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The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology is fortunate in the support it receives from alumni and friends. Through the OSU Foundation, we have been able to establish named funds and endowments in honor, or, in memory, of friends, alumni, and faculty.  Through the growth of these funds we are able to enhance support for our students and programs including; travel expenses for student research, or for travel to present a poster or paper at a national or international meeting; support for student research under the mentorship of a faculty member in their laboratory; purchase of specialized equipment; improvement of facilities, inviting academics from outside OSU to lecture in our seminar series and to meet students. These are just few of the enhancements that make the quality difference for our students’ experience in this department.

Make a Gift

For Alumni and Friends of the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology wishing to support our many programs and research projects, the OSU Foundation has an easy to use "Make a Gift Online " page.

To direct your gift to the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, under "I Want to Give to" select "Other Departments and Programs." In the pop up select the drop down next to College of Agricultural Sciences, then check the box next to Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. To specify a particular program in the Department, you may add the name of one of the funds below in "Comments or Special Instructions".

Make a Gift

Alternatively, you may download a form, and send it directly to: OSU Foundation, 850 SW 35th Street, Corvallis, OR 97333


Botany and Plant Pathology Endowment Fund in Honor and Memory of Alumni and Friends

This fund was created to hold smaller endowments established in memory, or to honor the retirement of particular individuals. Gifts can be made to the Botany and Plant Pathology Endowment Fund in Honor and Memory of Alumni and Friends in the name of any of the memorial funds. Learn more about the endowments.

Charles and Helen Fulton Memorial Fund in Botany

The endowment provides one or more annual scholarship awards to Oregon State University Students who have declared Botany as a major and whose exceptional academic achievement and leadership demonstrate the potential for promising careers in Botany. A proportion of the interest from the fund may be directed to support undergraduate research projects in Botany. Learn more.

Bonnie Hall Student Activity Endowment Fund

The Bonnie Hall Student Activity Endowment Fund is named in 2004 in honor and memory of Bonnie Hall's contributions to the department. This fund was originally established in 1993 after the sale of Bonnie's artwork to benefit student group trips. The endowment will be used to support group activities for undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more.

Richard R. Halse Herbarium Endowment

The Richard R. Halse Herbarium Endowment will support the operations, maintenance and growth of the Oregon State University Herbarium. Learn more.

Hardman Awards for Native Plant Research

The purpose of the endowment is to support "careful botanical research for the sake of preservation and expansion of native plants and vegetation." Learn more.

The Ernest and Pauline Jaworski Fund for Summer Research Experiences for Underserved Undergraduates in Plant Science

The goal of this program is to increase the level of diversity among students who enter Ph.D. programs to pursue careers in university teaching and research by providing research opportunities to undergraduates that have been underserved. Learn more.

Bill and LaRea Johnston Fund for Undergraduate Education

The fund supports undergraduate education in the department and is used either to directly support undergraduate students, their research efforts, or to support teaching efforts on behalf of these students. Learn more.

Kori May Memorial Endowment Fund

Funds will be used to support scholarships for dedicated students in need of financial aid studying Botany or Plant Pathology. Learn more.

Georgia Mason Herbarium Fund

The Georgia Mason Herbarium Fund was established in 1978 by a gift which was invested to provide funds for a student worker to participate in the day-to-day operating activities of the Herbarium and its programs. Learn more.

Moldenke Fund for Plant Systematics

The endowment supports student travel to herbaria to study preserved plants, and travel to field sites to collect specimens for plant systematics research. Learn more.

Larry Moore Endowment

The Dr. Larry Moore Endowment, established in 2001, supports graduate plant pathology student research and travel. Learn more.

Thomas C. Moore Memorial Fund

The Thomas C. Moore Memorial Fund was established to assist students in botany and plant pathology. Learn more.

Drs. Mary L. and Robert L. Powelson Endowment

Drs. Mary L. and Robert L. Powelson Endowment was established to support research, extension and outreach, and/or teaching programs in plant pathology conducted by assistant professors or similar early career state-funded faculty. Learn more.

Jean Siddall Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Jean L. Siddall Botany Endowed Scholarship Fund was established for undergraduate students studying rare and endangered plants. Learn more.

Anita S. Summers Graduate Student Travel Fund

The annual proceeds of the endowment will be used to support travel of graduate students within the area of Botany and Plant Pathology.  It is the wish of the donors that these funds be used by graduate students for attendance at professional meetings where the recipient has a specific responsibility such as presenting a poster or paper, or participating in a discussion as an invited participant. Learn more.

Dr. Bonnie C. Templeton Endowments

Dr. Bonnie C. Templetonwas a generous friend to the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. She made three separate gifts that will benefit our programs in perpetuity. In 1989, she established an endowment to provide support for graduate student research in systematics. Shortly thereafter, she created a second endowment to help support maintenance of our teaching greenhouse collection.

Her very generous gift in 1997 has made possible the creation and furnishing of the Dr. Bonnie C. Templeton Conference Room, the expansion and furnishing of the Dr. Bonnie C. Templeton Herbarium Preparation Room, and in 2002, the creation of the Dr. Bonnie C. Templeton Imaging Room. The remainder of this gift was used to establish The Dr. Bonnie C. Templeton Lectureship Endowment . Learn more.

Gifts from Trust Funds

Support the new CAS Global Experiences Fund

Support of students and faculty gaining global experiences related to food and agriculture.  For more information and to contribute, visit the CAS website.