Crown gall and leafy gall

Agrobacterium - cause of crown gall

Rhodococcus - cause of leafy gall

What do these bacteria do? How can they be managed? Learn more here!

The purpose of these pages is to provide information on our investigations into the diseases caused by these two bacteria.

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Resources (items in bold are likely to be of interest to growers)

Crown gall (Agrobacterium)
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Leafy gall (Rhodococcus)
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  • Survival and spread of Rhodococcus in the greenhouse (poster) | View PDF
  • Naturally occurring hosts of Rhodococcus fascians | View PDF
  • Images of symptoms caused by Rhodococcus fascians on different hosts | View gallery
  • Artificially inoculated hosts of Rhodococcus fascians | View PDF
  • Leafy galls and Rhodococcus | View PDF
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  • The Lowdown on Leafy Gall | View GrowerTalks article from 2019

Scientific papers