology; was Dr. Liston's grad student
Konnie Wheeler 1      
Jay L. Wheelhouse 6     Bachelors Rangeland Resources 1959 OSU
Louis Whitaker 70      
William C. Whitaker 20     William C. Whitaker, married to Elizabeth Lois Payne in 1919 Benton Co.
Betty E. White 4      
C. David White 263 1940   contributed personal collection to ORE herbarium in 1976.e received PhD in ecology from UofO; from Stan Cook in Serpentine Endemics; experimental area was in SW OR- if the same David White?
H.H. White 1      
John White 1      
Lelia White 1      
Mary E. White 7      
R.S. White 1      
Susan White 2      
Verl White 1      
Kirk Whited 305 1852 0 Born in MI, moved to IA; taught school; moved west, District Attorney in Kittitas Co., WA. Lived near Redmond OR during the 1900 teens and twenties; became friends w/ Prof CV Piper of WA St U
Gordon Whitehead 14      
J.E. Whitehead 1      
J.L. Whiteis 1      
Helen Whitelaw 1      
T.W. Whitlock 3      
T.P. Whitney 2      
Justen Bryant Whittall 11     MS Botany and Plant Pathology 2000 OSU; student of Aaron's; molecular studies in Sidalcea
Harry Whitten 1      
L.J. Wickerham 1      
Steve Wickham 1      
Pearl E. Wicks 1      
Molly Widmer 3 1961   botanist w/ Eugene BLM; BA and MA in anthropology and focus on ethnobotany; graduated from UofO; worked with botany, mycology, and PNW researches at OSC (now OSU); founding board member of Cascade Mycological Society; Friends of Crater Lk. Nat'l Park
Ira Loren Wiggins 11 1899 1987 born in Wis. Moved to CA in 1908; collected 50,000+ specimens; skilled artist; joined Stanford faculty in 1929; ret'd 1964; traveled to Ecuador to obtain quinine from cinchona trees; acted as director of Arctic Research Lab in Point Barrow, AK
Natalie Wight 1      
Bert G. Wilcox 1     Masters 1961 OSU
Jack Wilcox 2      
L.P. Wilcox 1      
Mary Lou Wilcox 1      
David L. Wilderman 2 1967   rare plant monitoring, shrub-steppe and dry forest restoration, fire ecology. BS Biology from University of Illinois; MFR Natural Ecosystem Management from U of WA; currently (2003) employed as Natural Area Ecologist w/ WA St. Dept. of Nat. Resources
N.E. Wilds 1      
Leonard Wiley 19     well-known amateur botanist-interested especially in rare species-published a book on the rare plants of OR-mostly Liliaceae
J.R. Willard 13      
Anski Williams        
David Shunshuke Williams       nephew of B.L. Wilson-collected w/ her on fieldtrips.
Janet K. Williams 1     formerly research associate in Botany Dept.; married to Joe Hanus (is/was)
Louis Otho Williams 11 1908   American botanist, United Fruit Company, Honduras, later Beltsville. (Williams, L. in Munz)
Maxcine Williams 81   1983 Collected many specimens from Alaska and the Yukon-contributed over 1600 to ORE; amateur botanist associated with UofO herb. Collected in Alaska; also S. OR.
Margaret Jensen Williams 1 1917 2000 BS UNR Chemistry 1938; founded N. Nevada Nat. Plant Society; truly remarkably woman; "margaret was always a most congenial host and seemed to have an unlimited file of cookie recipes and rich anecdotes, or was it rich cookies…" Arnold Tiehm
T.J. Williams 1      
W.C. Williams        
Margie Willis 6     former student at OSU; botanist with state parks dept. volunteered extensively in OSU herb. Assembling data on rare spp.
Clayton Wills 1      
Ann Wilson 9      
Barbara Lynn Wilson 600 1951   BA Kalamazoo College 1972; MS UofNebraska at Omaha 1982; PhD 1999 OSU; interests Carex and Grasses; associated w/ Carex Working Group and the Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology at OSU.
Chester Wilson 24      
J.E. Wilson 7      
Lonis Wilson 1      
Loverna Wilson 1     private bot. consultant in Corvallis
R.F. Wilson 1      
Warren Wilson        
W.C. Wilson 4      
J.C. Windle 1      
David Winegar 39      
Mrs. Bruce Winegar 4      
Marcia Wineteer 1      
Gary William Wing 1     Bachelors Rangeland Resources 1976 OSU
J. Wingate        
Elizabeth H. Winn 24      
Eugene P. Winters 7     Bachelors Agricultural Engineering 1950 OSU
Felicia P. Wirtz 2     PhD Botany 1967 OSU; Married to John-at OSU as students prior to 1957
John Wirtz       married to Felicia-at OSU as students prior to 1957
William Witt 1      
L. Wittenberg 1      
Basil Witzig 1      
J. Wolf 1      
Lisa Wolf 1      
Miss Wolf 1      
Paul G. Wolf 3      
A. Wolfe        
E. Wood 2      
F.F. Wood 1      
Jack H. Wood 8      
Monte Wood 1      
Michael Woodbridge 16     amateur botanist and consultant interested in plants of OR coast.
Dennis Wayne Woodland 3 1940   Professor of Botany and Curator of the Herbarium Andrews University, MI (1979 to present [as of 2003]); Arctic-alpine of the Pacific Northwest especially North Cascades, Wallowa Mts. of Oregon, and Western Montana. Urticaceae of North America.
Brian Woods 1      
Carl Woods 1      
Cherrie Woods        
Ethan Linden Woods 9     employee of OSU Extension Service in Crook County from July 1934 to October 1969, most of that time as a county agent.
E.R. Woods 1     county agent
H.L. Woods 1      
John Woods        
Betty Woodworth        
E.O. Wooten 1      
James Mabry Word 64     OSU undergrad, collected for Scott Sundberg projects; BS Biology 1997 OSU
C. Worley        
Conrad B. Worms 1     from Silverton OR
Richard Worth 1      
W. Wray 1      
B.L. Wrenn 1      
Carolyn Edar Wright 399 1953   BA Biology Lewis and Clark College; Graduate student of Dr. Ken Chambers-MS Botany OSU, A Systematic and Ecological Study of Astragalus diaphanus (Fabaceae); interests Astragalus, Eriogonum, flora of E OR, weeds
Ernest Wright        
Joseph Wright 1      
Jessie Wright        
LeRoy C. Wright 2 1905 1988 Bachelors General Agriculture 1929 OSU
Margaret Ann Wright 1     Bachelors General Home Economics 1941 OSU
M.F. Wright 2      
Mrs N.M. Wright 1      
Perry Wright 1      
Robert R. Wright 1   0 Bachelors General Agriculture 1949 OSU
W. Wright 1      
Frederick Lyle Wynd 180 1904 1987 UofO Bio Dept. Administrator; first serious student of the botany and ecology of Crater Lake; worked at Crater Lake during adolescence; BS UofO 1928; MS 1930; PhD Shaw School of Batany at Washington U in St. Louis in soil biochemistry.
D. Yaccarino 3      
Vern Yadon 7      
R.M. Yancey 16      
Kari Yanskey 4      
Gene Harris Yates 2 1959   interests include E Cascades ecosystems, prof. concerned with NE OR forested, shrub steppe and grassland comunities w/ an emphasis on rare plants and invasives; Lomatium, Carex. BA Botany OSU (1982).
Lloyd Dexter Yates 10      
C. Yeaman 1      
Vern Patterson Yerkes 41     Masters Forest Management 1958 OSU
Donovan Yingst 12      
Jim Yoakum 1      
Mrs. H.B. Yocom 1      
Georgine Yorgey        
George William York   1938 1997 Bachelors Forest Management 1962 OSU
J.B. Younce 1      
Marvin M. Young 1     Bachelors 1954 OSU
Mrs W. Young 1      
N.D. Young 3      
Wayne A. Young 1 1914 1994 Bachelors Fisheries Science 1942 OSU
Chester T. Youngberg 2     former prof. At OSU in agriculture, (possibly) soil science; at one point interested in Ceanothus; may have discovered an unusual sp. In Coast range.
Berta Ann Youtie 78 1952   after 20 years managing Nat. Cons. Pres. in E OR, formed own corporation, E OR Stewardship Services, to assist landowners, non-profits, co, state and fed agncs. to restor and sustain the aridlands of E OR & WA; BS Bot, Rangeland Res OSU; MS entomologyUofI
John A. Yungen 1     Bachelors 1950 OSU, Masters Soil Sciences 1950 OSU
Joyce Zavortink 1     student in CA worked on Mentzelia
Margaret Zeller 2     might be known in BPP office- might be Prof. Zeller's daughter-Prof Zeller was a world athority on fungi-especially mushrooms-his collections are extensive.
S.M. Zeller 7     Prof. Zeller from BPP-famous for his authority on mushrooms.
V.E. Zenger 1      
John Zenor 4      
Peter Francis Zika 1100 1957    
Martin J. Zimmerman 2     Bachelors General Agriculture 1953 OSU, Masters General Agriculture 1953 OSU; Co. agent
Tom Zinn 1     co. ext. agent-east of the Cascades
Emil E. Zivney 55   2000 Bachelors General Agriculture 1936 OSU; student of Helen Gilkey's, became successful agriculturalist along Columbia R. maintained a large collection of seeds from around the world
Donald B. Zobel 11 1942   Plant Ecologist-received PhD from Duke University in 1968, and was a faculty member at Oregon State University from 1968-2002
Joan Zornman 1      
A. Zundel 3      
May Bell Zundel 1