Megraw Lab

Molly Megraw, PI

The Megraw lab is focused on understanding the transcriptional regulation of protein coding genes and microRNAs in plants.  More specifically, we are investigating how certain combinations of DNA elements known as “cis-regulatory elements” control the production of RNA transcripts that are generated by RNA Polymerase II. We predominantly use the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana for this research, though we have investigations into the genomes of tomato and the medicinal plant Catharanthus roseus (C. roseus) underway as well. Computational biology plays a central role in all of our projects; we use data mining techniques including pattern recognition methods in order to carry out our studies.

Lab website:


Students will learn to process and analyze transcriptomic datasets. Tasks may include use of straightforward data mining and visualization methods to examine gene sets of interest.


Students will learn fundamental concepts in plant genetics, genomics, and data analysis. Use of a linux-based computing infrastructure and computational project pipelines will also play a central role in project training.