GSA Travel Grant Application

GSA Travel Grant's are awarded twice a year. Check with the GSA treasurer for the next deadline to submit an application. The application link will only be live if travel grants are available.

If you are awarded a GSA Travel Grant, please read the following to obtain your reimbursements

Travel tips

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Criterion for Selection of Grantee
  1. The person must be a voting member of the Botany and Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association [passed 29 April 1993].
  2. The person will present a paper or display at a professional meeting.
  3. The person closest (in years) to graduation will have priority over a student with other opportunities to present a paper.
  4. Master's candidates may receive only one GSA travel grant per degree. Doctoral candidates may receive up to two GSA travel grants per degree.
  5. Meetings out of this region shall have priority over regional meetings for which University cars are normally made available.
  6. Any person receiving monies from other sources shall receive from the GSA no amount in excess of the difference between the estimated travel expense and the total monies from sources other than personal funds.
  7. Maximum grants will be $200.
  8. The following are expenses for which GSA travel grants are available:
    1. Airfare, carfare, and other directly related travel expenses.
    2. Hotel or other necessary accommodations.c. Registration fees and other related costs associated with a conference or meeting.
  9. If two or more persons qualify equally for travel grant money, the money shall be divided equally between those persons.