Jobs in Botany and Plant Pathology

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(Last modified 5/13/2021)


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Student Employment

Herbarium Curation

BPP is seeking part-time (10-20hr/wk) student curation assistants for the Herbarium. Our Herbarium is a vast collection of approximately 550,000 plant and fungal specimens; curation assistants would aid in photography, filing, documentation, and other necessary archiving for the collection. Familiarity with and passion for plants and/or fungus is required! Careful attention to detail and a meticulous personality will prove valuable.

This position is for in-person work. If you are also interested in performing remote data entry (below), mention so in your application.

Anticipated to begin June 16th.

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Herbarium Data Entry

BPP is seeking part-time (10-20hr/wk) student data entry assistants for the Herbarium. This position involves populating and maintaining the Herbarium digital archive with images, transcriptions, geographic coordinates, and other metadata. Familiarity with plants and attention to detail are essential. Careful adherence to detailed protocols and experience working with maps will be required for your tasks.

This position is for remote work. If you are also interested in in-person curation (above), mention so in your application.

Anticipated to begin June 16th.

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Undergraduate Technical Assistant

This recruitment will be used to fill one part-time (a maximum of 20 hours per week) Student Technical Assistant for the Ocamb Research Group at Oregon State University (OSU).

Undergraduate assistant needed for Cynthia Ocamb’s research group in the Botany and Plant Pathology department to help with research on diseases of cereals, vegetables, and seed crops.

Open until filled.

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