Student support

Department of Botany and Plant Pathology Diversity Advancement Graduate Assistantship

The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology (BPP) is pleased to invite applicants for the BPP Diversity Advancement Graduate Assistantship. BPP provides funding for a graduate assistantship to increase the ethnic and cultural diversity in plant sciences, to promote diversification of the academic environment in BPP and OSU, and to prepare students for their future careers in academics and industry. This assistantship is intended to create opportunities that enhance the inclusion of graduate students from nontraditional backgrounds who have expressed interests in a career in the plant sciences. Learn more.

Funds for Support

The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology is fortunate in the support it receives from alumni and friends. Through the OSU Foundation, we have established named funds and endowments in honor, or, in memory, of friends, alumni, and faculty. The growth of these funds enables us to enhance support for our students and programs.

The following funds provide support for undergraduate and graduate students in our programs:

Charles and Helen Fulton Memorial Botany Scholarship

The endowment provides one or more annual scholarship awards to Oregon State University students who have declared Botany as a major and whose exceptional academic achievement and leadership demonstrate the potential for promising careers in Botany. Learn more about the endowment fund.

The Ernest and Pauline Jaworski Fund for Summer Research Experiences for Underserved Undergraduates in Plant Science

The goal of this program is to increase the level of diversity among students who enter Ph.D. programs to pursue careers in university teaching and research by providing research opportunities to undergraduates that have been underserved.  Program objectives include: to provide students with the preparation to become research scholars; to stimulate serious consideration of graduate study; and to increase the number of successful underserved applicants and subsequent enrollment of these students in graduate school. Learn more about eligibility and application guidelines.

Bill and LaRea Johnston Outstanding Senior Award

The Outstanding Senior Award is made possible by this endowment. Learn more about eligibility for the Outstanding Senior Award.

The Kori May Memorial Endowment Fund

The Kori May Memorial Endowment Fund supports scholarships for dedicated students in need of financial aid studying Botany or Plant Pathology. Learn more about the endowment fund.

Larry Moore Endowment Fund

The endowment was established to support graduate student education in plant pathology. Applications are due in April. Learn more about the endowment fund. Contact Dr. Joseph W. Spatafora at for more information.

Thomas C. Moore Memorial Scholarship

The memorial fund was established to assist students in botany and plant pathology. Learn more about the endowment fund.

Jean L. Siddall Memorial Botany Scholarship

The Jean L. Siddall Botany Endowed Scholarship Fund was established for undergraduate students studying rare and endangered plants. Learn more about the endowment fund.

Anita Summers Graduate Student Travel Fund

The annual proceeds of the endowment will be used to support travel of graduate students within the area of Botany and Plant Pathology. It is the wish of the donors that these funds be used by graduate students for attendance at professional meetings where the recipient has a specific responsibility such as presenting a poster or paper, or participating in a discussion as an invited participant. For details about the Summers Scholarship contact Dr. Joseph W. Spatafora at

Bonnie C. Templeton Endowment Fund

The endowment was established to provide support for graduate student research in systematics. Applications are due in January. For additional information about the scholarship, contact Dr. Aaron Liston at