Jobs in Botany and Plant Pathology

Staff, faculty, and student employment opportunities will be listed here.

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(Last modified 9/8/2021)

Student Employment

Fungal Pathogens Technical Assistant

The USDA Weiland Lab is seeking part-time (< 20hr/wk) student Technical Assistant. Responsibilities include general lab maintenance, assisting with experiments, and performing diagnostic assays (DNA extraction and qPCR).

Lab classes or former experience with microbiology, molecular biology, and/or biochemistry technique is preferred.

Preference for work-study students.

Anticipated to begin on October 1st.

Closing on September 24th.

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Peterson Lab Assistant

The Peterson Lab is seeking part-time (< 20hr/wk) Student Assistant to investigate the epidemiology of PhytophthoraPhytophthora, meaning "plant destroyer" in Greek, is a genus of fungus-like oomycetes, many of which are pathogenic in critical crops and forests [1]. The position will involve maintaining and culturing plant pathogens, experimental set-up, microscopy, data collection, and routine lab/greenhouse upkeep. Future needs may include DNA extraction and PCR.

The areas related to this position include plant health, botany, horticulture, soil science, or microbiology.

We prefer students with a background/interest in plant pathology, botany, horticulture, soil science, or microbiology. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel is also preferred.

Anticipated to begin on September 20th.

Closing on September 30th.

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Faculty Employment

BPP Instructor Pool

The Department of Ag Botany & Plant Pathology invites applications for one or more fixed-term, non-tenure-track full/part-time Instructor positions to teach on a term-by-term basis for the 2021-2022 academic year. Some of these appointments may be reviewed for renewal or transition to an instructional position on an annual basis at the discretion of the Department Head.

Instructors may be needed to teach courses in undergraduate and graduate areas. Some instructors may be required to travel using University vehicles for class field trips or collecting samples for research plots.

A Master’s degree in Botany and Plant Pathology, Biology, or related life science is required; a Ph.D. is preferred. 

Teaching experience at the college or university level is required.

Anticipated to begin on September 16th.

Closing on June 6th, 2022.

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