Winter 2021 Seminar Series 

Thursdays 4:00 pm | Live Zoom broadcast

Coordinator: Dr. Chris Mundt (

Modularity Underpins the Evolution of Nitrogen Fixing Symbiosis

Dr. Alexandra Weisberg, OSU Botany & Plant Pathology

JAN 14
Breeding Hazelnuts Resistant to Eastern Filbert Blight

Dr. Shawn Mehlenbacher, OSU Horticulture

JAN 21
Managing Mycotoxins in Low-Resource Settings: From One Problem to One Health

Dr. Rebecca Nelson, Cornell University/McKnight Foundation

JAN 28
Application of Genetic Modification and Genome Editing for Controlling Banana Diseases

Dr. Leena Tripathi, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Kenya

Quantifying Marine Carbon Flux From Satellite Observations & Food Web Modeling

Dr. Kelsey Bisson, OSU Botany & Plant Pathology

FEB 11
Integration of Genomics and High-Throughput Phenotyping for Wheat Breeding

Dr. Jesse Poland, Kansas State University

FEB 18
Pathogen Species Interactions Across Scales

Dr. Charles Mitchell, UNC Chapel Hill

FEB 25
Coevolutionary Interactions in the Linum-Melampsora Host-Pathogen System

Dr. Peter Thrall, CSIRO, Canberra

Invasive Beachgrasses, Climate Change, and Effects on Coastal Ecosystem Functions and Services

Dr. Sally Hacker and graduate students, OSU Integrative Biology

MAR 11
Barley and Climate Change: The Intersections of Low Temperature Tolerance and Growth Habit

Dr. Pat Hayes, (OSU Crop and Soils), Dr. Maria Munoz-Amatriain (Colorado State University), and Dr. Javier Hernandez (OSU Crop and Soils)