David Lab

Maude David, PI

Dr. Maude David's laboratory studies the gut-brain axis, to understand how microbes can impact our behavior, specifically in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety. She uses a crowd-sourced approach to collect lifestyle type information, diet habits, and samples. Her team is also working on identifying bottlenecks in microbial ecology and bioinformatics, bringing novel solutions to unravel microbial molecular mechanisms by optimizing new molecular methods and improving massive sequencing data annotation.

Lab website: https://microbiology.science.oregonstate.edu/maude-david


Student will learn to process and analyze soil or gut microbiome (human or mice) sequencing data. Tasks may include 16S (short DNA sequences that can be used as barcodes to distinguish between organisms) data analysis (microbial structure) as well as genome sequence assembly, public datasets curation to apply machine learning, and/or multivariate analysis from the Human Microbiome Project, in the context of gut brain-axis.


Students will learn fundamental concepts in Soil and/or Human Gut Microbiome analysis. The laboratory mainly uses R, python and the student will help develop workflow in collaboration with other students to help the team implement new analysis and tools.