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Robert Meinke

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Conservation biology of higher plants, particularly involving reproductive ecology and systematics; restoration of extirpated populations; integrating biological data into species management protocols.

  • The Conservation Biology Program is directed by the Oregon legislature to determine the suitability of listing (or delisting) selected native plants as endangered or threatened, with decisions to protect species based on the best available science. In cooperation with federal biologists, my students and I focus on population ecology and systematics to help solve problems associated with the conservation and management of such vulnerable taxa. Our current research interests focus on developing conservation protocols for rare vascular plant species through (1) taxonomic investigations of poorly known populations or species proposed for legal protection under the Endangered Species Act; (2) developing methods for re-introducing and recovering populations of critically endangered species, by integrating life history studies in the field and greenhouse; and (3) evaluating the roles of pollination and floral predation in limiting rare plant species.

Research Group Members

Faculty Research Assistants/Associates

  • Kelly Amsberry

ODA Campus Staff

  • Jordan Brown
  • William Matthews
  • Jason Space

Graduate Students

  • Laura Kentnesse

Undergraduate Students

  • Tabitha Pearson (2014 Jaworski Scholar)