Problems of Stored Garlic

Disease Symptoms Fact sheet (PDF) Image
Fusarium rot Cloves or heads have a pinkish cast to them Fact sheet View
Penicillium (Blue mold) Cloves or heads are turning green Fact sheet View
Botrytis rot Cloves or heads with gray mold Fact sheet View
Waxy breakdown Individual cloves appear translucent Fact sheet View
Eriophyid mites Individual cloves with brown streaks or indents Fact sheet View
Embellisia skin blotch Irregular dark areas on the outer scales of the garlic heads, usually near the base of the bulb Fact sheet View
Stipple spot Tiny amber colored specks that are slightly raised above the white portions of the clove Fact sheet View
Aspergilllus (Black Mold) Black disoloration at neck with lesions to outer scales and streaks of black mycelium and conidia beneath the outer dry scales Fact sheet View



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