We're OPEN

The Plant Clinic is operational and accepting samples. Because of the coronavirus situation, our sample submission guidelines have changed. Please see below.

Notice of Fee Changes

The OSU Plant Clinic service fees are increasing, effective July 1, 2020. Our fees have not been increased for at least three years, and are being increased now due to both the rise in minimum wage and increased expenses. The new fees have been updated on our Services and Fees page. Thank you. 


The Plant Clinic is devoted to our clients and will remain open until further notice. For the safety of all involved, we request that packages be sent via mail or express delivery if at all possible. Please send us the shipper and tracking number if you ship via an express delivery service so we can track packages and ensure they are delivered quickly from our central University mailing service. If samples are too large to be delivered, please drop them off, with a completed sample form at the West or North loading dock of Cordley hall (map view). Please call us (541-737-3472) to let us know a sample had been dropped off, and we will come get it.

Samples can only be accepted from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. Please allow extra time for sample processing.


These measures are being instituted to be in agreement with the University's policies, and to keep our customers and employees safe.  We very much appreciate your cooperation!



The OSU Plant Clinic has officially transitioned to our new 4th floor space in Cordley Hall (we've posted some directions to get you to the right spot). We will be based at our new location during Phase 1 of the Cordley Hall Renovation. Our office phone number and fax will remain the same, but our new mailing address and office is now 4120 Cordley Hall.

About the Clinic

The Oregon State University Plant Clinic is a diagnostic facility that offers fee-based plant disease problem solving and specialized identification services. We also house the OSU Insect ID Clinic, which provides a free insect identification service. Home gardeners are encouraged to first consult with their local OSU County Extension office for free consultations on disease problems.

PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook

The PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook is intended as a ready reference guide to the control and management tactics for the more important plant diseases in the Pacific Northwest.

View the Handbook