Spring 2022 Seminar Series

Thursdays 4:00 pm | ALS 4001

Coordinator: Dr. Andy Jones (Andrew.jones@oregonstate.edu)

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*All in-person seminars are tentative, and will also be available via Zoom.


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At 3:00 PM

Plant Disease Sensing: Studying Plant-Pathogen Interactions at Scale

Katie Gold , Cornell

Note: Time change to 3:00PM


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Impacts Of The June 2021 Heat Dome On PNW Forests

Chris Still , Oregon State University

Note: Changed to Zoom Only


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Understanding The Basis Of Host Adaptation In A Stealthy Plant Pathogenic Bacterium, Xanthomonas

Neha Potnis , Auburn University

Note: Changed to Zoom Only


Zoom Only

Tree Story: What We Can Learn About Climate, Human, And Forest History From The Rings In Trees

Valerie Trouet , University of Arizona



Evolution of Development and Anatomy in Nematodes

Nathan Schroeder , University of Illinois



Giving the Trees Tongues: Using DNA From Wood to Help Solve Timber Poaching Crimes

Rich Cronn , USDA Forest Service



Redesigning Plant Metabolism With Synthetic Biology

Patrick Shih , Berkeley



Diversity, Function, And Role Of Rhs Polymorphic Toxins Among Plant Pathogenic Bacteria

Alejandra Huerta , NC State University



Blending Extension and Research to Serve the Nursery Industry: The Journey of My Bilingual Program

Luisa Santamaria , Oregon State University


Zoom Only

Plant Evolution and Different Phylogenetic, Temporal, and Spatial Scales

Felipe Zapata , UCLA